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Ranma ½
volume 25
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1993 Vol. 5 - 15
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 12 Number 1
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 23

Chapter 257: 乱馬、男に戻る!!
Ranma, otoko ni modoru!!
(A Man Again!)
Ranma leaps for the treasure, but Herb tries to blast her, thankfully Mousse steps in and saves Ranma, but Herb's stray blast causes and earthquake that envelopes the treasure, taking it underground. Ranma loses all hope for becoming a man again, when Ryoga realizes what he must do. As Lime and Mint awaken and run in to attack, he grabs Lime and dives into the closing canyon caused by the earthquake. Lime is forced to hold the walls apart or die trying as Ryoga vanishes deep within the earth. Ranma must now hold Herb off and again attempts the Hiryu Shoten Ha. Herb thinks nothing of it as the ground closes up, seemingly crushing Ryoga. Suddenly though, a huge geyser explodes from the earth, Ryoga unleashes his Bakusai Tenketsu and the water allows Ranma to transform into a guy again. As he transfroms Ranma uses the Hiryu Shoten Ha plus Herb's energy, to create a new move, the Dragon's Descending Crashing Wave.

Chapter 258: おかえり乱馬
O-kaeri Ranma
(Welcome Home, Ranma!)
Ranma's new technique is more than Herb can withstand, the force of it knocks him out completely. Ranma, Ryoga, and Mousse have won! Ranma thanks Ryoga and Mousse for all their help and admits he couldn't have done it without them. As they begin to bicker about who did the most, the entire mountain begins to crumble around them. As the ground splits open, they are doused with cold water and begin to fall. Ranma tries to save not only P-chan and Mousse, but Herb as well as the entire mountain falls down on top of them. Back at the Tendo Dojo, the Tendo's see Horai Mountain's destruction on the news, and Akane worries that Ranma might not have survived. Kasumi encourages her to take a bath and try to relax, and when she does, she finds Ranma, Ryoga, and Mousse all in the bath together. She gets angry that Ranma would rather take a bath before seeing her, but her anger quickly fades as she begins crying and hugs Ranma. Meanwhile, Herb, Lime, and Mint are heading back to China and Herb admits that Ranma was a worthy opponent after all.

Chapter 259: 必殺新任教師!!
Hissatsu shinnin kyoshi!!
(The Ultimate Teacher!)
Principal Kuno has done some research and hires a new teacher who has cleaned up three schools filled with delinquents. As Ranma runs into school late one day, he knocks out a small girl who everyone assumes is a transfer student. As it turns out the young girl is Hinako Ninomiya, the new teacher hired to help deal with the discipline problems at Furinkan High. During class, Happosai causes a disturbance outside and both Ranma and Hinako go to deal with the old lech. Everyone is shocked as Hinako executes an Anything-Goes Martial Arts technique and incapacitates Happosai in one move. Not only that, but she grows from a small child into an incredibly sexy woman.

Chapter 260: 謎の八宝五円殺
Nazo no happo-goen-satsu
(The Eight Mysterious Treasures)
After witnessing Hinako's amazing display of power, Ranma carries her off to try and get her to teach him the manuver. He jumps through hoops for her, trying to earn her friendship by buying her food, balloons, and giving her his jacket, but being the child that she is, she decides to head home. Shampoo, Ukyo, and Kodachi all witness Ranma's behavior towards this young girl and decide she has somehow seduced him. They then catch up with Miss Hinako on her way home. Meanwhile Happosai warns Ranma of the danger Hinako poses to all of them.

Chapter 261: 史上最強の女
Shijo saikyo no onna
(The World's Most Powerful Woman)
Hinako makes short work of Ranma's fiancees, Kodachi, Ukyo, and Shampoo. Back home Happosai tells Ranma that he will never be able to learn Hinako's techniques so he must defeat her, rather than try to learn from her. Happosai tells Ranma the locations of her five pressure points that will seal away her battle-aura draining powers. The pressure points just happen to be on her breast. While Akane goes out to pick up some groceries for Kasumi she runs into Hinako carrying Shampoo, Ukyo, and Kodachi's unconcious bodies. Over dinner Shampoo gives Hinako the "Kiss of Death" and the other girls threaten revenge as well. Hinako now thinks Ranma has lead them down the path to delinquency and must be punished. The next day at school Hinako calls Ranma into the conference room where she intends to drain him. Ranma is prepared and makes a move for her pressure points.

