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Ranma ½
volume 21
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1992 Vol. 9 - 19
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 10 Number 1 - 6
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 19

Chapter 213: 父よ あなたは強かった
Chichi yo anata wa tsuyokatta
(When Daddy Was Strong)
While out training in a blizzard Ranma beats up Genma and takes the last cup of ramen. When the get home Genma begins to realize something. Due to his lazy attitude and lack of training, Ranma has become a much more powerful martial artist than his own father. Ranma kicks Genma around a bit more and then Genma leaves, telling everyone not to look for him. He has decided to go back into serious training in hopes of defeating his own son. Genma cuts all ties with Ranma and tells him he is no longer his father.

Chapter 214: 巣立ちの時
Sudachi no toki
(Time to Leave the Nest)
Ranma decides to leave for some training before his match against his father. While he is out in the woods camping, Ranma dreams about how he has always had his father at his side growing up. When he awakens he finds that he has been given a blanket and sees panda tracks leading off into the woods. The next morning Genma even saves Ranma from a falling boulder, but makes sure he wears a mask thinking that Ranma will not be able to tell that it is him. Soun and Akane visit and Soun tells Ranma that no parent can harden their heart against their own child. Genma is listening in and says that he is doing this to confuse Ranma during the upcoming match. The day of the match arrives and Ranma seems to be having no trouble handling his father, but then Genma gets his second wind and seems ready for a real match.

Chapter 215: 地獄のゆりかご
Jigoku no yurikago
(The Cradle From Hell)
The match progress on and Genma attempts his new special technique, "The Cradle from Hell". Ranma is able to dodge the maneuver, but Genma backs him into a corner. They have a stand-off that lasts three hours without either making a move, and then Ranma realizes that Genma has fallen asleep. When Ranma wakes him up, Genma is able to trap in in the Cradle from Hell. Ranma is so creeped out by the hugging maneuver that Genma finally feels he is getting his old fighting spirit back.

Chapter 216: 桜印の男
Sakura-jirushi no hito [otoko]
(Mark of the Cherry Blossom)
When Akane is out shopping she buys some magical fortune telling mochi. If the one who is intended to be your true love eats it, marks in the shape of cherry petals will appear on the forehead. Akane buys some and tries to get Ranma to eat it after she sees a giant X appear across Happosai's face (meaning he is not a match). Ranma refuses to eat it because he is secretly afraid of what it might show, and Kuno decides to try some, but also gets an X. Akane chases Ranma through town trying to make him eat some, so Ranma picks up P-chan who swallows some. P-chan runs into a bathhouse and Ryoga comes back out cursing Ranma for making him eat something so awful. When he realizes it was Akane's he tells her how good it was and she notices he has cherry petal marks on his forehead.

Chapter 217: あかねの気モチ
Akane no kimochi
(Akane's Feelings)
Ranma is still to scared to try the mochi, which only makes Akane more angry. She is surprised that the mochi has shown Ryoga to be her soulmate, and decides to try the mochi for herself to see if it really tastes that bad (which is why Ranma says he will not eat it). Sure enough, it tastes awful and a big X appears on Akane's face. Ryoga overhears Akane telling Ranma maybe she should fall in love with Ryoga since he is too cowardly to try her mochi. Ryoga is overjoyed when he finds out Akane might like him. Ranma decides the only way to settle this is to eat the mochi himself.

Chapter 218: 花の嵐
Hana no arashi
(Storm of Petals)
Ranma eats Akane's mochi, but before he can turn around and show her the marks on his face, she freaks out and knocks him through the air. Ranma lands in Ryoga's ink and his face is solid black. By the time he gets to a sink to wash his face there are no marks at all. Akane tells P-chan what the marks mean, and Ryoga realizes he must be destined to marry Akane. He discusses what sort of wedding ceremony they should have with Ranma, which only makes him more angry. Ranma splashes Ryoga and P-chan starts to claw at Ranma's face. Akane walks up and sees cherry blossom petals covering Ranma's face, and then he realizes what has happened. Ryoga had the petals for the same raeson he did. After P-chan ate the mochi he slapped his head with his hoof leaving little petal shaped imprints. Akane is satisfied thinking that the mochi has told her Ranma is her soulmate.

