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Ranma ½
volume 23
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1992 Vol. 32 - 43
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 11 Number 1 - 6
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 21

Chapter 235: パンスト太郎の逆襲
Pansuto Taro no gyakushu
(Pantyhose Taro Returns!)
Akane finds Happosai badly beaten on the Tendo doorstep. Soon a large fist breaks down the wall and Pantyhose Taro emerges. He tells everyone how he tried to live with his name but upon meeting some young girls he was unable to tell them his name. Determined to make Happosai give him a new name Pantyhose Taro travelled to Jusenkyo to get some water from Shan-nan nichuan- the Spring of Pious Man. Hoping to make Happosai a better person Soun and Genma give Pantyhose Taro their best wishes and he sets off to find the perverted master. A short time later Akane receives a call from the Jusenkyo Guide telling her there is something wrong with the Pious Man water.

Chapter 236: 黒い秘密兵器
Kuroi himitsu heiki
(The Black Secret)
Akane tells Ranma that the spring water Pantyhose Taro is going to splash Happosai with is actually from the Spring of Drowned Twins. Ranma rushes to find the two combatants and stops Pantyhose Taro just as the water is about to hit Happosai. Pantyhose does not understand why Ranma would try to save the preverted old man, but refuses to listen to any of Ranma's excuses. Ranma is anxious to see for himself how Pantyhose Taro managed to defeat Happosai before. As the rain starts to fall Pantyhose Taro transforms into her monsterous form, but this time with a twist. Pantyhose Taro has added octopus tentacles to his back and is now able to spray ink out of his fingers. The monster captures Happosai and uncorks the bottle as the water begins to flow.

Chapter 237: お湯の砦
O-yu no toride
(The Hot Water Fortress)
Ranma flashes her breasts and Happosai escapes so he can fondle them, barely missing the Jusenkyo water. Akane tosses a kettle of hot water on Pantyhose Taro and he escapes to retrieve his spring water. Soun has an idea to keep Happosai in a bathhouse so that no matter how Pantyhose Taro strikes he will have to turn back into a boy to retrieve Happosai. Unfortunately they did not take into account he would walk in as a boy and transform once inside. Ranma has to venture to the women's side to catch Happosai who ran away. When she returns she finds Soun and Genma beaten and later taking a sauna. Seeing Genma in a sauna makes Ranma realize how she can defeat Pantyhose Taro's tentacles.

Chapter 238: 決戦!タコ足封じ!!
Kessen! tako ashi fuji
(Tentacular Spectacular)
Ranma lures Pantyhose Taro to the roof and the everyone chases after them. Ranma sees a giant chimney and tells everyone to toss Happosai in that direction. Once they arrive there, Pantyhose Taro flies up to the top where Ranma is holding Happosai. Ranma acts like she is going to drop Happy down the pipe, but snatches him back out at the last second. Pantyhose Taro's tentacles all get stuck in the pipe and he and Ranma crash back down into the bathhouse. Pantyhose Taro sees a crow get splashed with the twin water and realizes what he almost did. He then decides to use to and use the twin water on himself so he can beat up the Saotomes and Tendos for interfering with him yet again. Ranma knocks the water away, but it splashes onto a bump on Happosai head. Luckily instead of making two Happosai's it makes two bumps.

Chapter 239: 渚の踏んデレラ
Nagisa no Fu-nderera
While training at the seashore Ranma falls off a cliff and is washed up on an island with a large castle. Ranma is found by a boy named Yohyo Tsuruyasennen who asks female Ranma to step on his head as hard as she can. Ranma thinks this is some sort of sexual kink and preceeds to beat up Yohyo. Yohyo explains that once he met a beautiful girl who stole all his food and stepped on his head. Now all he has to find her again is the footprint she left on the back of his head. Ranma soon realizes that the island is filled only with women, and that all the women have pigtails like hers. All of the girls line up and step on Yohyo's head to see if their feet match the print, and Ranma feels obligated to since he ate a lot of food at the party. Yohyo immediately recognizes Ranma's stomp and proclaims this is the girl he had been looking for. That night as Ranma sleeps Yohyo sneaks into her room, with a pic-axe held high above his head, ready to strike...

Chapter 240: シンデレラのお返し
Shinderera no ongaeshi
(The Fairy Tale Ending)
Ranma awakens to see Yohyo furiously striking away at a large boulder. Yohyo explains that he is from a wealthy family of hot spring owners and that once while he was excavating a new spring a girl stepped on his head and ate his lunch. Ranma then remembers Yohyo. Yohyo insists that Ranma and he have a karaoke contest to pass the time, but Ranma wants to take a hot shower. Yohyo explains that there is no hot water on the island, and Ranma soon notices that there is no electricity either. Ranma discovers Yohyo's room is very meager and he explains that they no longer have any money. The roof begins to collapse and almost crushes Ranma, but Yohyo saves her. Ranma soon realizes that there is a hot spring on the island but the large boulder Yohyo was hitting earlier is sealing it. Ranma asks that Yohyo not look while he destroys it, but Yohyo can not help himself. The water flows and Ranma's true male side is revealed. Ranma departs from the island, never to see Yohyo again.

