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Ranma ½
volume 20
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1991 Vol. 48 - 1992 Vol. 8
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 9 Number 6 - 11
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 18

Chapter 202: 猛威!獅子咆哮弾
Moi! shishi hokodan
(The Lion's Roar)
Ryoga arrives ten days late for a match with Ranma. He tells Ranma that he has learned a new technique, and hopes to try it out. Ryoga unleashes the power of the Shishi Hokodan on Ranma and beats him easily. That evening Ryoga is incredibly excited that he has finally beaten Ranma. Ranma is quite down about losing, and tells Akane he was not holding back. Ryoga tells Ranma about how he found the scroll and that his Shishi Hokodan is still not at full strength.

Chapter 203: 敗北への序曲?
Haiboku e no jokyoku?
(Prelude to Defeat)
Ranma can not seem to learn the Shishi Hokodan and asks Cologne for advice. She explains that for Ryoga it will be easy, but Ranma will never master it. Ryoga tries to ask Akane out, but before he can she asks him to cheer up Ranma. Ryoga then meets Ranma and shows hits him with an even more powerful blast than before. Ranma gets more and more frustrated after a failed attempt to sneak a peek at Ryoga's scroll. Finally depressed about the thought of losing to Ryoga again Ranma hits Genma with a Shishi Hokodan.

Chapter 204: 不幸を呼ぶ技
Fuko o yobu waza
(Unlucky Blow)
Ranma can not seem to recreate the Shishi Hokodan blast as he did the night before. Ryoga shows up and laughs at Ranma who only gets more depressed and suddenly unleashes the blast. Ranma correctly guesses that being depressed is the key to using the technique. Ryoga becomes more depressed now that Ranma has figured it out and manages to out-depress Ranma and Shishi Hokodan him multiple times. Depression does not come naturally to Ranma so he must work at it by not eating dinner and promising to be Nabiki's personal slave if he loses. Meanwhile Ryoga is using the scroll to try and discover the Perfect Shishi Hokodan.

Chapter 205: 気分次第の必殺技
Kibun shidai no hissatsu waza
(Emotional Impact)
Genma tells Ranma that he is not suited to learning the Shishi Hokodan because of his happy-go-lucky attitude. Ranma soon realizes that he can focus his ki in other ways unrelated to depression. Ryoga goes to the bathhouse and realizes the secret involves driving his ki downward. Soon he finds Akane and asks her to grant him one wish... that she tell him she hates him. Akane does so and Ryoga runs away in tears. In the sky Akane sees the Perfect Shishi Hokodan and Ryoga is left standing in a crater ready to face Ranma.

Chapter 206: 決闘!!獅子対猛虎
Ketto!! shishi tai moko
(Lion Versus Tiger!)
Ryoga shows up late for the match as usual, and Ranma is looking confident. Ryoga's Shishi Hokodan is countered with Ranma's own personal creation, the Moko Takabisha. Ranma uses his self-esteem to battle Ryoga's depression, which only causes Ryoga to grow more depressed. Ryoga unleashes the Perfect Shishi Hokodan and Ranma's self-esteem quickly dries out. Akane realizes it was her telling Ryoga she hated him that is powering his depression, so she tells him she really does not feel that way. Ryoga perks up until she tells him she wants to be friends forever. With that Ryoga hits rock bottom and prepares to finish Ranma off.

Chapter 207: 勝利の獅子重力
Shori no shishi juryoku
(The Weight of Victory)
Ranma wonders why Ryoga's Perfect Shishi Hokodans are hitting him, but passing right through Ryoga. By watch Ryoga's expressions as he does the move, he notices that he becomes relaxed right as the blast hits, causing him to be emotionally hollow. Ranma tells Ryoga he can see Akane's panties, causing him to break his trance and also get hit by the Shishi Hokodan blast. Ranma now has a plan of action and tells Ryoga that Akane lets him kiss her. This causes Ryoga to unleash his most powerful Shishi Hokodan yet and Ranma jumps up and rides it down toward Ryoga. Right before impact Ranma tells Ryoga he lied and the impact of Ranma's punch plus the Shishi Hokodan knocks Ryoga out. Ranma is in shakey condition too, but Ryoga is just happy to hear Akane and Ranma do not kiss.

