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Ranma ½
volume 24
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1992 Vol. 44 - 1993 Vol. 3/4
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 11 Number 6 - 11
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 22

Chapter 246: 猫飯店の客
Neko Hanten no kyaku
(The Guest at the Cat Cafe)
Cologne closes the Cat Cafe early one afternoon and sends Shampoo out because of some dangerous men that will be stopping by. Shampoo goes off to look for Ranma, and Mousse tags along. Suddenly a shadowy figure throws a net at Shampoo and then asks her out on a date. Mousse is very offended, but suddenly the boy disappears and attacks him from behind. Across town Ryoga is awaiting on Akane as she comes home from school when suddenly a strong boy wearing tiger-stripes appears and tries to touch her. Ryoga jumps out and smacks the boy, which seems to make him angry. Ranma hears the commotion and when he arrives he finds Akane's school bag and Ryoga imbedded in the street. Soon they find Mousse and realize that both Akane and Shampoo have been kidnapped. Mousse overhears their names, the short boy that took Shampoo is Mint, and the tiger-striped boy is Lime. At the Cat Cafe Cologne is talking to a mysterious cloaked figure about the Musk Dynasty. Lime and Mint arrive with Shampoo and Akane. Herb, the cloaked figure admonishes Lime and Mint and then throws Akane away. Ranma catches her and then stops Herb from leaving. Suddenly Ranma attacks, and Cologne shouts for him to stop.

Chapter 247: 野生の王国
Yasei no okoku
(The Animal Kingdom)
Ranma launches into an attack on Herb, who has no problem counter reversing all of Ranma's moves. Finally Ranma gets a kick in, and tears Herb's cloak and then rips it off, along with Herb's shirt, revealing Herb as a woman. Lime and Mint stare at their Master, and Herb becomes infuriated, blasting Ranma across the Cafe before performing a Secret Attack which knocks Ranma into a pail of cold water turning him into his female form. Herb finds this interesting and splashes Ranma with water from the Pail of Preservation before leaving. As they leave, Ranma passes out from the injuries he received. Ryoga asks Cologne who the three attackers were, and she informs him that they are the survivors of the Musk Dynasty. The Musk Dynasty were a group that tried to perfect "form mimicry" which is fighting like an animal. They were never able to though, so they took animals and threw them into the Spring of Drowned Woman and took them as their wives. Lime is part tiger, Mint is part wolf, and Herb as the sucessor to the throne, is part dragon. Ranma wakes up and vows revenge on Herb, but when he goes home to take a bath, the hot water has no effect.

Chapter 248: 失われた秘密
Ushinawareta hiho
(The Lost Treasure)
Ranma is still reeling from the shock that he can't turn back into a boy when Cologne arrives and explains that the water from the Pail of Preservation is what did it to him. The Pail was used to keep the Musk Dynasty's wives from reverting to their animal forms. Cologne tells him that they only way he can fix this curse is to find the other artifact of the Musk Dynasty, the Water Pot of Restoration, which is somewhere in Japan. The only problem is that Herb is after the pot as well, and that Ranma will have to face him again in order to get it. Ryoga and Mousse both agree to help Ranma, but really they want the Pail of Preservation in order to end their own curses and get rid of Ranma. Meanwhile, Lime and Mint are traveling in the country and meet a woman, they nervously go up to talk to her and get her autograph. Herb sits on the outskirts of town, awaiting their return. On the way back Lime and Mint discuss that they had never seen Herb's body before the fight at the Cafe, and that they noticed breasts, which are something they've heard women had on their chest. Herb blasts them away and curses Ranma for the embarassment he caused. Back in Nerima, Ranma packs his bag, and Akane tells him she knows he'll defeat Herb. Soun, Genma, Shampoo, Cologne and Akane see Ranma, Mousse and Ryoga off, and their adventure begins as they board the train and follow Herb.

