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Ranma ½
volume 12
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1990 Vol. 7 - 17
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 6 Number 3 - 8
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 10 and 11

Chapter 114: 帰ってきた校長
Kaette kita kocho
(The Return of the Principal)
Rumors spread around the school that the principal is returning after a long absense. A large snow man is harassing the students in the schoolyard and tries to cut Ranma's pigtail off. Ranma kicks the snowman to reveal a weird looking tanned man with a palm tree growing in his hair. The Principal has returned! He tells all the students that he has finally come back from his trip to Hawaii and is bringing some new rules. All students must have buzzcuts or bowlcuts, and it looks like Akane may be the first one. Akane escapes and the Principal tells the students that if they can find the coconut with the school rules pardon they will be free from bad haircuts.

Chapter 115: 冒険!校長室
Boken! kocho shitsu
(Journey Into the Principal's Office)
Kuno arrives at school and a tidal wave sweeps the students into the basement where the Principal's office is. The office is decorated like a Hawaiian beach, with teachers dressed as dangerous animals. Ranma disguises himself as an island girl and asks the Principal to help him find a coconut for her sick father. The Principal becomes very emotional and mentions that he has a son he hasn't seen in three years.

Chapter 116: 校長の息子
Kocho no musuko
(The Principal of the Thing)
The students manage to capture the Principal, but he won't tell them where the coconut is unless they find his long lost son. The Principal shows them a photo of his son, and everyone soon realizes that it is none other than Tatewaki Kuno! Kuno has many painful memories of his father shaving his head, and refuses to have a happy reunion. The Principal then tells the students that to find the coconut they must shave Kuno's head and look at the map he drew on it three years ago.

Chapter 117: みんな危機一髪
Minna kiki ippatsu
(One Hairy Day)
All the students chase after Kuno trying to shave his head so they can find the coconut, but Akane feels bad about they way they are treating him. Ranma decides to change into the Pigtailed Girl and asks Kuno to shave his head on his own, but that does not work either. Ultimately Ranma decides to attack the principal and forget about the coconut, but then Ranma falls into his trap and is captured.

Chapter 118: 一髪逆転
Ippatsu gyakuten
(Shear Folly)
Ranma is tied-up and having a tough time since he is stuck between Kuno and the Principal while they are fighting. Ranma manages to knock out Kuno and then he is left to deal with the Principal. Ranma narrowly evades losing his hair, but is able to knock the Principal out and then force him to agree there will be no haircuts. The Principal apologizes for his actions and agrees, but soon decides some other style of haircuts may be better.

Chapter 119: 遅刻させまーす
Chikoku sasema su
(Gonna Make You Tardy!)
The Principal decides to start enforcing the rules about tardiness, and Ranma happens to knock him down so that he can get to school on time. The next day the Principal decides to do everything in his power to keep Ranma from making it to school on time. If Ranma doesn't make it to school on time, he'll have to clean toilets for the entire week. Kuno holds up the Pigtailed Girl, as does Genma, Happosai, and Shampoo, but Ranma finally makes it past them. When he gets to school, Ranma knocks the Principal out of the school grounds just as the bell rings causing the Principal to be tardy. Unfortunately for the students, the Principal refuses to let any students use the bathroom while he is cleaning that week.

Chapter 120: 幸福の抗水セッケン
Shiawase no kosui sekken

(The Soap of Happiness)
Ryoga finds his way back to Nerima with thoughts of Akane on his mind. He overhears two girls saying that if you write a letter in green ink, whomever you send it to will fall in love with you. Ryoga decides to write Akane a letter telling her how he feels and then heads to a bath house. Ranma and Genma are there since they broke the tub at home, and Akane is on the women's side talking to Shampoo. Shampoo tells Akane that she has some waterproof soap that will prevent her from changing into a cat when she gets wet. The soap slips out of Shampoo's hand and goes into the men's side where Ryoga finds it. That night when Genma tries to give Akane Ryoga's letter Ryoga arrives to try and get it back. He and Ranma get into a fight and fall into the koi pond while Akane watches. Ryoga is devastated thinking Akane will finally find out that he is P-chan, but when he and Ranma emerge from the water, Ryoga is still a human. Believing he has finally surpassed Ranma, Ryoga has enough confidence to tell Akane to read his letter. Too bad all the water smudged the ink.

Chapter 121: キューピッドの罠
Cupid no wana

(Cupids, Draw Back Your Bow)
Ryoga tries to ask Akane out, but chickens out again and runs away. Ranma and Shampoo disguise themselves as the Kew-Pid Twins and tell Ryoga Akane wants to meet him at the Healthy Leisure Land Spa. Ryoga goes and waits on Akane while Ranma tries to steal his soap. Genma, Soun, and Akane all happen to be spending the day at the spa and Genma accidently uses Ryoga's soap. Now Ryoga knows why he does not change and makes sure Ranma will never get his waterproof soap.

Chapter 122: ついてこないで
Tsuite konaide

(Don't Follow Me)
Ranma and Shampoo disguise themselves as the Kew-Pid Twins once again and give Ryoga a new note to meet Akane outside. Ryoga finds Akane and she immediately recognizes Ranma and Shampoo. Akane assumes that Shampoo and Ranma are trying to fix her up with Ryoga so they can go out together. Akane decides to actually go out with Ryoga to get back at Ranma. Ryoga and Akane seem to have a nice date, but Ranma separates them when they go into a haunted house (Ryoga thought it was a movie theater) and tries to explain what is going on.

Chapter 123: どっちが大切?
Dotchi ga taisetsu?

(Who Do You Love?)
Ryoga tries to take Akane somewhere that they can not be bothered, like the ocean or the mountains, but his sense of direction keeps leading him astray. Ranma and Shampoo catch up to them, and Akane figures out that Ranma is simply after the soap she saw Shampoo using. Akane is unsure of why Ryoga would have any interest in the soap, but before she can find out, Shampoo uses "remote-control acupressure" to make Akane hug Ryoga and drop the soap, which Ranma swallows.

Chapter 124: 愛のさば折り
Ai no saba ori

(Give Me a Little Hug)
Shampoo keeps trying to make Ranma regurgitate the soap, but he is more concerned with Ryoga and Akane. Now that Akane has hugged Ryoga, he has lost all his shyness and is trying to return the favor and hug Akane. Akane doesn't even remember the hug Shampoo forced her to make, until it is revealed to her, but by that time, Ryoga has gotten out of control and is chasing Akane and not listening to reason. Ryoga's hugs are so strong that they will injure Akane if he catches her, so Ranma takes her place. Ryoga hugs Ranma and squeezes him so hard the soap pops out of his mouth. At that moment the soap wears off of Ryoga, and Ranma discovers the waterproofness does not last forever.

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