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Ranma ½
volume 17
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1991 Vol. 13 - 36
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 8 Number 3 - 8
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 15 and 16

Chapter 169: バスルームの特訓
Basurumu no tokkun
(Bathroom Training)
Ranma begins training for the Parlay du Foie Gras by setting up buckets of cold water and kettles of hot water in the bathroom. By striking only the buckets he increases his speed and precision without changing back into a boy (which would be very painful due to the iron corset). Picolet tells Ranma that their wedding is only a week away, and Ranma begins training harder than ever. Akane discovers the missing pages of the book, but Happosai had burned most of them. The only part Kasumi is able to translate from French for her says that everyone who has mastered the Parlay has met a tragic end.

Chapter 170: 必殺技完成?
Hissatsu waza kansei?
(Who Masters What?)
Ranma does a test run of the Parlay du Foie Gras on Genma and Soun and finds that it works perfectly. Ranma is now ready to defeat Picolet so she can get out of the wedding and get the iron corset removed. Ranma has lost a lot of weight though, and is very sickly looking. Suddenly the iron corset drops off because she is now so skinny. Ranma decides to take on Picolet as a boy, until Picolet reminds him that he still owes 100,000 yen for the first meal they fought over. Male Ranma runs off and female Ranma returns to make the challenge. Ranma continues to practice the Parlay and reveals it's secret to Akane... feeding your food to your opponent so quickly that they can not tell you are doing it. The tragic end that meets those that practice this technique is death from starvation which Ranma seems dangerously close to.

Chapter 171: 決戦!!食卓ウォーズ
Kessen!! shokutaku wozu
(Dinner Wars: The Final Course!)
The day of the match arrives and Picolet makes a stunning entrance into the ring by once again stealing everyone's bread. The match begins and everyone from Furinkan High watches on as Ranma seems to hold her own against Picolet. Soon though the food on Ranma's plate seems to be reappearing and Picolet reveals his secret technique, "The Sheild du Foie Gras". By placing a plate in his mouth, he keeps Ranma from forcing anything into his mouth. Ranma tosses Picolet another plate and manages to slip food inbetween the hole. Picolet decides to go on the offensive and force feed Ranma who immediately loses 150 points for being seen eating. Akane worries that Ranma will have to marry Picolet after all.

Chapter 172: ごちそうさまのあとで
Gochiso-sama no ato de
(Do Not Dessert Me)
The match proceeds, and Ranma tries the Parlay again, this time tossing the food into the air so that it lands in Picolet's upturned mouth. Everyone sees him eating, but Madame St. Paul refuses to make a point deduction against him. Picolet decides to unleash another technique to prevent the Parlay, laying his face down onto the plates and eating like a dog. Ranma quickly uses the Parlay to feed all of his food to the audience, but with one plate left Ranma does not have enought energy to move the food any longer. Weak from hunger Ranma finally eats after days of fasting and defeats Picolet. As promised he relases Ranma from their engagement.

Chapter 173: 乱馬なんかいらない!
Ranma nanka iranai!
(Hand-Me-Down Ranma)
One afternoon Happosai steals one of Akane's bras, and as she chases him down the hallway she accidently spills soy sauce all over Nabiki's jacket. When Akane goes up to Nabiki's room to apologize she realizes that it was really her jacket, and that a lot of the clothes in Nabiki's room are hers. Akane gets really angry with Nabiki and Ranma's insensitive comments (and the hand embroidered sports towel he ruined) just aggravate her even more. At dinner Soun tries to calm the two girls, but Akane refuses to speak to either Ranma or Nabiki. When they go up to apologize to Akane on the outside porch their arguement continues and the porch collapses. Akane falls but manages to not injure herself, but Ranma decided to save Nabiki since she has no martial arts training. Akane tells Ranma that he should just get engaged to Nabiki and Nabiki agrees.

Chapter 174: 真実の告白
Shinjitsu no kokuhaku
(The Terrible Truth!)
Akane, Ranma and Ranma's new fiancee Nabiki all go to school the next day. The gossip has already spread that Ranma traded in Akane for an older woman. Kuno is estatic that Akane is free now and tells Ranma that they will be brothers-in-law. During a break Nabiki gets a message from Ukyo to meet her outside. When Nabiki goes down Ukyo plans to scare her into giving up Ranma, but Nabiki starts a bidding war with Kodachi and Shampoo over Ranma. Soon the bidding turns ugly and everyone tries to attack Nabiki. Ranma saves the day once more which confirms Akane's suspicions. That night Akane tries to make up with Nabiki but overhears Ranma and her talking. Nabiki tells Ranma that she has always loved him and Akane is shocked!

