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Ranma ½
volume 14
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1990 Vol. 30 - 40
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 6 Number 14 - Part 7 Number 5
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 12 and 13

Chapter 136: 乱馬 復活!!
Ranma fukkatsu!!
(Ranma Reborn)
As Ranma and Akane fall, Happosai reawakens and throws a Happo-Fire Burst at Ranma. The blast slows them down enought that they are able to make a safe landing. Daisuke, Hiroshi and Ranma's other friends from school gather together all the shredded pieces of the chart, but one shred with the cure on it is still missing. Ranma decides that it would be best if he left and Akane decides that she'll go with him. Ukyo vents her frustration on Happosai, but Ryoga quickly stops her when he spots the last piece of the chart that contains the cure to Ranma's weakness. Cologne cures Ranma who immediately sets out for some sweet revenge on those that had picked on him when he lost his strength.

Chapter 137: 怪談 猫魔鈴
Kaidan Mao Mo Rin
(Who Will Bell the Cat?)
One summer night Shampoo returns from her trip to China. She stops by the Tendo home and gives Ranma the Mao Mo Lin bell, and she keeps the smaller of the two bells for herself. In the middle of the night, Akane is awakened by a creepy voice asking her to "be his bride". Akane immediately assumes Ranma is trying to play a joke on her when she finds his bell in her room, but soon the whole house discovers that the spirit of a giant cat resides within the bell. The Ghost Cat tells everyone that he is looking for his lost bride that has the smaller bell when Shampoo happens to show up. She explains to the Ghost Cat that she is dating Ranma, and the Ghost Cat decides that if he can beat Ranma he will have Shampoo.

Chapter 138: 恐怖 化け猫の花嫁
Kyofu bake neko no hanayome
(Kitty Takes a Bride)
The Ghost Cat returns the following night to fight Ranma. Ranma tries to run away since his phobia of cats is causing him to panic, but Genma forces him to try and fight. The Ghost Cat decides the best way to defeat Ranma would be to possess Genma, but that only works in Ranma's favor since he has no problem beating up his old man. The Ghost Cat tries to possess Shampoo as well, but fails and then he notices female Ranma and tries to claim her as his bride. After some cuddling, Ranma reverts to Cat Fist mode and defeats the Ghost Cat.

Chapter 139: 特訓! ハンマー・ガール
Tokkun! Hanma garu
(Swim Like a Hammer)
One afternoon Akane is staring into the swimming pool at Furinkan High thinking about how she has never learned to swim. The Principal arrives and thinks Akane is trying to kill herself. When he discovers she can not swim he decides that he won't let her move up a grade unless she learns. The Principal decides to take Akane under his wing and teach her himself. Ranma is his usual unsupportive self, but that does not deter Akane. She shows up ready to work. The Principal starts off by trying to make her swim with a boulder and a shark which only serve to get Akane off to a rocky start.

Chapter 140: 水の中の根性
Mizu no naka no konjo
(Courage Under Water)
Akane and the Principal persevere with their swimming lessons. The Principal stays up all night sewing a swan training costume to help Akane learn how to swim, but it almost causes her to drown. The mermaid costume works just as well too. Akane is ready to call it quits when all her friends from school rally behind her and give her the encouragment she needs to continue on. With that, the Principal uses his last training device... a life-preserver. Akane manages to sink even while wearing that though, and all her friends give up on her.

Chapter 141: おもてに出やがれ!
Omote ni deyagare
(Step Outside!)
Genma and Ranma head to the beach for some summer training, but Genma disappears for a week. Ranma finally finds him living it up in a big mansion by the sea. Ranma discovers that Genma has been adopted by a boy named Yotaro who has always wanted a pet panda. The boy has named him Kumahatchi and Genma seems to be enjoying his new life of leisure. Ranma meets with Yotaro's mother who tells him that Yotaro has always been sick and weak and will never go outside. He promised that if he ever had a panda he would go outside and get stronger, but all Genma wants to do is lay around the house and never go anyway. Ranma tries to convince Yotaro to give Genma back, and go outside in his typical insulting fashion. Finally Ranma kidnaps Genma and runs away causing Yotaro to finally leave the house and chase after them.