Chapter 241: 暴力料理教室
Boryoku ryori kyoshitsu

(The Violence of Cooking)
Kasumi is sick in bed and the Tendo's have no one to cook their meals for them. Akane offers to cook, so Soun insists that he can order take-out, but Kasumi does not want to trouble her family. Nodoka Saotome stops in for a visit to see if Ranma and Genma have returned from their training journey yet, and is greeted by Ranko and Mr. Panda. Mrs Saotome offers to cook for the Tendos and asks Akane and Ranko to help her. Akane proves to be her usual self in the kitchen while Ranma seems to florish. Kasumi asks Nabiki to warn them about the hot water heater, which explodes when the microwave door hits it. Water sprays everywhere ruining all the cooking and almost revealing Ranko as Ranma. In the end the family ends up eating instant ramen.

Chapter 242: 悲哀・コイの発生
Hiai koi no hassei

(The Carp of Misery)
While out on one of his voyages Ryoga discovers a bamboo fishing pole. The "Fishing Pole of Love" is said to make anyone you attach the suction cup to fall in love with you. Ryoga buys one and plans to use it on Akane, not thinking it will even work. As she passes by he casts the line but strikes Ranma instead. Ryoga stops by to visit with the Tendos and Ranma comes home and squeezes in between Ryoga and Akane. Ranma gets Ryoga to step outside and asks if he truly likes Akane. Ryoga admits that he loves her and Ranma seems saddened by this. He then asks if they can still be friends and seems excited when Ryoga agrees. The next morning Ryoga is awakened by Ranma doing his laundry and cooking for him. Ryoga pulls Ranma into his tent and rips her shirt off to reveal a mark in the shape of a fish on her breast. At that moment Akane sticks her head in and see Ryoga laying on top of Ranma pulling her shirt off!

Chapter 243: 悲惨・コイの成長
Hisan koi no seicho

(Carpy Deum)
Ryoga has to figure out a way to convince Akane that he is not trying to go out with Ranma. Ranma is still living in Ryoga's tent with him, but when Ryoga tells her that he does not like her anymore Ranma beats him up! Kasumi and Nabiki see Ryoga and Ranma hugging in public and think that they are becoming "more than friends". Ryoga then feeds Ranma a sleeping powder and carries her off planning on burying her alive. Akane comes to visit Ryoga's tent while they are gone finds the instuctions for the fishing pole of love.

Chapter 244: 悲痛・コイの暴走
Hitsu koi no boso

(Quit Carping)
Ryoga starts digging Ranma's grave, but when Ranma tells him she will let him kill her if it will make him happy, Ryoga realizes he can not fight a helpless foe. Then Ranma kisses him and he decides that he can do whatever it takes to get rid of Ranma. Akane finds them at Furinkan High (Ryoga thought they were in the woods) and gets the wrong idea about Ryoga wanting to date Ranma. Ranma takes the fishing pole from Akane and tries to use it on Ryoga and beat up Akane, so they have to escape. Ryoga decides that he has to defeat Ranma once and for all, and if he can he will tell Akane his true feelings. Ryoga finds Ranma and manages to defeat her and uses the fishing rod to pull the little fish shaped mark off Ranma's chest. Ryoga heads back to tell Akane how he feels, but Ranma pops up and it looks like Ryoga confesses his feeling to Ranma. Now everyone thinks that all this time poor Ryoga has really liked Ranma.

Chapter 245: ファイト一発
Faito Ippatsu

Gosunkugi gets cornered in a vacant lot by some hoodlums and after trying to fight back, gets beaten severely. Ranma arrives and saves the day, but Gosunkugi is embarrassed when he realizes Akane saw it all. Gosunkugi heads back home and sees an ad for a strange suit in the back of a manga magazine. He orders the One-Punch suit and then sends out a challenge to Ranma. The armor is so heavy that Gosunkugi can not move until Ranma arrives at his home. Suddenly One-Punch springs to life and chains Ranma to the suit. Gosunkugi's parents watch proudly as their son goes toe-to-toe with Ranma. Gosunkugi drags Ranma to Furinkan High so everyone can watch as he beats him, when the armor suddenly starts talking. Ranma realizes that it has a timer, which will cause the armor to self-destruct if Gosunkugi is unable to land a punch in the alloted time. One-Punch explodes and Ranma proudly announces to his classmates that he beat the weakest boy in school.

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