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Ranma ½
volume 16
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1990 Vol. 52 - 1991 Vol. 12
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 7 Number 11 - Part 8 Number 2
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 14 and 15

Chapter 158: 温泉へ行こう
Onsen e iko
(Let's Go to the Hot)
Akane once again comes up lucky in the lotto game and this time wins a trip for two to a hot springs race. The winner of the race gets to go to any hot or cold spring in the world. Akane knows that this means Jusenkyo and she plans on asking Ranma to go with her. Mousse wins a ticket as well and asks Shampoo, but she steals the ticket and asks Ranma to be her partner before Akane gets the chance. Ryoga wins one as well, but can not muster the courage to ask Akane. Akane decides to go with Mousse instead of wasting the ticket. Ryoga is crushed by this, and winds up going with Ukyo who thinks it will be good for her business.

Chapter 159: 絶叫! 温泉バトル
Zekkyo! onsen batoru
(Screamin' at the Hot Springs!)
As the three-legged obstacle course race begins Ranma and Shampoo take an early lead with Akane and Mousse right behind them. The normal competitors can barely stay afloat as they ride logs down a rushing river. Ryoga and Ukyo get off to a slow start because of his directional problems, but manage to catch up. Shampoo is introduced to Ukyo for the first time and the two hate each other from the start.

Chapter 160: スクランブル二人三脚
Sukuranburu ni nin sankyaku
(Three-Leg Scramble)
Shampoo and Ukyo's arguing is slowing Ranma and Ryoga down, so the two decide to team up together and win. They are doing well until Ryoga overhears Mousse insulting Akane's legs. Ryoga and Mousse begin to fight and before long Akane and Ranma are together as a team. It does not last long though, as Ranma's big mouth gets him in trouble. Akane decides to team up with Ryoga but then they reach some cold water geysers and get separated. Everyone decides to take a break at a hot spring, not knowing that their teammates of the other gender are on the other side.

Chapter 161: 絶叫混浴
Zekkyo kon yoku
(Hot Bath!)
The girls hear voices from the other side of the spring and go to check it out, while the boys do the same. As they walk in opposite directions around a large rock dividing the two sides both groups miss each other. Mousse is anxious to see Shampoo naked, but Ryoga feels it is his duty to protect Akane from being peeped upon. Soon Shampoo discovers that the boys really are on the other side and makes a nude entrance which shocks Ryoga. Mousse looses his cool when he can not find his glasses in order to gawk at a nude Shampoo and ends up knocking the drain to the spring open sucking everyone except Ranma and Akane down the hole. Left to partner up, Ranma and Akane don their chain-laced robes and proceed to get stuck in the next obstacle- quicksand.

Chapter 162: 乱馬リタイヤ!?
Ranma ritaia!?
(Ranma Gives Up?!)
Ranma and Akane argue while sinking into the sands. Mousse and Shampoo take this opportunity to pass them up as do Ryoga and Ukyo. Ranma uses one of the chains to get Ryoga to pull them out of the sand, but it does not quite work out. He and Akane begin to sink even further, and Ranma realizes there is no way he can possible save Akane from smothering beneath the sand. He tells Akane to give up and be pulled to safety by the helicopter above, but Akane refuses to give up on Ranma's dreams of Jusenkyo. She dives beneath the sand and pulls Ranma and herself to safety.

Chapter 163: 最後の選択
Saigo no sentaku
(The Final Choice)
Ranma and Akane make it to the maze part of the course and decide to take the path labeled easy win since they are in last place. This path leads through a women's bath which proves troublesome for Ranma. Ryoga and Ukyo are lost in the attic and are not even on course. Mousse and Shampoo are in the jungle section of the maze. Ranma manages to rip through a wall and find Mousse and Shampoo. Shampoo ditches Mousse and ties her leg to Ranma. Now Shampoo, Ranma and Akane are all running together. Ultimately Shampoo and Akane take seperate paths and tell Ranma to choose which girl he wants as his partner. Meanwhile Ukyo and Ryoga are stuck beneath the floor.

Chapter 164: 遥かなるゴール
Haruka naru goru

(A Goal Too Far)
Ranma chooses Akane's path realizing that Shampoo's leads to ice water. When Shampoo gets upset Ranma follows her to console her, but they both fall into the ice water. As Ranma flees cat Shampoo they fall into the heat of Akane's path, a room filled with warm sake baths. Shampoo and Ranma get drunk immediately, and Akane drags Ranma out and forces him to race. They close in on the goal, but Ranma's alcohol induced stupor causes him to chase the multiple goals he is seeing. Akane sobers him up and the finally come within feet of the goal when Ukyo and Ryoga pop out of the ground behind it. Ryoga plans to travel to Jusenkyo with since he won, but he and Ukyo get lost and end up going to Atami.

Chapter 165: 格闘ディナーでございます
Kakuto dina de gozaimasu

(Kung Fu Stew)
Another busy lunch break at Furinkan High is interrupted when peoples bread starts vanishing. Suddenly a foreigner, a Frenchman, is there and Ranma points him out as suspect number one. The boy introduces himself as Picolet Chardin II and challenges Ranma to an eating contest. Ranma is a fast eater, but Picolet is lighting quick and food literally vanishes in front of him. Ranma loses and get's stuck with the 100,000 yen bill. When the Tendo girls tell Soun what happened at school he panics and tells them that 20 years ago, he and Genma lost a match to Picolet's father and promised their unborn daughters as his child's bride as payment for the food they ate. Now Picolet has come to collect and Ranma volunteers so that he can learn how to defeat Picolet.

Chapter 166: 怪奇! お上品館
Kaiki! O johin yakata

(Bad Manors)
Ranma travels to the Chateau Chardin and begins his training under Madame St. Paul. The first thing she does is put Ranma in an iron corset. She tells Ranma that she will remain in the corset until she shows some "elegance". That night Picolet throws a dinner party to celebrate his new bride-to-be. Ranma quickly realizes that everyone there eats just as fast as Picolet and that this is actually part of her training. Ranma goes to bed that night starving from not being able to grab any food fast enough.

Chapter 167: 飢えたマドモアゼル
Ueta madomoazeru

(La Miserable)
Ranma's rigorous training is not paying off. It has been a week since her last meal and with Madame St. Paul watching her she can not sneak a single bite of food. Akane disguises herself as a maid and tries to help Ranma, but Picolet's watchful eye prevents it. Ranma decides that all this work is not worth the effort and decides to change back into a guy and tell Picolet off. Unfortunately when he does, the iron corset almost crushes his bones. Now his only option to get out of the corset is to beat Picolet. Finally Ranma is able to eat with enough elegance to win praise from Picolet and Madame St. Paul.

Chapter 168: 必殺! グルメ・デ・フォワグラ
Hissatsu! Gurume de fowagura

(Lekaraté De Foie Gras)
The Tendos raid Happosai's collection of scrolls showing various martial arts secret techniques and come across a book discussing Cuisine-Fu. All of the masters are shown with giant mouths except for one man named "Le Petit Bouche". Le Petit Bouche developed a technique called "Le Parlay du Foie Gras", but the pages in the book describing the technique are missing. Picolet and Madame St. Paul remain tight-lipped on the subject when Ranma asks them about it. Finally Ranma has an idea as he watches Soun and Genma wrestle over a piece of foie gras.

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