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Ranma ½
volume 22
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1992 Vol. 20 - 31
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 10 Number 6 - 11
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 20

Chapter 224: それでも愛は勝つ!!
Sore de mo ai wa katsu!!
(Love Always Wins)
Ranma becomes completely embarassed about confessing his love for Akane during the match and tries to weasel out of it. He keeps getting distracted when people yell about his confession from the crowd, and while Ranma is incapacitated Akane must don a cheerleader's uniform and fight Mariko herself. With Kuno unconcious Mariko uses him like her puppet and makes him attack Akane. Ranma gets back into the battle just in time to save Akane from being crushed under Mariko and Kuno. Mariko admits defeat and leaves to cheer another day.

Chapter 225: 乱馬ミーツ・マザー!?
Ranma mitsu maza!?
(Ranma Meets His Mother)
Akane is dreaming of her deceased mother when Kasumi comes in and wakes her up. Today is the anniversary of her death and the Tendos and Saotomes go visit her at the cemetary. Akane asks Ranma about his mother, and he tells her he does not even remember having one. While walking home later that day Ranma falls into the storm drain and a woman comes along to help her climb out. Ranma heads home and Genma is upset about a postcard that just arrived from someone named Nodoka. Everyone soon finds out that Nodoka is Ranma's mother. When she arrives Ranma recognizes her as the lady that helped her out of the storm drain but Genma forces Ranma to change into a girl and insists that he can never meet his mother.

Chapter 226: 男の誓い
Otoko no chikai
(A Man's Vow)
Nodoka explains that shortly after Ranma was born Genma told Nodoka that he must be raised away from his mother's love so that he would become manly enough to inherit the Saotome School of Martial Arts. Furthermore, Genma promised that if he did not raise Ranma to be a man among men he both he and Ranma would commit suicide. Of course with Ranma's curse he is anything but a man among men. Ranma almost tells Nodoka who he is, but quickly decides to lie and say she is Akane's first cousin Ranko. In the bath Genma tells Ranma that they must live the rest of their lives around Nodoka as a girl and panda. Just then Nodoka slides open the bathroom door.

Chapter 227: 決死の団らん
Kesshi no danran
(Risky Reunion)
Genma and Ranma smash the faucet and cold water transforms them before Nodoka sees them. Ranma tries to force Genma to go ahead and commit suicide and get it over with. That night at dinner Nabiki makes a comment about how much Ranko and Mrs. Saotome look alike, which makes Ranma extremely nervous. Akane, Nabiki and Ranma go up to Nabiki's room to see why she is toying with him. Nabiki explains that even if she wanted to see her mother, she could not. Then she tells Ranma she will stop for 5000 yen. Nodoka spends the night in Ranma and Genma's room and in the middle of the night she draws her sword and shouts about Ranma not being manly.

Chapter 228: ひと目だけでも
Hitome dake demo
(Even If It's Just a Glance)
Mrs. Saotome leaves filled with dissapointment over not seeing her son or husband. As soon as she leaves, she returns having forgotten something and Ranma decides that he can't let her go home without at least seeing him. Akane arranges for Mrs. Saotome to meet Ranma Sunday in the park. Genma overhears Ranma and Akane's plan and tries to stop Ranma from meeting his mother. Nodoka is convinced that she will recognize Ranma the first time she sees him, but she confuses him with another boy who looks more like Genma. As Ranma arrives in the park panda Genma leads Mrs. Saotome away.

Chapter 229: 母子水いらず!!
Oyaku [boshi] mizu irazu!!
(Mother and Son... Together!!)
Ranma tracks down his mother and the panda to the Sweet Nothings Cafe. As soon as Ranma gets there he is splashed by a careless waitress. Akane leads Nodoka outside while Ranma and Genma battle it out. Nodoka starts to wonder if the reason she can't meet her son is because he has grown up unmanly. As she starts on her way home a hot water pump explodes, sending her flying into the air. Ranma saves her and she catches a glimpse of male Ranma for the first time since he was a baby. Nodoka is knocked unconscious though and when she awakens she sees Ranko. Believing that her son was just a dream she returns home.

