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Ranma ½
volume 18
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1991 Vol. 24 - 34
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 8 Number 8 - 13
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 16

Chapter 180: 呪泉郷から来た悪魔
Jusenkyo kara kita akuma
(Spring Demon)
In China the Jusenkyo Guide awakens to find that the registry has been stolen. Weeks later in Japan, Shampoo finds Mousse beaten up with pantyhose wrapped around him. Soon everyone who has been to Jusenkyo with the exception of Ranma has been attacked. Cologne warns Ranma that he will be next and on his way to school he and Akane are confronted by the mysterious fighter who transforms before Ranma's eyes.

Chapter 181: 悪魔の正体
Akuma no shotai
(The Demon's Tale)
Ranma tries to fight the boy who has now turned into a giant demonic monster. The creature is able to easily defeat Ranma until Happosai arrives to help out. Upon Happosai's arrival the creature grabs Akane and flies away. Happosai finds the registry that he dropped and discovers that he is the person the creature is looking for. Happosai remembers how he bathed a newborn over ten years ago at Jusenkyo and gave him the curse of Niu ho man maolen niichuan (or yeti riding an ox while carrying an eel and crane).

Chapter 182: あかねはどこに
Akane wa doko ni
(Find Akane!)
The creature returns to the Tendo home to make an offer and exchange Akane for the Jusenkyo registry. Happosai eats the registry and the creature flies into a rage until Happosai knocks him unconscious. Everyone goes to the Cat Cafe to discuss these new events with the creature, who has now returned to his human form. Tempers flair and the fighting begins again. Meanwhile Akane tries to escape on her own but finds that the boy's hideout is surrounded by water. Ranma and P-chan ride on the creatures back while he flies back to his hideout. The creature shakes them off and they plummet into a ravine.

Chapter 183: あかね救助隊
Akane kyujotai
(S.W.A.T. (Save Widdle Akane Team))
Ryoga and Ranma fall down a waterfall and barely escape the creature. Shampoo and Mousse come to the aide and help them recover while Akane finds out that the boy seeks revenge against Happosai, not because of his curse but for another reason. Mousse gives Ryoga a pep-talk about friendship while secretly planning to kill Ranma. Shampoo plans to do the same to Akane under the pretense of rescuing her and with that the group sets out to fight the monster.

Chapter 184: 水の砦
Mizu no toride
(The Watery Grave)
The group soon encounters the boy holding Akane captive. He threatens to put pantyhose over Akane's head and make her look stupid. Seeing Akane look foolish is more than Ryoga can stand and he jumps in to attack. He quickly falls into one of the many watertraps in the area. Mousse and Shampoo quickly fall to the same fate and only Ranma is left unchanged. Ranma manages to make it to the top of the mountain and the boy strikes him in the shoulder repaying him for an injury he dealt the boy in their second encounter.

Chapter 185: 噴き出す罠
Fukidasu wana
(The Geyser Traps)
Ranma and the boy begin their battle but Ranma quickly is changed into a girl. The boy keeps trying to change into his monsterous form but Ranma mangages to prevent it. Still, as a girl, Ranma is no match for the young man. Ryoga and Mousse try to get back into the action but between Mousse's poor vision and Ryoga's bad sense of direction they have a hard time finding the fight. Akane breaks loose and tries to get some hot water to Ranma who is now fighting the creature rather than the boy.

Chapter 186: 反撃の湯
Hangeki no yu

(Boiling Retaliation)
Akane falls off a cliff while trying to grab the hot water meant for Ranma. Ranma dives to save her and the monster throws a giant boulder at the pair. Ranma transforms in time to crush the rock and save Akane. By the time Ranma reaches the top of the cliff again Ryoga, Mousse, and Shampoo are all back in action. They decide to attack all at once and seem to make an impact. Eventually they find themselves riding on the back of the monster as he flies toward Akane at the top of the cliff.

Chapter 187: 必殺! パンスト 流星脚
Hissatsu! pansuto-ryusei-kyaku

(The Snap of Elastic)
As Ranma and the others are about to crash into the cliff (and Akane) Happosai quickly arrives and gets Akane out of the way. Ranma and the others continue their offensive against the monster, but he heads through a waterfall and only Ranma is able to hang on. Akane makes a rope from all the pantyhose lying around which Ranma uses to tie up the monsters wings. The beast falls and almost crushes Ranma. It then ties the pantyhose to Ranma and spins him around above its head. Ranma uses the elasticity of the pantyhose to increase his velocity and knock the monster out with a Boomerang Kick. Once the boy is subdued he tells the group that Happosai did something far worse than curse him.

Chapter 188: 君の名は
Kimi no na wa

(What's in a Name?)
After many insults Happosai asks the boy to tell everyone his name. The boy becomes angry and shouts that of all people, Happosai should know it. Happosai thinks back and remembers that because he helped with the delivery of the infant he got to choose its name. Happosai decided to name the boy "Pantyhose Taro". Now Pantyhose Taro has come to force Happosai to change his name, because his Chinese village law states that only someone who gives him his name can change it. Happosai thinks about it but refuses to change his name, saying he will be Pantyhose Taro forever. Ranma has a plan to help change his name.

Chapter 189: 時をかける じじい (前編)
Toki o kakeru jijii (zenpen)

(Back to the Freak-ture!)
Ranma brings Pantyhose Taro to stay at the Tendo home until they can get Happosai to change his name. Ranma comes up with a plan to make Happosai think that Pantyhose Taro has destroyed all the pantyhose in the world and that only he can go back in time and stop this from happening. Shampoo helps put Happosai into a trance and makes him think that he is at Jusenkyo on the fateful day that he named Pantyhose Taro. Rather than change his name though, Happosai attempts to kill the newborn and his mother who are being played by Ranma and P-chan. He then goes on a rampage throughout the city looking for them.

Chapter 190: 時をかける じじい (後編)Toki o kakeru jijii (kôhen)
(And Back and Back and Back...)
Happosai's rampage continues until he locates Pantyhose Taro who he severely beats. A sudden rainstorm comes and Pantyhose Taro transforms and is able to hold his own. Ranma and the others arrive and take Happosai out from under hypnosis. When Happosai awakens he agrees to change Pantyhose Taro's name. After a few horrible selections such as "Long-john Saburo," and "Heartburn Rokuro" he finally agrees to change it to what Pantyhose Taro has always wanted- "Awesome Taro"! As per his agreement with Ranma, Awesome Taro flies off into the sunset with Happosai promising to drop him off in a far off land. When they get out over the ocean Happosai decides that Pantyhose Taro is a much better name and changes it back.

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