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Ranma ½
volume 27
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1993 Vol. 28 - 39
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 25

Chapter 279: 必殺!家庭訪問
Hissatsu! katei homon
(Danger: Home Visit Ahead!)
Miss Hinako announces that she is going to begin making visits to all of her student's homes to talk with their parents. She starts with Ranma, and is surprised to find out that he lives with the Tendos. As Akane walks her to their house, Miss Hinako runs off to chase a cat and gets lost. Soun is coming home from grocery shopping and happens to find her. Since she is a little child, Soun thinks she is one of Akane's friends and offers her some candy. Hinako develops an instant crush on Soun and follows everyone inside. She quickly drains Ranma and turns into her adult form, and introduces herself as Akane's teacher. Soun finds her quite attractive, but soon has to leave for a neighborhood meeting. Hinako stays at the house playing with Genma (who's a panda) and by the time Soun gets home, the feels it's too late for Akane's "little friend" to go home. Hinako spends the night in Akane's room, and suddenly asks Akane if she'd like a new mom.

Chapter 280: 狙われた早雲
Nerawareta Soun
(Target: Soun!)
Hinako wakes up early to cook breakfast for the Tendo's since she thinks that that's "a mother's job". Ranma instantly assumes the sloppy cooking is Akane's and Hinako dashes off to see Soun before going to school. She finds him praying at the altar of his wife and asks him if he get lonely. At school Hinako promises Akane and Ranma that she will have a proposal from Soun within a week's time. After school each day, Hinako returns to the Tendo's home and stays with them. She soon realizes that she is getting nowhere with Soun by just hanging around the house as a child, so she sneaks into Ranma's room late at night wearing sexy lingerie and drains him, turning her into an adult. Ranma pins her to his futon as everyone barges in. Unfortunately it looks like Ranma is trying to force himself on Hinako, and in order to make amend, Soun says he is willing to do anything.

Chapter 281: 必殺!愛の逃避行
Hissatsu! ai no tohi ko
(Danger: Flight Path of Love!)
Just as she asks Soun to marry her, Hinako begins to shrink back down into her child form. She tosses the tatami mats up so Soun won't see and dashes outside to drain two dog's and return to her adult body. Hinako blasts through the gates but when she gets inside, she finds Ranma dressed as Mrs. Tendo. Soun has no idea what's going on and is about to douse Ranma with hot water when Kasumi saves the day. Hinako realizes how close everyone in the family is, but then pulls out 10,000 yen note. Nabiki, betrays everyone and dresses Soun in his Sunday best and sends him out the door with Miss Hinako as they head to the beach to elope. Hinako works up the courage and asks Soun to marry her, buy just as she does, Soun falls unconcious as Ranma slugs him with a hammer. When he wakes up he suddenly remembers that today was he and his wife's anniversary and he goes to pay his respects as Hinako watches and vows that one day it will work out between them.

Chapter 282: 無敵の無敵鏡
Muteki no muteki-kyo
(The Unbeatable Lens)
Mousse buys tickets to a wax museum horror show and plans to invite Shampoo, but she asks Ranma out instead. Crushed by this rejection once again, Mousse goes back to the Cat Cafe and helps Cologne dust her antiques. There he finds a strange pair of glasses and when he looks at Cologne through them, he beats her easily. Soon he heads to the Tendo home and interupts dinner to try the new lens on Ranma. Ranma is suddenly overcome by the urge to grovel before Mousse and apologize. As he does, Mousse beats him up and the takes off. Later at the Cat Cafe, Cologne explains that what Mousse took from her is the Lens of Invincibility. It is used by weaklings to make others apologize to you. Ranma makes a joke about how Mousse would need something designed for weak people. Unknown to everyone Mousse is hiding under the table listening to everything.