Chapter 208: 除夜の呪い
Joya no noroi

(New Year's Curse)
On New Year's Eve Shampoo makes a delivery to the Cat Temple and is greeted by a dark, large eyed shadowy figure. The next day Mousse catches up to Ranma and Akane and tells them Shampoo never came home. The trio go to investigate the temple, and soon find Shampoo. When she tries to cross the barrier, she changes into a cat even though she is not splashed with water. Then her captor, the Ghost Cat, appears. He explains that if she ever crosses the seal to leave the temple she will transform. Only a kiss can break the curse, and Shampoo seems to only want Ranma to kiss her. Ranma is too scared of all the cats to do anything, so they all return home. The Ghost Cat shows up at the Tendo home and explains that after the tolling of the New Year's bells Shampoo will be a cat forever. He sprays some dust on Ranma and then leaves. Ranma and Akane travel back to the temple, but the dust (actually cat nip) prevents Ranma from going in.

Chapter 209: 108回目のプロポーズ
108-kai-me no puropozu

(Ring Proposal)
Ranma and Akane try to figure out how to rescue Shampoo. Ranma finds a catnip jacket and tries to get Akane to wear it so all the cats will follow her and he can sneak in and kiss Shampoo. The thought of Ranma kissing Shampoo makes Akane angry, so she puts the coat on Ranma and throws him in. Once all the cats have chased after the jacket, Ranma gets ready to kiss Shampoo, but then Mousse shows up and refuses to let him. Ranma has to beat Mousse up and Shampoo tells Mousse that since she does not like him his kissing her would not break the curse. The Ghost Cat starts to ring the New Year's bell and Shampoo begins to change into a cat. Ranma ruses towards Shampoo, with only one ring remaining, but she is a cat and Ranma can not bring himself to get too close. Cat Shampoo jumps out and kisses Ranma, breaking the curse.

Chapter 210: 老人と梅
Rojin to ume

(The Plum and the Prune)
Lately Ranma has been having nightmares about going out on a date with an old man named Harumaki. One morning a young boy finds Ranma and asks if he had been having these dreams. The boy takes Ranma to the hospital and introduces him to the old man in his dreams. The old man's spirit leaves his body and Ranma has to take it out on a date to try to figure out why it is so restless. Ranma soon learns that he looks just like Harumaki's first love, Gyoko. After a long date Harumaki insists he is forgetting something, and then remembers that he and Gyoko were supposed to elope if the plum blossoms were in bloom. Harumaki remembers that they were not and Gyoko left him as he disappears. Ranma runs back to the hospital to find Harumaki looking dead. Harumaki's wife starts making a lot of noise and he wakes up. Harumaki's wife explains that she is Gyoko and that they did elope after all.

Chapter 211: 私闘!九能兄弟
Shito! Kuno kyodai

(Sibling Warfare)
Kuno is doing some special training on one of Kodachi's giant-sized posters of Ranma. When Kodachi finds out she steals Kuno's embarrasing photos of the Pigtailed Girl. At school, Kuno approaches Ranma and tells him he needs his help to get the photos back. He wants Ranma to be Kodachi's slave so she will give him his photo album. Ranma is angry about the pictures and agrees to go and talk to Kodachi with Kuno. Once they get home Kuno and Kodachi continue to fight and Kodachi winds up with Ranma as her slave. Kuno burns all of her pictures of Ranma which makes Kodachi so upset that she hatches another diabolical plan to get back at Kuno and the Pigtailed Girl.

Chapter 212: スキャンダルの嵐
Sukyandaru no arashi

(The Scandal Breaks!)
Kodachi begins to spread a doctored photo of Kuno and the Pigtailed Girl on a date around Furinkan High. Kuno still refuses to apologize and everyone starts to think that maybe Ranma has given up Akane for Kuno. The Pigtailed Girl shows up and tells Kuno that he has ruined her life and he had better apologize to Kodachi. Everyone watches as Kuno and Kodachi meet on the school grounds. Kodachi tells Kuno that if his apology is insincere she will spread another photo. Kuno believes it may be a nude shot of the Pigtailed Girl, so he insults Kodachi hoping to get a copy of it. Kodachi spreads the photo which is actually a picture with Kuno's head super-imposed on P-chan's body. Kuno gets knocked out and Ranma stands behind him and makes him apologize to Kodachi.

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