Chapter 249: 露天風呂 女の戦い!!
Rotenburo onna no tatakai!!
(Battle of the Hot Springs Women!)
Entrusting Mousse with the map and all of the money turns out to be a horrible mistake. When he loses everything, he, Ranma and Ryoga are forced to work at Hotel Imozuru, a hot springs resort for extra money. It so happens that Herb is staying at the very same hotel, and while she is taking a nice soak in the springs, Lime and Mint watch, trying to get a peek at her body. When Herb sends them flying, Ranma notices the commotion and steals Herb's clothes in order to blackmail her into revealing the Water Pot of Liberation's location. Herb blasts at Ranma, but misses. Ranma strips down and prepares to fight in the hot springs, but Herb becomes embarassed at all the naked flesh begin seen and runs to get her clothes. Suddenly Herb launches into the attack she used to defeat Ranma the first time they met, the Soaring Dragon, but this time it misses. A rock falls onto Ranma's head, knocking her out and Herb decides to finish her off for good, but Lime and Mint jump in and begin asking questions about Ranma's breasts. Ranma wakes up and realizes that they keep saying "Master" Herb, but before she can reveal this idea, Herb blasts her and escapes. Not long after, Ranma, Ryoga and Mousse are in pursuit.

Chapter 250: 追跡 宝来山
Tsuiseki Horai-san
(Race to Treasure Mountain)
Ranma, Mousse and Ryoga use a crude drawing they made to try and tacke down Herb and her followers, but because of their lack of artistic skills it isn't very effective. They meet an old man who tells them that he saw them going to Treasure Mountain, a horrible place full of monsters that no one has ever returned from. When they arrive, they realize that Treasure Mountain is a completely vertical climb, and are shocked to see that Herb is flying up the side while Lime jumps and Mint uses his speed to run up the summit. Mint senses them below, but Herb says to forget them. Suddenly, gruesome eyes are visible in the darkness and begin to emit strange sounds. The "monsters" are revealed to be crazed monkeys that Herb, Lime, and Mint turn away with a mere glance. But Herb hates monkey's and blasts a few for good measure. Finally Ranma and the others reach the top and must deal with the monkeys themselves. Unfortunately their glare is much less intimidating and the monkeys begin attacking. Herb and the others set up camp further ahead and begin to search for the treasure. When Herb goes to bed, the others try to peek again and she sends them flying. Ranma, Ryoga and Mousse finally emerge victorious over the monkies, but run into Lime and Mint in the forest. Ryoga and Mousse notice that they have the Pail of Preservation that will enable them to stay in human form and decide to attack. Mousse knocks out Ranma and he and Ryoga get ready to get revenge on Lime and Mint.

Chapter 251: 宝来山に死す
Horai-san ni shisu
(Death on Treasure Mountain)
Mousse and Ryoga confront Lime and Mint and swear they'll get their revenge before unleasing their attacks. Ryoga realizes that he's much faster than Lime, thanks to all his fights with Ranma, and knows he can defeat him no matter how strong he is. Mousse and Mint battle in the air, leaping from tree to tree. Mousse's many weapons easily outlast Mint's daggers and sword, but Mint refuses to stop attacking. Mousse suddenly remembers his weakness and points tells him that a woman is nearby before bashing him with a mace. Mint goes flying and crashes into Ryoga which gives Lime the opening he needs to two strong punches in against a dazed Ryoga. Mousse finishes off Mint but turns around to see Lime strangling Ryoga. Suddenly, Ranma feels a chill as she wakes up, while Akane thinks she hears someone call her name. Ryoga calls out to her with his final, dying breath.

Chapter 252: 止水桶の悲劇
Chii-sui-ton no higeki

(The Tragedy of the Pail)
Ryoga wakes up and finds himself in heaven. He doesn't realize where he is until he meets the spirits of his grandparents, who tell him his time hasn't come yet. Ryoga realizes he's died without proposing to Akane, which shocks him back to life. Lime is still holding Ryoga's dead body when it suddenly returns to life. Ryoga is so depressed that he powers up and releases his most powerful Shishi Hokodan ever. Ranma sees the blast exploding from the forest and Herb wakes up to see the huge explosion falling back to earth, destroying the forest at the base of the mountain. Ryoga and Mousse take the Pail of Preservation from the defeated Lime and Mint and Ranma sees them running off to use it. Before he can stop them, Mousse and Ryoga have doused themselves in water from the pail, and become stuck as a duck and a pig. Ranma realizes his chances without them are greatly diminished. Herb arrives in what is left of the forest to find Lime unconsious and Mint crying. Suddenly, Ranma realizes that the Pail of Preservation is reacting to something.

