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Ranma ½
volume 8
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1989 Vol. 13 - 23
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 4 Number 4 - 9
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 6 and 7

Chapter 70: 即席男溺泉
Sokuseki Nanniichuan
(Instant Spring)
After coming home from her morning jog Akane notices that the dojo sign is missing. Upon checking with her father, she discovers that a dojo destroyer has beaten him and taken their sign as proof. Soun tells Akane and Ranma the the dojo destoryer will return on Saturday to face the two of them. After Akane and Ranma leave for school, Soun and Genma explain that it is all an elaborate set-up to make Ranma and Akane work together as a team, and that they are the actual dojo destroyer. At that moment a real Dojo Destoryer arrives to challenge the school on the following Saturday. At school Shampoo arrives and shows a new product she just got from China. The new Instant Nannichuan makes normal water in a "Spring of Drowned Man" thus curing Ranma. Ranma promises to go out on a date with Shampoo leaving Akane to deal with the Dojo Destoyer. Soun and Genma are now quite worried about whether or not Akane can handle him on her own.

Chapter 71: 助太刀無用
Sukedachi muyo
(No Need for Ranma)
Ranma goes out with Shampoo much to Akane's frustration. Akane punches a wall before her match, and injures her hand rather badly, thus handicapping her against the Dojo Destroyer. Ranma's date gets off to a bad start as he tries to steal the Instant Nannichuan and run away. Shampoo is two steps ahead of him however and tricks him buy leaving a cat in her bag. Dr. Tofu does his best to mend Akane's hand, but she reinjuries it when she accidently punches the Dojo Destoryer on her way home. Shampoo sees that Ranma is worried about Akane and promises to let him have the Instant Spring powder on one condition... he must give her a farewell kiss.

Chapter 72: 恐怖、看板男
Kyofu, kanban otoko
(The Destroyer Strikes)
Ranma once again tries to steal the Instant Spring powder without kissing Shampoo, but she tricks him. He soon realizes that he can not leave Akane to deal with the Dojo Destroyer and concentrate on his date at the same time. Ranma hops on Shampoo's bicycle and heads back home pretending he is taking Shampoo on a romantic ride. Once there, Genma splashes him thinking that is is already cured and Ranma comes crashing through the dojo ready to help out. Akane accidently uses her injured hand on the Dojo Destroyer and is pinned to the wall with dojo signs.

Chapter 73: ワンモア キッス
Wan moa kissu
(Just One More Kiss)
Shampoo pastes packets of the Instant Spring onto the Dojo Destroyer's vital spots, but Ranma without thinking hits all of them. Shampoo saves one packet, but tells Ranma he must kiss her again in order to get it. Soun and Akane automatically believe that Ranma and Shampoo have already shared a kiss. Ranma uses Akane's accusations to his advantage and destroys one of the phony packets and blames it on Akane's untrustworthiness. The Dojo Destroyer spots the real packet Ranma was hiding, and gets Ranma in trouble once again. Ultimately Genma and Ranma use the Spring to get rid of their curse, but unfortunately for them, it starts raining and they change back. The Instant Spring only works once.

Chapter 74: バトルロイヤル・ロミオ
Batoru roiyaru Romeo
(Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?)
While cleaning up the classroom one afternoon, the directors from the Furinkan High drama department approach Akane to star in one of their plays. Akane, assuming it's a macho role immediately turns it down. The directors tells her they wanted her for Juliet and she accepts without hesitation. That evening Ranma asks Kasumi why Akane was so excited about the part. Kasumi explains that Akane was cast as Romeo when she was in elementary school, but always wished for the role of Juliet. The next day tryouts begin with Happosai, Kuno, and Gosunkugi competing for the role of Romeo. When the directors mention that the prize is a trip to see China, Ranma immediately joins the auditions as well.

Chapter 75: おれがロミオだ
Ore ga Romeo da
(Romeo? Romeo? Romeo!?)
The day of the play arrives and Ranma is nowhere to be found. Happosai, Kuno, and Gosunkugi are all still vying for the role, but Ranma arrives just in the nick of time encased in a block of cement, thanks to Happosai. When the curtain rises all the various Romeos make their way onto the stage until Ranma quickly throws them off. Ranma is now the lone Romeo, but it is soon obvious he never learned his lines. Genma and Soun step in to help in their own bizarre way.

Chapter 76: ジュリエット ゲーム
Juliet gemu

(Not Your Typical Juliet)
Ranma refuses to kiss Akane, and the other Romeo's quickly try to step in and show they aren't afraid to do it. Akane freezes up at the thought of kissing Kuno or Happosai, but Kasumi encourages her from the audience to do her best. Akane musters all her courage, but still can not force herself to kiss Kuno. At that moment a new Juliet appears now played by Ranma. Female Ranma is all too happy to kiss Kuno if it means a trip to China, and covers Kuno's mouth in tape before planting one on him. After getting rid of the rest of the Romeos, getting drunk, and fighting off school truancy officers, Akane and Ranma make it back onstage as Romeo and Juliet, but Ranma still will not kiss Akane.

Chapter 77: 勝利のキッス
Shori no kissu

(A Kiss to the Victor)
Gosunkugi smothers Akane with chloroform and she passes out. The narrator quickly improvises that if Romeo were to kiss Juliet that she would wake from her slumber. Offstage the judge tells Ranma that if he'll kiss Akane they'll be the winners for sure. Ranma still finds it impossible to kiss Akane in front of everyone, until she whispers that she'll make it easy for him. They kiss in front of the entire school... after Akane slips a piece of tape over Ranma's mouth. When they arrive home that night, Nabiki tells them that everyone else is already seeing China. Confused, the director explains that the judge of the play is a foreign actor named "China".

Chapter 78: めざせ、和風男溺泉
Mezase, wafu Nanniichuan

(Quest for the Hidden Spring)
Ryoga arrives in Nerima hoping to ask Akane out for the first time. When he runs into her, he can't summon the courage to ask her, and misses his chance. Ranma meets up with him, and Ryoga explains that he won't be seeing P-chan ever again. Ryoga has found a map that leads to a Japanese Spring of Drowned Man. With Ryoga's horrible sense of direction though, Ranma has to help him find it. Unfortunately for them, it appears to be directly under the Furinkan High School girl's locker room.

Chapter 79: 女子更衣室の罠
Joshi koishitsu no wana

(The Trouble with Girls' Locker Rooms)
Ranma disguises himself as a girl so he can sneak into the locker room. Akane immediately recognizes him and can only imagine what preverted reasons he has for being there. After she gets rid of him and splashes him he has an embarrasing moment when he is caught wearing girl's gym shorts as a guy. Ranma then tries to get P-chan to go distract them while he sneaks in, but that backfires when Akane cuddles P-chan in her breasts and her freaks out. Ryoga decides that protecting Akane and the other girls from Ranma is more important, and Ranma is then labeled a pervert when he is caught underneath a pile of bras and panties. To make matters worse Happosai shows up to "help" Ranma.

Chapter 80: 和風男溺泉からのお知らせ
Wafu Nanniichuan kara no o shirase

(From the Spring, Springs a Message)
Ranma gets Happosai to dress up like a frog and scatter around rubber bugs and insects so they can sneak in once again. Ranma dress like a girl and manages to trick Ryoga who is standing guard inside the locker room. Akane exposes Ranma and then gives him all the underwear, asking only that he gets help for his sick perversion. Ranma, of course, is frustrated by this and Ryoga is upset as well. Ultimately the two break through the floor and water sprays up, but all that is found is a message saying the Japanese Spring of Drowned Man has gone out of business.

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