Chapter 142: 神秘の拳印
Shinpi no kenin

(The Mark of the Gods)
While wandering through the forests late one night Ryoga comes across a strange old man. Ryoga gives him some ramen and as thanks the man bestows the "Mark of the Battling God" upon him. The man tells Ryoga that the mark will make him the greatest martial artist in the world. Ryoga now has the means to defeat Ranma! A few days later Ranma is waiting for Ryoga in the vacant lot. When Ryoga finally arrives (late as usual) Ranma notices that he is carring a bag full of dojo signs. Ryoga explains that he challenged a few dojos and won and is hoping Ranma can give him a good match. After Ryoga beats Ranma with only his pinkie, he explains that he was hoping Ranma could defeat him and remove the mark from his stomach. Ryoga pulls up his shirt to reveal that the Mark of the Battling God is actually a goofy looking smiley face doodle. Ryoga has tried everything to get it off, but by being defeated in combat will the mark vanish.

Chapter 143: 鉄壁! ラクガキ・パワー
Teppeki! rakugaki pawa

(Face Off!)
In the Tendo Dojo Ranma and Ryoga prepare to face off again, but this time Ryoga is blindfolded with his hands tied together and weights around his legs. Even in this state he is able to defeat Ranma easily. Ranma uses some of the ridiculous Saotome Desperation Strikes such as "What's that behind you?" but nothing seems to work. Finally Ranma sprays Ryoga turning him into P-chan. Even as P-chan Ryoga is able to give Ranma a huge thrashing. Akane wanders into the dojo and seems the mark on P-chan's stomach as well and wonders who would try to make him look so stupid. P-chan runs away with his feelings hurt. Ranma catches up to him, and Ryoga yells at him telling Ranma that now he can never show Akane his chest or she would figure out that he and P-chan are one and the same. Just then Akane sees Ryoga with his shirt up and realizes he has the same doodle as P-chan.

Chapter 144: 追いつめられた良牙
Oitsumerareta Ryoga

(The Mark of the Pig)
Ryoga can not bear to face Akane and makes a tearful farewell. Shortly after he leaves Ranma hatches a new scheme: to dress up like a helpless volleyball playing girl and attack Ryoga unaware! Ryoga walks all night and is exhausted the next morning. He soon realizes that he has been walking in circles and is still in Nerima. Out of nowhere a volleyball comes flying and Ryoga bends over to knock it back to the girl (Ranma in disguise). Ranma manages to land one blow, but Ryoga makes short work of him again (and feels horrible about beating up a female high school student). Ryoga accidently gets splashed and Akane comes across P-chan. She jokingly says that maybe he is actually Ryoga, but then surmises that with Ryoga gone and P-chan there they can not possible be the same person. She then tries a little hot water to get rid of P-chan's doodle!

Chapter 145: そして拳印は消えた
Soshite kenin wa kieta

(Akane Guesses the Secret!)
Ranma catches up to Akane and finds her shocked at what happened. Ranma thinks she must have poured hot water on P-chan and found out that he was actually Ryoga. Akane explains that when she tried to wash P-chan with the hot water, he latched onto the kettle and drank it all. Ranma finds Ryoga and explains that he might have found a way to defeat him. If Ryoga is able to contort his stomach so that the face doodle is no longer the same, Ryoga should lose his invincibility and allow Ranma to defeat him. Ryoga manages to do this, but does not realizes he is performing in front of the entire Ladies Club who rented the dojo for their meeting. Ranma knocks Ryoga out and the mark disappears.

Chapter 146: サンタクロースの弟子
Santa Claus no deshi

(Santa's Little Disciples)
Akane comes across two children who are holding a drawing of Happosai. Hanako and her brother tell Akane that Happosai is actually Santa Claus and that they met him last Christmas Eve. Happosai promised the two children that they could be his helpers if they ever found him again, not thinking that they would track him down. Happosai decides to take the two out for some training, but winds up showing them how to steal food, peek into women's baths and steal underwear. Ranma and Akane convince him to try and teach good deeds, but when he does, Happosai gets sick. The children blame themselves and promise they will not bother him anymore. Trying his best to do a good deed, Happosai uses one of his Happo-Fire Bursts to light up the night sky.

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