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Ranma ½
volume 9
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1989 Vol. 24 - 34
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 4 Number 10 - Part 5 Number 4
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 7 and 8

Chapter 81: 黒バラクッキー
Kuro bara kukki
(The Way the Cookie Crumbles)
Kodachi has made some cookies in her Home Economics class and decides to give them to Ranma. At that moment, Akane has just done the same and asks Ranma to try hers. When Kodachi arrives at Furinkan High she snatches Akane cookies and dashes off. Akane yells at Ranma who has to go and retrieve them. While he tries to get them back, he accidently falls ontop of Kodachi and Hikaru Gosunkugi takes a picture of the two of them in the compromising position. Ranma returns Akane's awful cookies, and soon gets a letter from Kodachi threatening to share their picture with the rest of the town.

Chapter 82: ネバー ギブアップ
Neba gibuappu
(Negative Feelings)
Ranma grabs up all the photos Kodachi had left around town and eats them. He soon realizes that he's going to have to destroy the negative if he hopes to get rid of the hundreds of copies Kodachi has made. He asks Kodachi to feed him the negative, and she takes him home where Tatewaki is waiting. Akane arrives curious about why Ranma won't let her see any of the photos. Kodachi asks Ranma to go get the negative from her pet, Mr. Turtle. Mr. Turtle winds up being an alligator with an electic collar that contains the negative. Tatewaki finds the Pig-tailed Girl passed out in a pool of water holding the collar containing the negative and decides it must be a present for him. Now Kuno is wearing the giant, electric collar as if it were a belt..

Chapter 83: 私をお風呂につれてって
Watashi o ofuro ni tsurete tte
(Take Me Out to the Bathtub)
Ranma manages to prevent Akane from seeing the giant size blown up photo in Kodachi's room, but Kodachi quickly hands her a doctored image that sends Akane off the deep end. Ranma finds out the only way to get the best off Kuno without being shocked is to submerge it in hot water. Female Ranma suggests she and Kuno go take a bath together, which Kuno all to happily volunteers to do. Ranma steals the negative and Kuno helps her escape from the wrath of Akane, who still believes the photo is real.

Chapter 84: 全部食っちゃうぞ
Zenbu kutchau zo
(...I Ate the Whole Things)
Akane gets trapped in a large vice that springs from the floor in the Kuno home, and Kodachi tells him that to free her he'll have to find the key she dropped in the dinner she made for him. When Akane wakes up she sees Ranma sitting there eating Kodachi's food rather than helping her and gets angry, snapping the vice. Akane storms off, but shortly thereafter hears Kodachi telling Ranma that the picture was a fake. Akane comes to Ranma's rescue and leaves a plate of her cookies out for him. Ranma agrees to try one, which makes Akane very happy. Later that evening Kasumi and Genma watch over Ranma, who seems to be having severe stomach pains.

Chapter 85: お好み焼きの右京
Okonomiyaki no Ukyo
("Okonomiyaki" means "I Love You")
Genma is waiting in a field ready to face off against a masked foe who claims to be the child he left behind. Akane overhears this and reports back to Ranma that Genma has an illegitimate child. Ranma and Akane go to school the next day and are introduced the same person Genma fought the previous day, Ukyo Kuonji. Ranma soon remembers that Ukyo was one of his best buddies from his childhood. Ranma also remembers for the first time that Genma stole the Kuonji's okonomiyaki cart even though Genma claims Ukyo's father gave it to him. After Ranma remembers, Ukyo challenges him to a match after school.

Chapter 86: お好みデスマッチ
Okonomi desumatchi
(Saucy Reply)
Ranma meets his former best friend outside for the match, but still doesn't understand what he's so upset about. The match begins in a giant ring that is acutally a hotplate, but soon the action spills out onto the school grounds. Ranma gets angry with the way his former best buddy is treating him, and starts getting some good shots in. Ranma tears Ukyo's shirt, and Ukyo keeps asking Ranma to wait. Finally they face off inside the PE equipment room where Ranma accidently grabs Ukyo's chest and discovers his best male friend from his childhood has breasts!

Chapter 87: 右京の正体
Ukyo no shotai

(Ukyo's Secret)
Ranma is shocked to discover that Ukyo is a girl. He tries pouring hot water on her, but quickly realizes Ukyo is not cursed, she's always been a girl. Genma explains that 10 years ago Ukyo's father approached him and offered to engage Ukyo to Ranma. Genma told him Ranma was already engaged, but when Ukyo's father offered the okonomiyaki cart as a dowry, Genma took it and left without Ukyo. Ranma feels bad and goes to find Ukyo's giant spatula that he had bent when they were fighting and fixes it for her. After telling her that she is cute to make her feel better, Ukyo decides that she shouldn't hold a grudge against Ranma who seems to not be getting along with his other fiancee, Akane.

Chapter 88: 良牙VS.右京
Ryoga vs. Ukyo

(Ryoga vs. Ukyo)
Ryoga arrives amidst talk of Ranma's new fiancee, Ukyo. Ryoga is extremely mad that Ranma would once again hurt Akane by having another fiancee, but when Ukyo arrives Ryoga mistakes her for a boy and attacks her. Ryoga almost beats her until Ranma steps in and knocks him out. Akane visits Ryoga in the nurse's office and Ukyo figures out that Ryoga is in love with Akane. She promises to help Ryoga go on a date with Akane and the two decide to team up.

Chapter 89: 完璧なラブレター
Kanpeki na rabureta

(Love Letters in the Sauce)
Mr. Tendo finds out about Ranma's new fiancee and chases Ranma around the house. Ukyo shows up to give Akane a note she wrote on okonomiyaki inviting her on a date with Ryoga. Happosai bites off the part that has Ryoga's name, so Akane thinks it's a challenge letter from Ukyo rather than an invitation from Ryoga. On the appointed day, Akane arrives dressed for a fight, and Ryoga arrives after giving himself a long headstart to make sure he could find the restaurant. Akane realizes that Ukyo is trying to set them up, but thinks Ryoga is just trying to be a nice guy rather than having any actual feelings for her. Ranma decides he's going to crash their date.

Chapter 90: 私は良牙の許婚
Watashi wa Ryoga no iinazuke

(Ryoga's What?!)
Akane and Ryoga's date starts off well enough until Ukyo tries to leave and give them some privacy. Ryoga freaks out and begs Ukyo to stay which makes Akane think he doesn't really want to be there. Out of nowhere Ryoga's "fiancee" show up who is actually Ranma in disguise. Ryoga actually believes he may have a fiancee that he's never heard of, and when she acts like she doesn't have a problem with him turning into a pig, he thinks he's found his soulmate. Akane discovers that it's Ranma and then gets rid of him, promising to actually go on a real date with Ryoga just to make Ranma jealous.

Chapter 91: 憧れのデート
Akogare no deto

(At Long Last...the Date!)
Ryoga and Akane go out for dinner and a boat ride, but Soun and Kasumi convince Ranma to follow Akane and make sure she is alright. Ranma falls into the water at the park and emerges as "Ryoga's Fiancee". She accuses Ryoga of two-timing her, which makes Ryoga feel awful. Ukyo knocks Ranma's wig off, and Ryoga discovers the truth about his fiancee. Ryoga realizes he doesn't deserve Akane because his heart betrayed her even though it was only for a second. Akane chases after Ryoga but only finds P-chan. Ukyo discovers Ranma's curse and seems surprisingly accepting of it.

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