Chapter 230: 突然大嫌い!!
Totsuzen dai-kirai!!

(Sudden Hate!!)
Cologne lets Shampoo choose a piece of antique jewelry from her collection. Shampoo chooses a brooch from a box. On their way to school that morning Ranma and Akane run into Shampoo. Shampoo beats up Ranma and he doesn't understand why. After school Ranma, Daisuke and Hiroshi stop by the Cat Cafe. Shampoo continues her cold ways with Ranma and then slaps him around some more. Mousse points out that Shampoo now hates Ranma even more than she hates him. Cologne realizes that the brooch Shampoo is wearing is the Reversal Jewel. The jewel causes love to turn to hatred when worn upside down. That night Ranma tries to figure out why Shampoo suddenly hates him and is determined to make her fall in love with him again.

Chapter 231: 好きだと言え!!
Suki da to ie!!

(Say You Love Me!!)
Ranma tries to deliver some flowers to Shampoo to make her feel better about whatever it is he did wrong. Shampoo seems happy to see Ranma until Cologne slips the Reversal Jewel on her. Mousse realizes something his wrong and Cologne reveals her plans to make Ranma confess his love for Shampoo by using the Reversal Jewel. Cologne locks Mousse up and Ranma continues to pursue Shampoo to no avail. Nabiki points out that the only reason Shampoo liked Ranma in the first place was because of her Amazonian laws. Ranma decides that he will defeat Shampoo again, but after he does everyone thinks he is trying to force himself on her.

Chapter 232: 愛の逆流
Ai no gyakuryu

(Love's Counterstrike)
Cologne tells Ranma that if he wants to win back Shampoo all he has to do is tell her that he loves her. Ranma decides to follow Cologne's advice and prepares for his meeting with Shampoo. Cologne tells Shampoo that Ranma is planning to propose and Mousse overhears and escapes with the Reversal Jewel. Mousse goes straight to Akane and tells her whats going on. At that point wedding invitations are starting to spread all over the school announcing that Ranma is planning on declaring his love for Shampoo, and inviting everyone to attend. Ukyo appears and Ranma tests out his charms on her which seem to be in full effect. Cologne knocks out Mousse and Akane and Ranma heads to the Cat Cafe to meet Shampoo.

Chapter 233: 告白の行方
Kokuhaku no yukue

(Who Loves Who?)
Ranma arrives at the Cat Cafe ready to confess his love for Shampoo. Shampoo refuses to speak to Ranma, only making him want to tell her more. Mousse tries to get Akane to go save Ranma but she refuses and says that she hates him. Soun tries to prevent Ranma from telling Shampoo, but Cologne dispatches him. Suddenly "I love you!" is heard but from Akane rather than Shampoo. Everyone bursts from under their tables and surprises Ranma. Cologne realizes that Akane is wearing the Reversal Jewel making her unconditionally love Ranma. Shampoo panics and confesses her love as well. Cologne removes the Reversal Jewel and Akane sends Ranma to the hospital.

Chapter 234: 怪異・残されぱんつ
Kaii nokosare pantsu

(The Phantom Lingerie)
Happosai finds a girls dormitory filled with bras and panties, but as soon as he gets them home they turn to paper. Happosai blames Ranma but Ranma has no idea what he is talking about. A week passes and Happosai has become noticably weaker. Ranma and Akane investigate Sainokawahara Dorm and realize that it is being haunted by the ghost of the former Headmistress. The Headmistress' Ghost cannot go to heaven until her underwear are stolen but Happosai refuses to steal the old woman's bloomers. The ghost tells Ranma and Akane that if her underwear are not stolen by morning Happosai will die and become a restless panty-stealing spirit. Finally Ranma forces Happosai to take the bloomers by stuffing his sack full of panties and bras inside of the bloomers.

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