Chapter 253: 出現!!秘宝の滝
Shutsugen!! hiho no taki

(The Waterfall of Secret Treasure Revealed!)
Ranma stares as the Pail of Preservation's ladel spins and then points towards a large teapot shaped mountain. Ranma realizes that it must be pointing to the Kai-Sui-Fu, the secret treasure that will unlock his curse and allow him to transform into a boy again. Herb, Lime, and Mint seem what is happening and rush towards the mountain beating Ranma and the others there. Herb fires an energy blast at the teapot rock and the magical waters rush forth. Herb steps into the spring and comes out as a man. Lime and Mint are shocked, but Ranma knew something was fishy about that "girl" all along.

Chapter 254: 遠い開水壺
Toi kai-sui-fu

(An Ever-Elusive Treasure)
Herb tells Ranma that he will allow him to bathe in the magical waters if he is able to defeat him. Ranma agrees and Herb immediately unleashes the Soaring Dragon Spirit once again. Ranma is knocked unconcious after one blow as P-chan and Mousse rush towards Ranma to see if he is alright. Lime and Mint seem concerned that their master's breasts have disappeared. As he deals with them, Ranma awakens and tells Ryoga and Mousse to get to the waterfall while he distracts Herb. As they run off, Ranma tells Herb he has seen through his technique. He explains how Herb bounces his ki energy off the ground which makes it difficult to predict where the next blow will come from. Before Herb can react Ranma flashes her breasts and Herb is taken aback. Ranma punches him in the face, but almost gets her head cut off by Herb's Flying Sword of the Dragon blast. The blast misses Ranma but decimates the mountain. P-chan and Mousse chase the treasure as it tumbles down the mountainside while Herb prepares to decapitate Ranma.

Chapter 255: ハーブ 怒りの激白
Habu ikari no gekihaku

(The Confession of Rage!)
Ranma flashes her breasts at Herb to escape decapitation by his Dragon Ki Sword. Ranma quickly recovers and Herb becomes infuriated and begins to tell Ranma the story of how he fell into the Nyanniichuan. Meanwhile, P-chan and Mousse as a duck are trying to escape from Mint and Lime, and manage to get the treasure they need to turn back into men. Back on the battlefield, Herb tells Ranma about how he threw a monkey into the Spring of Drowned Woman in order to learn more about women in preparation for his marriage. The monkey became a woman, and Herb was so distracted with her breasts that the monkey, now a woman, was able to knock him into the Spring and then throw water from the Pail of Preservation on him, locking him in his female form. Herb tells Ranma that whenever he sees breasts now, he becomes enraged. Herb then goes all out and unleashes a powerful blast. P-chan and Mousse try to fight back, but come to the edge of a cliff and have nowhere else to run. Ranma dodges Herb's attack and prepares to fight back.

Chapter 256: 立ちあがれ乱馬!
Tachiagare Ranma!

(Rise Up, Ranma!)
Ranma wastes no time in luring in the enraged Herb, and when a spiral pattern is formed, Ranma unleashes her ultimate attack, the Hiryu Shoten Ha. The tornado of Ranma's attack expands far enough to hit Mint and Lime, giving P-chan and Mousse a chance to escape. Ranma is shocked to see Herb falling from the sky, completely unhurt. He admits that he knew of the attack, and that countering it was simple. P-chan and Mousse fall into a stream with their treasure, causing the water to boil and them to revert to their human forms. They waste no time in taking down Lime and Mint and run off to find Ranma. Herb continues to pound Ranma, and fires a final ki blast to finish the battle, when suddenly a boulder blocks the shot and Ryoga and Mousse arrive with the Water Pot of Restoration.

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