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Ranma ½
volume 11
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1989 Vol. 46 - 1990 Vol. 6
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 5 Number 10 - Part 6 Number 3
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 9 and 10

Chapter 103: 良牙 家に帰る
Ryoga ie ni kaeru
(Ryoga, Come Home)
Ryoga sees a news report about a dog looking for it's master. He realizes that it's his dog, Checkers and she has had puppies. Ryoga hears Akane saying that she'd love to see his puppies, so he invites her to his house. The only problem is, Ryoga can't find his way back home. He lies to Ranma and tells him Checkers is not doing well after giving birth, so Ranma decides to help him out. After they get home, Ryoga gets rid of Ranma and meets Akane. Ranma figures out what Ryoga is up to and decides to crash his homecoming.

Chapter 104: おかえりなさい おにちゃん
Okaeri nasai oniichan
(Oh, Brother!)
Ryoga has a look around his house to see his mother and father, but finds notes from them and can tell from the way the house has been left that they have been gone for a long time. Ryoga says that they have as bad of a sense of direction as he does, and that he rarely ever gets to see them, even when he does find his way back home. Ranma disguises himself as Ryoga's sister Yoiko Hibiki,. Ryoga assumes he's never known about his sister because he had not even heard about his dog having puppies either. Yoiko keeps getting in the way when Ryoga tries to talk to Akane, but Ryoga feels awful for allowing his "little sister" to be left alone at home all this time.

Chapter 105: 迷子の良い子
Maigo no Yoiko
(Get Lost, Yoiko!)
Ryoga, Akane and Yoiko all sit around playing cards, but Ranma soon gets bored out of his mind. Akane starts to suspect that Yoiko is acutally Ranma, and tries to spill some hot water on her, but Ryoga shoves her out of the way. Ranma has had enough of dealing with Ryoga and tries to go for a walk, but Ryoga freaks out and knows that any relative of his might get lost. Ryoga insists on holding Yoiko's hand while they go out, and Ranma/Yoiko tries to escape. Ryoga becomes so distressed that even Akane can not console him when he thinks he's lost his only sister, but Ranma finds one of Checkers puppies while he's trying to escape. Ranma's conscious gets the better of him and he returns the puppy, much to Ryoga's excitment. The trio return to the Hibiki house and Ryoga gets a telephone call from his father, who also did not realize he had had a little girl. Ranma decides it's best to tell Ryoga the truth and reveals that he was Yoiko all along.

Chapter 106: まぼろしの奥義
Maboroshi no ogi
(The Ultimate Technique)
Soun and Ranma lose their patience with Happosai after he burns their clothes and dojo sign so he can cook sweet potatoes. After Ranma tricks him by dressing up as a girl, Happosai decides to unleash his ultimate technique, the Happo-Fire Burst! Luckily for Ranma, Soun and Genma Happosai forgot how to do the technique. Soun and Genma explain that Happosai accidently destroyed a bra with the technique and decided he must never use it again. Now Happosai and the others are in a race to rediscover the scroll with the technique written on it, which is now hidden under a rock in an outdoor hotspring.

Chapter 107: 秘伝書を奪え
Hidensho o ubae
(Get the Secret Scroll!)
Genma attempts to scare the girls away from the hotspring by turning into a bear, but it does not work. Next Ranma changes into a girl, but freezes up when he sees all the naked girls bathing. He tries his best, but Happosai manages to knock him into the water. Soun is surprised to see that Akane has taken a trip to this very spring with some of her friends from school. Happosai snatches the scroll, but Ranma is able to get it away from him. Unfortunately Happosai's handwriting is so bad that it is illegible.

Chapter 108: 炸裂!!八宝大華輪
Sakuretsu!! happo-dai-karin
(The Fire-Burst of Terror!)
Ranma and Akane wear skimpy tennis outfits in hopes of luring Happosai out. Once he comes to feel Ranma up, Soun and Genma tackle him and force him to read his scroll. Akane points out that if he reads it, he'll learn the technique. As it turns out, Happosai's handwriting is so bad even he can not read it. In a fit of anger, Happosai rips up the scroll, but soon remembers the secret to completing the Happo-Fire Burst. As it turns out, the move is simply throwing fireworks at people, and Ranma is able to easily avoid and defeat Happy.

Chapter 109: 抱きしめずにはいられない
Dakishimezu ni wa irarenai

(Embraceable You)
A magical mushroom called Kairaishi arrives at the Cat Cafe. It has the power to make anyone that eats it follow any command. Shampoo mixes it into a pork bun and feeds it to Ranma, telling him to hug her. But before she can snap, Kuno sneezes causing Ranma to hug him instead. Now anyone that sneezes gets a hug from Ranma. Back home Genma and Soun have gone out on a training mission and Nabiki and Kasumi have taken a trip only Ranma and a sick Akane are left alone. A TV show puts ideas into Akane's head, and once she sneezes and Ranma jumps all over her, she soon thinks that Ranma is looking for a little something else while everyone is away.

Chapter 110: 抱きしめてTONIGHT
Dakishimete TONIGHT

(Hold Me Close)
Akane finally figures out that Shampoo is the one that caused Ranma to hug anyone that sneezes. Shampoo arrives and starts causing some trouble of her own, but making Akane hug all men other than Ranma when she hears a gong. Ryoga and Kuno both show up to get their hugs, but Ranma finally has to use Shampoo's Kairaishi against her and command her to "go home peacefully". After awhile the effects wear off, but Akane still doesn't trust Ranma with just the two of them alone in the house.

Chapter 111: あかね パワーアップ
Akane pawa appu

(Akane's Power-Up!)
On New Year's Eve Akane is out arm-wrestling one of the electronic sumo machines, until Shampoo comes along and easily beats her. Akane, tired of losing to Shampoo, asks Ranma to help train her. That night at dinner, Happosai makes a bowl of Super Soba, a soba noodle that will make anyone that eats it incredibly strong. Instead of eating it immediately, Happosai watches a swimsuit contest and Akane eats his noodles. Now Akane has the strength to easily defeat Happosai, Ranma or Shampoo. The next morning Akane decides to try out her new found strength by putting Ranma on the line in a hane-tsuki (badminton) match against Shampoo.

Chapter 112: 剛力羽根つき
Goriki hanetsuki

(Super Badminton)
Soun tells Ranma that the Super Soba has some side-effects and gives Ranma the antidote to give to Akane. If she doesn't take it, the male hormones involved in Akane's muscle development will cause he to grow whiskers. Ranma is only to glad to help since he hates losing to Akane, but Shampoo overhears them talking about the source of Akane's new powers and steals some of Happosai's soba for herself. Super Akane and Super Shampoo go at it for awhile, but Ranma manages to cure Shampoo.

Chapter 113: 副作用の悲劇
Fukusayo no higeki

(Serious Side Effects)
Akane refuses to believe Ranma about the side-effects thinking he is only jealous of her power. Ranma agrees to have a badminton match against her, and show her that power is not everything. Once he has her pinned, Akane feels something on her face and scrambles out of the ring. Ranma follows her and sees that she's grown whiskers just like he said she would. Akane takes the antidote and apologizes to Ranma for not trusting him. Back home, Ranma forces Akane to arm wrestle him over and over showing her that he can beat her in a fair match.

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