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Ranma ½
volume 10
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1989 Vol. 35 - 45
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 5 Number 4 - 9
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 8 and 9

Chapter 92: ハッピーとコロン
Happy to Cologne
(Happosai Days Are Here Again)
The Tendos and Saotomes head off to the beach for a relaxing vacation. Happosai comes along and causes his normal mischief. Ranma decides he should introduce Happosai to a girl hoping that will cause him to settle down. Happosai is so excited he finds an old bracelet he'd been saving and decides to give it to his blind date. Ranma takes Happosai over to Shampoo's restaurant which is selling food at the beach and introduces him to Cologne. Cologne realizes that Happosai is the boy from her youth that stole the bracelet from their village and warns that if he keeps the bracelet all hell will break loose.

Chapter 93: 一瞬の恋
Isshun no koi
(One Moment to Love)
Cologne explains that the bracelet contains three pills that will make the person that swallows them instantly fall in love with whomever the first member of the opposite sex is that they see. Ranma accidentally swallows one and falls in love with Cologne. He begs her to marry him, but the effects wear off almost immediately. Cologne explains that each pill has a different duration: an instant, a day, and a lifetime. Shampoo realizes this is her chance to win Ranma over forever, and she seduces Happosai and steals the bracelet away. While Ranma is sleeping she tries to drop the pill in his mouth, but it ricochet's off his head and into Akane's mouth.

Chapter 94: 誰が惚れるか
Dare ga horeru ka
(I Won't Fall in Love!)
Akane swallows one of the pills and Cologne tells her not to worry, because it is only the day pill. Akane decides she can wear a blindfold for one day, and then walks off. Cologne tells Ranma she made a mistake and that Akane swallowed the lifetime pill. Ranma sets out to find Akane before Happosai, Ryoga, or Kuno get into her field of vision. When he tries to save her from Happosai, he forces her head underwater nearly drowning her. Thanks to that, Akane chokes up the pill, which is then swallowed by an octopus that falls in love with Happosai.

Chapter 95: さらわれたあかね
Sarawareta Akane
(The Abduction of...Akane?)
While out shopping with Kasumi, Akane wins a stuffed pig doll in a lottery. Suddenly a man in a strange mask steals the doll insisting that it's Akane. Ranma and Akane travel to a circus to find the "kidnapped Akane". There they find Mousse, who accidentally stole Akane's doll instead of kidnapping her. Ranma soon finds himself strapped to a board with a knife-throwing duck hurling blades at him. It doesn't take long for Ranma to realize that the duck is actually Mousse.

Chapter 96: 乱馬アヒル化計画
Ranma ahiru ka keikaku
(Duck, Ranma, Duck!)
Mousse explains how he accidentally walking into the Spring of Drowned Duck several months ago at Jusenkyo. While there, he devised a plan to defeat Ranma by using the water from the Drowned Duck Spring against him. Mousse chases Ranma throughout the circus attempting to douse him, but Shampoo comes to help protect Ranma. Mousse manages to find Akane and kidnaps her. Ranma discovers a flyer saying that there will soon be a show with an amazing Duck-Girl who happens to be Akane.

Chapter 97: あかねアヒルになる
Akane ahiru ni naru
(Akane Becomes a Duck)
Ranma saves Akane just in the nick of time, but Mousse is spraying the water around wildly, almost hitting Ranma in the process. Shampoo's insults have an effect on Mousse, but Ranma tries to encourage him to do whatever it takes to win Shampoo. Of course, to Mousse that means defeating Ranma. While they are fighting Shampoo tries to douse Akane with some of the spring water, but Ranma saves the day once again. Unfortunately, he can't keep it up for long, and a high pressure hose hits Akane, knocking her out of the tent. When Ranma goes to look for her, all he finds is a duck in her place.

Chapter 98: がんばれムース
Ganbare Mousse

(Fowl Play)
Ranma takes Duck-Akane back home to get some warm water and apologize, but he runs right past the real Akane who had only gotten hit with normal water. Mousse explains that he would not gain anything from turning her into a duck, and then loses the last of his spring water. Akane heads home while Soun is holding a wedding ceremony for Ranma and the duck. Akane gets Mousse to agree to challenge Ranma one more time, and for Shampoo to agree to date Mousse if he can defeat Ranma. Then Akane gets Ranma to throw the fight. On the day of the fight, Shampoo gives Mousse a weapon she made to "help" him win.

Chapter 99: ムースのしあわせ
Mousse no shiawase

(The Happiest Mousse)
The fight begins, but Mousse's new weapon that Shampoo made seems to keep backfiring and injuring him instead. At this rate Ranma is sure to win, but Mousse refuses to give up. After a grueling battle, Mousse is defeated and a moved Shampoo carries him back to the Cat Cafe. When Ranma and Akane come to check on them, they find Mousse as a duck tied to a chair while Shampoo teases him by dangling a fish in front of his face.

Chapter 100: 突撃!紅つばさ
Totsugeki! Kurenai Tsubasa

(Tsubasa Kurenai Busts Loose!)
Ranma recieves a letter from someone named Tsubasa Kurenai who want to challenge him. Ranma has never heard of Tsubasa and is surprised to come across a mailbox that tries to attack him. Once the mailbox has been dealt with Ranma finds out that there is a young girl inside that is looking for Ukyo. Back at Ukyo's restaurant, Tsubasa explains that she is an old classmate of Ukyo's and that she is in love with her. Tsubasa keeps calling female Ranma "ugly" which only causes Ranma to taunt Tsubasa with her fiancee Ukyo. Akane realizes that Tsubasa must think Ukyo is a boy, and explains the truth to Tsubasa, who makes a startling revelation... she only likes girls!

Chapter 101: 突撃!ランチタイム
Totsugeki! Ranchitaimu

(Lunchtime Lunacy)
Tsubasa and Ranma decide to have an okonomiyaki selling contest to see who is the cutest girl. The contest is held at Furinkan High, so Tsubasa wins easily since all boys know Ranma's secret. Kuno consols the Pigtailed Girl, but Ranma decides to don a sexy costume to help sell the rest of his okonomiyaki. Ukyo buys the final one, causing Tsubasa to renouce her love for Ukyo. Ranma feels awful and goes to talk to Tsubasa who instantly falls in love with female Ranma.

Chapter 102: 突撃!正しいデート
Totsugeki! Tadashii deto

(The Perfect Match)
Male Ranma decides to go out with Tsubasa in hopes of curving her lesbian tendencies, but Tsubasa doesn't seem interested. Far from it in fact, Tsubasa doesn't even want a boy touching her. Tsubasa beats Ranma up and then drops him into a fountain where she is surprised to see female Ranma laying bruised and battered. Female Ranma's last wish is for a hot bath, and Tsubasa sprints off to the Tendo home and dunks Ranma in the water revealing his secret. Ranma tries to stop Tsubasa from running away and accidently rips her dress off revealing another secret... Tsubasa is a cross-dresser!

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