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Ranma ½
volume 19
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1991 Vol. 37 - 47
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 9 Number 1 - 6
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 17

Chapter 191: 渚のスイカ男
Nagisa no suika otoko
The Saotomes and Tendos head to the beach once again and Ranma receives a letter of challenge from Kuno. Kuno washes up on the shore in front of Ranma with a watermelon on his head. Kuno does not recognize Ranma or anyone else for that matter. It seems that he has amnesia. When Ranma tries to throw a watermelon at him to see if it jogs his memory, Kuno instantly begins to spin and slice like a madman. He seems to have learned a new technique that even Ranma can not beat.

Chapter 192: 渚の交際鬼
Nagisa no kosai-ki
(The Horror of Party Beach)
Ranma tries to convince Kuno to try and work at getting his memory back instead of staring at women all day. Kuno's amnesia seems to make him popular with the ladies, and when the Pigtailed Girl shows up and puts a melon on his head, he remembers something. Kuno remembers that he came to train, but nothing else. He tells the Pigtailed Girl that if she would go out with him he may remember more. Kuno chases Ranma all the way to Watermelon Island and with no hot water and a very powerful Kuno everyone is worried about what Kuno may do.

Chapter 193: スイカ畑でつかまえて
Suika batake de tsukamaete
(Catcher in the Rind)
Akane follows Kuno and Ranma to Watermelon Island. Kuno pursues the Pigtailed Girl and manages to knock her out. Unconsious, Ranma has a nightmare about living on the island with Kuno and starting a family. After waking up Kuno keeps persisting that they go out, and chases Ranma to a waterfall. Above Akane finds a rope which sets loose dozens of watermelons that rain down on Kuno below. Ranma quickly realizes that Kuno is hitting the melons purely by reflex and sets a melon on his head. Kuno smashes the melon and knocks himself out. Ranma explains that he had become conditioned to hit the melons and Kuno regains his memory. Kuno tells Ranma and Akane that his challenge letter was actually an invitation to the Pigtailed Girl to watch him slice melons.

Chapter 194: 十年目のソース
Ju-nen-me no sosu
(The Sauce of Ten Years)
At Okonomiyaki Ucchan's Ukyo unseals an okonomiyaki sauce she has been aging for ten years. After trying the sauce she realizes it tastes horrible. Ranma and Akane go to check on her after she was absent from school. Ukyo has fallen into a deep depression over the sauce and just wants to lie around and not do anything. Ranma recalls Ukyo making the sauce, and then remembers that he spilled it all and had to remake it from scratch. Ranma does not have the courage to tell Ukyo that he ruined her sauce ten years ago, and invites her to stay with the Tendos until she feels better. Ukyo makes herself right at home and moves into Ranma's room. Akane gets suspicious of Ranma being so nice, and things turn ugly when Ukyo wants to share Ranma's bed.

Chapter 195: ソース相愛
Sosu soai
(For the Love of Sauce)
The next day at school Ukyo and Akane wonder about why Ranma is being so nice. Ukyo thinks back and remembers a promise Ranma made. That if the sauce tasted good he would take care of her for the rest of her life. Ukyo believes Ranma is telling her he likes her awful sauce so he can do just that, but actually Ranma just does not want to admit that he ruined her sauce. Akane and Ranma get confused over this, and Akane believes that Ranma actually does want to take care of Ukyo.

Chapter 196: 本当の本当
Honto no honto
(The Truth About the Truth)
Ukyo reminds Ranma of his promise to take care of her if he liked her sauce, which he had completely forgotten about. That evening Ranma confesses to Akane that he ruined Ukyo's sauce, which makes her think even less of him especially after he tells her he forgot about his promise to Ukyo. Akane convinces him to tell Ukyo the truth, but she refuses to believe it thinking that Akane put Ranma up to it. Nabiki decides this has gone on long enough and tells Ukyo that Ranma and Akane really are not engaged... they are already married. They decide to play along in hopes that Ukyo will back off.

Chapter 197: いつわりの夫婦
Itsuwari no fufu

(The Honeymoon Period)
Ukyo believes that Ranma is just going along with what Akane tells him to do out of fear of being kicked out of the Tendo's home. Ukyo decides to bury all her okonomiyaki equipment and focus purely on being a good fiancee to Ranma. Ranma and Akane continue their marriage charade by letting Akane cook all of Ranma's meals. Nabiki tells them to take it to the next level and gets Ranma to spend the night in Akane's room, something both of them dread. After a sleepless night Ranma decides to confront Ukyo again. When she starts to cry about Ranma's "other woman" he has to come up with another plan. He tells Ukyo he will take care of her forever, but has another trick up his sleeve. Akane overhears and looses her cool.

Chapter 198: 嫌われたくて

(Please Hate Me)
Ranma's plan is to make Ukyo realize he would be a terrible husband. He starts out by trying to turn over the dinner table filled with food Ukyo made, next he douses himself with sake and pretends to come home drunk. Finally he tells her that he is going to visit his "mistress", Akane. Ukyo overhears Ranma telling Akane his plan and then pretends to have gotten sick from drinking her awful sauce. Ranma decides the only way to end this is to drink all the remaining sauce. Seeing Ranma do this triggers a conditioned reflex in Ukyo and she cooks Ranma as if her were okonomiyaki. Ranma tells her never to give up her cooking dreams and Ukyo happily returns to her restaurant.

Chapter 199: 温泉街の悪夢
Onsen-gai no akumu

(Nightmare on Hot Springs Street)
Ranma, Soun and Genma travel to a seaside resort town that has been harassed by a "living octopus trap". As soon as they get there they hear reports of the trap stealing food and bothering women. After a run in with the trap Ranma realizes that it is Happosai, who they had last seen being carried off by Pantyhose Taro making his return. Soun and Genma want nothing to do with their former master and try to leave town, but Ranma wants to stick around and finish what they started. Eventually the men who hired them suspect they may be in cahoots with the octopus trap when they find stolen goods in their rooms. Beaten by the townsfolk they return home with Happosai in tow.

Chapter 200: 恋の紙人形
Koi no kami ningyo

(Paper Dolls of Love)
Gosunkugi waits all night until 6:00 AM when Akane passes by on her morning jog. He tries to catch up to her and talk, but she runs too quickly for him to keep up. A salesman notices his plight and sells him some magical paper dolls. When you write a command on the dolls and afix it to someone's back, they will do whatever you write. Gosunkugi tries one out on Ranma and makes him fall in gym class. Next he writes "go out with me" and tries to stick it to Akane, but Hiroshi points it out and shows Ranma what Gosunkugi did to him in gym class. The doll gets stuck on Ranma and Gosunkugi and he go out on the town. Kuno also gets mixed up, and when Gosunkugi gets down to his last doll he writes "please don't hate me" and pins it on Akane. Later he realizes he should have written "fall in love with me".

Chapter 201: 秘薬 主従丸
Hiyaku shuju-gan

(The Pill of Obedience)
Ranma breaks up another one of Happosai's panty raids, and Happy takes his revenge by slipping Ranma a Shujyugan Obidience Pill. The pill has a strong magnetic attraction and causes Happosai and Ranma to get stuck together. Ranma has a tough time dealing with Happosai in class, and Soun makes an alarming discovery. If they do not seperate soon they will be stuck together forever. Soun tells Ranma that to seperate he must defeat Happosai causing the master/disiple roles to lose their meaning. Ranma can not get a single hit in until he takes Happosai into the men's locker room where he immediately freezes up and makes an easy target.

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