Chapter 262: 急いでツボを押せ!
Isoide tsubo o ose!
(Go for the Pressure Points!)
Akane and Ukyo walk in on Hinako while Ranma is reaching for her pressure points. To them it appears as if he is fondling her breast though, and word quickly spreads that Ranma is extremely perverted. He makes numerous attempts to touch Hinako's pressure points but always comes up looking like an uncontrollable sex-fiend. Akane is disgusted by Ranma's behavior, but when he tries to explain his reasons Akane decides to only hear the worst parts of what he is trying to say. That night Ranma realizes that buy attack Hinako as a girl will at least keep him from looking so lecherous. Meanwhile Kodachi, Shampoo, and Ukyo decide to attack Hinako during gym class the next day.

Chapter 263: 地獄のフォーメーション
Jigoku no fomeshon

(The Formation from Hell)
Ukyo tells Akane of the girls plan to attack Miss Hinako during the basketball game, where she will be unable to tell their battle aura from the aura of competitive spirit. Ranma also initiates her own plans and winds up accidently saving Hinako from the other girls attacks. Slowly but surely they unarm Hinako of her yen coins until she is unable to attack them. Hinako leaps onto the basketball hoop and lures the girls toward her as Ranma shouts out for them not to approach.

Chapter 264: 八宝つり銭返し

(The Eight Treasures Change Return)
Hinako is able to use the circular hoop to drain the girls of their battle auras. Ranma watches helplessly and then heads in for the attack only to discover another attack of Miss Hinako's- The Eight Treasures Change Return, a blast that uses the absorbed battle auras in a powerful blast against her foe. Ranma decides to hide and Happosai appears to offer some words of encouragement. Ranma tries again and again, but makes not headway. After getting splashed and turned back into a boy he makes his way back to the gym much to everyone's horror.

Chapter 265: 究極の健康法!
Kyukyoku no kenko-ho

(The Ultimate Health Regimen)
Everyone is shocked to see male Ranma wearing girl's gym shorts. Ranma is pretty upset himself and after a quick change of clothes Ranma rejoins the battle. Hinako continues to tax him at every turn until Ranma makes what everyone assumes is a critical mistake. He jumps at Hinako while holding the basketball hoop. Hinako uses it to drain his aura, but as she grows, Ranma slips it around her so that she cannot drain him anymore while he touches her pressure points unfettered. Hinako gains respect for Ranma's diligence, but Happosai informs him that this process will have to be repeated everyday for a month before her aura draining days are gone for good.

Chapter 266: あかねの旅立ち
Akane no tabidachi

(Akane's Journey)
One evening Akane works extra hard to make a good curry dish for Ranma, Genma, and Soun. As usual the all refuse to eat it, and Akane helps herself to the curry while watching television. A program about a giant monster in the small rural town of Ryugenzawa is airing and Nabiki and Kasumi remind Akane of their trip their when they were all very young. Akane remembers getting lost and being saved by a boy who was injured in the process. Akane recieves a phone call asking the Tendo Dojo to help with the problems in Ryugenzawa and decides to leave the next morning without telling anyone. She takes a whistle she recieved from the boy who saved her as a child and travels by train to Ryugenzawa. Just as she arrives a mysterious teen saves her from a giant platypus. Back in Nerima Soun thinks Akane ran away because no one would eat her curry, so he forces Ranma to track her down.

Chapter 267: よみがえる記憶
Yomigaeru kioku

(Recovered Memories)
The young man named Shinnosuke saves Akane and warns her to turn back, monster traps that he has set for the giant animals fill the forest and it is unsafe for her to be there. Just then he himself steps into one of the traps knocking him unconcious. Akane remembers how the little boy who saved her as a child did the same, and she believes that Shinnosuke must have been that boy. Akane carries him home just as she had done as a child and meets his grandfather who tells her to head home the first thing next morning. Ranma arrives in Ryugenzawa and some of the townsfolks tell him that they had seen Akane and that she is definetely here. Akane shows Shinnosuke her horn-whistle but he says he has never seen it before. She starts to think that maybe he is not the boy she once met. Shinnosuke heads off into the forest and meets Ranma, but due to his bad memory he claims he has not seen Akane. Later he walks in on Akane during her bath and she notices the scars he recieved from saving her as a young child. She realizes that Shinnosuke is definetly the young boy from her childhood.

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