Chapter 219: HATUKOIチアガール
HATUKOI chiagaru

(L! O! V! E!)
At school Akane is playing in a volleyball match against Seisyun High School. The captain of the cheerleading squad is causing the Furinkan team to lose by knocking them out with her baton. Ranma manages to save Akane, but Furinkan still loses the match. Later Kuno tries to consol Akane and gets booted for his trouble. He lands on Mariko's head and causes a bump to appear. Kuno bandages her bump and then sets off, but Mariko falls instantly in love with him. The next morning Kuno finds the Pigtailed Girl and asks her to cheer for the kendo team at their upcoming match. Mariko arrives and says that she will cheer Kuno on. Ranma decides that he will get some revenge against Mariko and also decides to cheer. Mariko challenges the Pigtailed Girl to a martial arts cheerleading battle.

Chapter 220: 愛の応援勝負
Ai no oen shobu

(Cheerleading for Love)
Ranma begins training as a cheerleader, which excites Kuno. Mariko arrives while the kendo team is in training and tells Kuno she will cheer him own. Kuno does not remember Mariko, but she tells him she loves him and will allow him to do anything he wants to her. Kuno tests her offer and doodles all over her face, but when he tries to reward her with a kiss the kendo club tries to stop him thinking it is a trap. Mariko takes out the entire team while Kuno feels invincible from her cheering. The Pigtailed Girl tries her best to cheer Kuno on, but then kicks him when Kuno tries to give her a hug. Kuno's self-esteem is sapped and Ranma realizes that she must truly love Kuno to be the best at martial arts cheerleading. Back home Ranma stops short of telling Akane that he is doing all this for her sake.

Chapter 221: 愛は勝つ!?
Ai wa katsu!?

(Win One for the Lover)
The Pigtailed Girl continues to train for the match and gives lots of gifts to Kuno hoping to convince him that she loves him. Kuno decides to take the Pigtailed Girl out on a date, which Ranma feels obliged to do. Akane trains a little because she feels responsible for getting Ranma involved in this mess, but martial arts cheerleading is definetly not her strong point. The day of the match arrives and Mariko poisons the Seisyun team to get them out of the way and help Kuno win. She begins attacking the Pigtailed Girl, while building Kuno's confidence at the same time. The Pigtailed Girl's "cheers" and obvious hostility towards Kuno only seem to bring him down. The match is quickly slipping from Ranma's grasp.

Chapter 222: 互角の愛
Gokaku no ai

(Equals in Love)
Ranma counters Mariko's shower of lover letters with pictures of the Pigtailed Girl. Kuno's confidence seems to be skyrocketing, until Ranma punches him and sends him flying into a void of his own depression. While all this is going on the one member of the Seisyun team has been defeating all the members of the Furinkan team. Mariko quickly attacks the Seisyun kendoist, but Ranma blocks and makes a stunning announcement. She is now in love with the Seisyun fighter!

Chapter 223: 愛の激突!!
Ai no gekitotsu!!

(Love vs. Love)
Realizing that the Seisyun fighter might win and thereby getting a win for herself, the Pigtailed Girl changes teams and cheers Seisyun High on to victory. Kuno can not stand to see another man take the Pigtailed Girl from him and fights with all he has. Mariko helps him out, but Ranma counters her moves while the Seisyun High fighter holds his own against Kuno. The match seems to be going well until Mariko strikes a powerful blow to the other kendoist sending his helmet flying off. Ranma quickly grabs the fighter and yells "I love you!" in hopes of reviving his spirits. When Ranma looks down he realizes it was Akane all along.

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