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Ranma ½
volume 15
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1990 Vol. 41 - 51
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 7 Number 6 - 11
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 13 and 14

Chapter 147: 聖刀満願丸
Seito Manganmaru
(When You Wish upon a Sword)
Kuno travels to a remote temple and pulls the legendary Wishbringer sword from it's stone. The sword is able to grant three wishes, and as soon as Kuno arrives back in Nerima he encounters Ranma. Kuno uses his first wish to "humble" Ranma. The sword changes into a mallet, and while Ranma stares in amazement Kuno smashes his head. Ranma quickly tells his father of the magical sword and the two hatch a scheme to steal it and use it to remove their curses. Kuno tells Nabiki about how he was the one destined to remove the sword and his classmates worry when he says he can use the sword to take over the world. Luckily Kuno has a much more simple second wish- a date with the Pigtailed Girl. At that moment a letter from her arrives asking Kuno out. All part of Ranma's plan to steal the Wishbringer!

Chapter 148: 野望のデート
Yabo no deto
(May I Cut In?)
Ranma, Genma, Akane and Nabiki sit around talking about what Ranma should wear for his date with Kuno. Nabiki tells Akane the date probably will not go smoothly. Akane begins to have visions of Kuno drugging Ranma so he can have his way with her. The next morning the Pigtailed Girl is awakened at 4:05 AM to start her date with Kuno. Kuno takes her to the beach to watch the sunrise and run in the surf. Genma quickly realizes that Kuno has used two wishes and that only he or Ranma can be wished free of their curse. Genma manages to steal the sword but when he uses it the sword refuses since he is not the proper owner.

Chapter 149: みっつめの願い
Mittsu me no negai
(The Final Wish)
Ranma and Kuno take their date to the woods and Ranma has a few close calls with Kuno almost wasting the final wish on stupid things. Ranma asks Kuno to use the sword to fix a problem with her body, and Kuno almost uses the sword to give the Pigtailed Girl bigger breasts. Finally Ranma is able to get Kuno to use the final wish on her, but he uses it to make a commemorative statue honoring their first date.

Chapter 150: 博奕王K
Bakuchi o Kingu [K]
(The King is Wild)
Ukyo is outside getting ready to open her restaurant when playing cards come flying out of nowhere. She realizes an old face from her and Ranma's past has come back to haunt them. Ten years ago, when she and Ranma were little children a man was defeating all the kids at cards at the festival. Ukyo explains how she lost her father's okonomiyaki cart to the Gambling King, and begged Ranma to help her win it back. Ranma tried his best, but came up short as well. The two children soon realized that the King had been cheating and threw him into the river. But now fair or not, the Gambling King has come to collect his winnings which happen to include the Tendo Dojo that Ranma lost all those years ago. The Tendos are so mad at Ranma that he has to go spend the night at Ukyo's.

Chapter 151: 明日に賭けるギャンブラー
Ashita ni kakeru gyanbura
(Never Bet Your Life)
That night Akane goes over to Ukyo's to give Ranma a change of clothes. She sees Ukyo helping Ranma with some gambling training. Ranma hopes to beat the King at his own game and win back the dojo. As night turns into day Ranma realizes just how bad he is at cards. Ranma heads over to Casino King (the former Tendo Dojo) and watches as Soun bets (and loses) the Tendo's living room. Ranma confidently bets the front porch and loses too. Slowly Soun manages to lose most of the house, but Nabiki steps in after he loses her room begins to turn the tables on the King. The Tendo girls then realize that King can only defeat elementary school kids (and Soun and Ranma). At Okonomiyaki Ucchan's Ranma is working off all the IOUs he lost when training with Ukyo. Ranma tells Ukyo he's going to stay with her until he can win back the dojo, but when they get back from public baths they find the rest of the family has had to move in since the King cheated and beat Nabiki.

Chapter 152: 特訓!ポーカーフェイス
Tokkun! poka feisu
(Put on a Poker Face)
At school Ranma, Ukyo, and Akane all practice their card skills, but Nabiki arrives to give them some pointers. She tells everyone that the Gambling King has some very obvious tells that will help them win. Unfortunately Ranma has the same obvious tells as the King. Ranma works on getting rid of his revealing facial expressions while the rest of the Tendos start to win their home back. Ranma arrives just in the nick of time to challenge the King for the dojo, his face masked in bandages. He wagers Ukyo's restaurant and Ukyo reveals to Akane that if he looses they have "an agreement".

Chapter 153: 逆転ギャンブラー
Gyakuten gyanbura

(The Virtues of Training)
Ranma agreement with Ukyo is that if he loses her restaurant he must become her chef. Ukyo has visions of she and Ranma living alone and their love blossoming. The Gambling King and Ranma are equally pathetic card players, but the King turns to cheating to try and finish Ranma off. Ranma tells the King that all he wanted was a fair game, and the King obliges by laying down two cards. Ranma pulls an ace shocking the King who had used two jokers. Ranma wins the dojo back with a little cheating of his own.

Chapter 154: 狙われたおさげ
Nerawareta osage

(Target: Pigtail)
In China a man is being harrassed by four idividuals looking for the "Dragon's Whisker". The man tells them that it was taken by a foreigner fitting Ranma's discription. The four travel to Japan to find Ranma. In Nerima the chairman of the neighborhood watch tells Soun that people with pigtails have been attacked recently. Ranma and Akane go to check it out and meet up the the four bandits, the Niku Men! Ranma defeats them easily, but discovers they are looking for the Dragon's Whisker. Akane can tell that the name means something to him, but he refuses to discuss it. Soon the Niku Men spill paint on Ranma's hair, and he must explain to the Tendo sisters why he can not let his hair down even to wash out the paint. The Dragon's Whisker is his seal.

Chapter 155: ほどけた封印
Hadoketa fuin

(Let Your Hair Down)
At school the next day Akane is wondering why Ranma never tells her any of his secrets when Happosai arrives demanding the Dragon's Whisker. Ranma has a hard time fighting him off, and barely escapes with the whisker intact. The Niku Men find Ranma and manage to grab the whisker in the confusion. Akane snatches it back, but Ranma panics and runs away. Akane follows him into the PE equipment shed and is shocked by what she finds.

Chapter 156: 竜の髭の秘密
Ryu no hige no himitsu

(The Whisker's Secret)
Ranma explains that while he was in China a few year ago he came across a porridge thief. Ranma beat up the thief and ate his porridge, but the chef chasing him told him it was a special blend. Luckily Ranma was a girl, so the food had no effect on him, but when he changed back the true horror of what he had eaten was revealed. The Dragon's Whisker is a hair growth product! As a girl it has no effect, but should Ranma remove the whisker from his pigtail as a boy his hair grows uncontrolably fast. The Niku Men, Happosai and Genma all come after Ranma because they are bald and Genma manages to escape with the whisker. Cologne splashes Ranma and warns him that if this continues Ranma will soon run out of hair.

Chapter 157: 動乱の行方
Doran no yukue

(Hair Raising)
Ranma tracks Genma down but before he can get the whisker back, Happosai makes off with it. He tracks down the Niku Men and force them to tell him how to use it to grow hair. Ranma with hair down to the ground chases Happosai into the park and ties tires, bricks and anything else he can throw around with his hair. Everyone fears the worst though when Ranma's hair falls off leaving him with shoulder lenght hair. Ranma fears that the rest is about to come out too, but Cologne discovers that the effectivness of the whisker has finally worn off.

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