Chapter 175: おねちゃんの気持ち
Onechan no kimochi

(Nabiki's Feelings)
At school all the boys try to attack Akane like they used to do before Ranma came and try to get her to go out with them. Akane fends them off easily enough, and Ranma wonders what they all see in her. Ranma starts passing notes to Akane in class to get her to make up with Nabiki, but they wind up fighting and force to go stand in the hall. Ranma pays Nabiki some compliments that hurt Akane's feelings and she tells him they're better off together. Ranma tries to confront Nabiki and ask her if what she said about loving him was true, but it seems to hurt her feelings that Ranma would ask such a thing. All the other boys pay Nabiki to rent Ranma for their sports teams, and Nabiki tries to sell Ranma back to Akane.

Chapter 176: ごめんね乱馬
Gomen ne Ranma

(I'm the Victim Here!)
Nabiki and Akane discuss Ranma over lunch at a restaurant and Nabiki tries her best to convince Akane that she was lying when she told Ranma she loved him. Akane does not believe her and refuses to buy Ranma back. Ranma, on the otherhand, has had to spend all day at school playing for various sports teams that Nabiki rented him out to. The next morning while out jogging Akane and Ranma run into each other. Ranma apologizes and tells Akane that he wants things to go back to the way they were. Akane is very happy and apologizes too, but then Ranma says he's happy and did not know why he was involved in Nabiki's and Akane's fight and that his and Akane's engagement was not important anyway. Akane throws him into the storm drain and that morning at breakfast Ranma takes Nabiki to school and leaves Akane.

Chapter 177: ごめんなあかね
Gomen na Akane

(I'm Sorry, Akane)
Nabiki tells Ranma that she wants to break up for Akane's sake and it will only cost Ranma 5000 yen. Ranma refuses and says he has no reason to go back to her. Nabiki tells Ranma to kiss her if he really wants to be her fiance, which he can not do. Ranma runs off and Akane overhears Nabiki saying that she is just out to make some money on all of this. Ranma still thinks Nabiki really loves him and feels bad for using her against Akane. Ranma goes off and tries to apologies to Akane in his round-about way. That evening he overhears Nabiki telling Kasumi that she is just toying with Ranma, so he decides to take Nabiki on the date from hell. Nabiki decides to be a good person and agrees to the date, but then goes and tells Akane that Ranma wants her to meet him for a date instead. Akane is overjoyed about getting to make up with Ranma, and Nabiki is happy believing herself to be a good person.

Chapter 178: 愛と復讐の迷路
Ai to fukushu no meiro

(Maze of Love)
Ranma buys flowers for his date and Nabiki happens to hear that he is plotting something. She decides she should probably help Akane since it will be her that meets Ranma instead. Nabiki runs over Ranma on her bicycle while Akane waits to meet Ranma in the park. Nabiki leads Ranma into a hedge maze and he stalks after her planning on taking his revenge. Ranma tries to grab her through the shrubs, but Nabiki manages to elude him. Akane passes by and Ranma grabs her thinking she was Nabiki. As he pulls her through the bush he grabs her in his arms and exclaims "I love you!". Hoping to embarrass Nabiki he realizes he what he just said and who he said it to... Akane. The two make up after Ranma explains what he was really trying to do and he gives Akane the flowers he bought for the date.

Chapter 179: 放たれた呪い画
Hanatareta noroi ga

(The Curse of the Scroll!)
The family returns to the fair and this time the Tendo sisters watch as an artist unveils his family's cursed drawings. Ranma and Genma get into a fight over takoyaki and accidently knock the seal off the artist's newest drawing setting loose the creature. The "creature" is actually a very poorly drawn doodle of a panda that immediately falls in love with Ranma. The panda drawing asks to go on a date with a nice boy before she has to be sealed back into the drawing. Ranma tries to fix her up with Genma, but she starts to cry and asks Ranma out instead. The artist loses his seal, so Ranma has to convince the panda doodle to return on her own. After a fun night she agrees to leave providing Ranma give her a kiss. Ranma being the non-kissing type is not able to do it, so the panda gives him a headbutt so he would kiss her on the forehead. She happily returns to her drawing and the artist even includes a badly drawn doodle of Ranma to stay with her.

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