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Ranma ½
volume 13
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1990 Vol. 18 - 29
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 6 Number 9 - 14
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 11 and 12

Chapter 125: 伝説の邪灸
Densetsu no jakyu
(The Legendary Moxibustion of Evil)
Ranma causes Happosai to get beaten up on one of his daily panty raids and Happosai pays him back by placing a hot ember on his back. The next day on the way to school, Kuno tries to fight Ranma, but Ranma's punches do nothing to Kuno. Kuno beats Ranma easily, followed by a little boy punching Ranma's lights out. Dr. Tofu explains that Ranma seems to have been hit with a moxibustion that makes him as weak as a baby. At that moment all of Ranma's rivals get letters from Happosai telling them Ranma is weak.

Chapter 126: 最弱の男
Saijaku no otoko
(The World's Weakest Man)
Gosunkugi arrives to help Ranma out, at least that's what Ranma thinks. He is led outside where the Principal, Mousse, and Kuno are all waiting to take their revenge on him. Even Gosunkugi gets a few shots in. Unable to watch the weak get picked on Ryoga arrives and saves Ranma from the others. Akane goes back to Dr. Tofu's and learns that the school that describes how to use the moxibustion may also have the cure as well. Ukyo learns of Ranma's new weakness and promises to take care of him from now on.

Chapter 127: 乱馬 再起不能!?
Ranma saiki funo!?
(Weak for Life?!)
Mousse goes to tell Shampoo that he has defeated Ranma, but Cologne tells him that Shampoo has gone back to China for a visit. Cologne learns that the rumors of Ranma's weakness are true. At home, Kasumi is burning trash, and Happosai tosses the moxibustion chart into the fire. Ranma grabs it, but is no match for Happosai who takes it back easily. The next morning the Tendo's awaken to find the house is empty for the first time since the Saotome's came. Ranma and Genma left in the middle of the night without a word.

Chapter 128: 風雲お灸の里
Fuun okyu no sato
(The Valley of Moxibustion)
The next day at school Akane notices that Ukyo is absent as well. She stops by Okonomiyaki Ucchan's and finds a map showing the Yomogi Valley. Akane travels there and finds Ranma, Genma, and Ukyo all trying to find a way to cure Ranma's weakness. Genma reveals one of the Saotome School's ultimate techniques, "The Crouch of the Wild Tiger", which is just bowing and begging forgiveness. Cologne arrives and shows Ranma the "Heaven Blast of the Dragon" also known as the "Hiryu Shoten Ha". After witnessing the amazing power of the Hiryu Shoten Ha Ranma promises to learn the technique in three days and win back his strength.

Chapter 129: 特訓!! 螺旋地獄
Tokkun!! Rasen jigoku
(Training in the Spiral of Hell)
Cologne begins teaching Ranma the steps to mastering the Hiryu Shoten Ha. First he must draw his ememies in towards him while staying within a spiral pattern. Ranma finds this difficult to do when Genma keeps showing Akane and Ukyo nude pictures of him. The next morning Ranma finally manages to stay within the spiral pattern and finishes the first part of his training. Cologne tells the girls to pack up and go home because they will only get in Ranma's way. She explains that only someone going all out against Ranma will enable him to learn the technique. Ranma also shows some hesitation about using the Hiryu Shoten Ha against Akane and Ukyo. Overhearing the conversation, Ryoga volunteers to be Ranma's opponent.

Chapter 130: 燃えない男
Moenai otoko
(The Inflammable Man)
Ryoga tries to fight Ranma, but is unable to bring himself to use his full strength against someone so weak. Ryoga runs away, feeling sorry for Ranma and everyone else believes that Ranma is now hopeless and beyond cure. Akane decides to set a pair of armlets on fire and try to fight Ranma to make up for the intense heat of a strong battle aura Ryoga was supposed to provide. The fire on Akane's arms sparks onto her shirt causing it to burn off. Ranma gets angry and tells Akane he didn't want her there in the first place. Akane runs away crying, but Ranma explains that he can not bear for her to see him in such a weak and pathetic state. While they are talking, Ryoga comes across them and sees that Akane has been crying and her shirt is ripped apart. He can only believe that Ranma tried to rape Akane. Now Ryoga has a reason to fight with full power!

Chapter 131: 炸裂!? 飛竜昇天破
Sakuretsu!? Hiryu shoten ha

(The Roar of Heaven)
Ranma encourages Ryoga's belief that he tried to have his way with Akane which only makes Ryoga more angry. Ranma begins to draw him into the spiral, and Ryoga's battle aura can be seen by Akane and Cologne. Once at the center of the spiral Ranma improvises the final step of the move which he guesses correctly and unleshes the Hiryu Shoten Ha. The power from the blast sends Ryoga flying and shreds both of their clothing.

Chapter 132: いくぞ! 雪辱戦
Iku zo! setsujoku-sen

(The Great Rematch)
Ranma goes to pay his respects to a still unconcious Ryoga for helping him learn the Hiryu Shoten Ha. Ryoga wakes up and beats Ranma up for letting him think he tried to have his way with Akane. Genma decides that it is time to return to the city and face Happosai. When they get back Happosai seems a little down without Ranma around to torment, but Ranma shows up and tries to get him to fight.

Chapter 133: 仏の八宝斉
Hotoke no Happosai

(St. Happosai)
Happosai quickly realizes that Ranma is trying to use the Hiryu Shoten Ha on him (Cologne did the same thing when they were younger back in China). Happosai becomes a lot more tolerant of weak Ranma than he ever has before, and refuses to fight him. Ranma tries everything from burning his panty collection to feeding him fireworks, but nothing seems to upset him.

Chapter 134: 燃えろ! 八宝斉
Moero! Happosai

(Burn, Happy, Burn)
Ranma meets Happosai at Furinkan High for another match, but Happy still is not getting angry with Ranma. Ranma's only choice is to use some embarrasing photos he took of himself dressed in lingerie as a girl. Happosai's lust proves stronger than his battle aura and soon Kuno, the Principal and Mousse make their way into the fray. Ranma tries to hold off using his new technique on them, but then remembers how they beat him up when he could not defend himself. Ranma unleashes the full power of the Hiryu Shoten Ha and then notices that Akane got caught in the blast as well.

Chapter 135: ああ! 無情の紙吹雪
Aa! Mujo no kami fubuki

(The Paper Chase)
Ranma tries his best to save Akane as they are flung round and round inside the blast. Mousse, the Principal, Happosai and Kuno are all hurled out of the vortex and the rest of students quickly bury them while they are unconcious. Ranma finally gets close to Akane and she hands him Happosai's moxibustion chart that contains the cure to Ranma's weakened state. As Ranma grabs it from her Akane passes out and the wind shreds the paper. Cologne tells everyone that they must gather all the tiny pieces being blown across the school as Ranma and Akane plummet back to the earth.

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