Chapter 283: 泣いてあやまれ!!
Naite ayamare!!
(Tearful Apology!!)
During a baseball game at school, Mousse suddenly appears and apologizes to Ranma for his dirty tricks. He asks Ranma to beat him up for what he did, but Ranma refuses. Mousse finally get him to take a swing at him, but as soon as he does, Mousse puts on the Lens of Invincibility and Ranma weeps and apologizes to him in front of the whole school. Later Ranma heads to the Cat Cafe to confront Mousse, but the same thing happens again in front of Ranma's classmates. Akane decides that maybe Shampoo can confince Mousse that what he is doing is wrong, but Shampoo refuses. Akane goes and talks with Mousse and asks him what he thinks Shampoo will think of him if he uses such underhanded tricks. Mousse says he no longer cares what Shampoo thinks and is getting too much satisfaction from beating Ranma. Unknown to them, Shampoo is listening in a tree nearby. Later that night Shampoo visits Mousse and sheds a tear while telling him that she has lost her faith in him. That evening Ranma heads to the Cat Cafe to see if Cologne will give him an even more underhanded bauble than Mousse's.

Chapter 284: 最低の男
Saitei no otoko
(The Lowliest Jerk)
Cologne visits Mousse after he recieves a letter of challenge from Ranma. She tells him that there is another way to use the Lens but doing so will have to be Mousse's decision. When Mousse thinks back to how Shampoo cried when she told him she had lost her trust in him, he decides he will face Ranma without the Lens of Invincibility. The next day at Furinkan High, Ranma and Mousse face off, but it seems Shampoo has decided not to come because she is so disappointed in Mousse. It soon becomes apparent that Mousse has decided not to use the Lens, but Ranma has an arsenal of his own cheapshot weapons he's borrowed from Cologne. Akane rushes off to tell Shampoo to come and see Mousse as he tries to redeem himself, but when they arrive, Mousse has put on the Lens again. This time though, he is the one to bow and apologize. Cologne explains that this is the other way to use the Lens, as a way to make amends to someone you detest. Shampoo is somewhat proud of Mousse for not being completely pathetic and decides she will go out with him just one time. Unfortunately she isn't a fan of the wax museum horror show he takes her to see.

Chapter 285: 海の魔犬
Umi no maken

(Demon Dog of the Sea)
The Tendos and Saotomes all go to the beach for a day of relaxation, but are surprised to find it is deserted. In the ocean they see signs warning of a dangerous dog, which seems like an odd place for such words of caution. After talking with some of the townspeople they discover that demon dog lives in the sea and drags young girls to their deaths each summer. Ranma is sent to investigate and as he swims out to sea, the demon crosses his path. Ranma tries to attack it, but finds it is illusory. On the ocean floor Ranma spots a small shrine that holds the demon and destroys it, the feedback of energy knocks Ranma unconcious. When she awakens she is back at the inn and finds she is now wearing a bathing suit with the image of the lion-dog on it. As it turns out, the bathing suit once belonged to a beautiful girl who hoped to impress her boyfriend with the bathing suit, but her boyfriend asked her to wear something different. As it turns out, the boyfriend, Natsuhiko, is now the old man who told them the story about the demon in the first place. The bathing suit tells Ranma it will no leave until Natsuhiko compliments it, but it refuses to believe the old man is really Natsuhiko. Now Ranma must find someone who actually looks like a young Natsuhiko in order to get the suit to leave. Unfortunately if the suit does not receive the kind words it wants by sunset the following day, it will drag Ranma to the depths of the sea with it. Just then a dark figure enters the room...

Chapter 286: 私をほめて!
Watashi o homete!

(Compliment Me!)
The mysterious person turns out to be Kuno, and apparently he looks exactly like Natsuhiko did in his younger days. Ranma begs Kuno to compliment her swimsuit and he proudly refuses. He has had a special custom made swimsuit with his picture on it made for her, and refuses to compliment the lion-dog suit she is wearing. This enrages the bathingsuit and it destroys Kuno's custom design, which sends him running away with hurt feelings. Ranma realizes that if she can't get Kuno to compliment her, then all is lost. Ranma agrees to go on a date with Kuno, and the swimsuit finally admits to that it is happy to have been able to go on a date with Natsuhiko/Kuno. Unfortunately that does not count as a compliment though, and the suit drags Ranma into the ocean, but Kuno diligently follows the Pigtailed-Girl and pays the suit the compliment it had desired all along. With that the spirit of the bathingsuit can finally go to heaven.

Chapter 287: 呪いの破恋洞
Noroi no Haren-do

(Curséd Cave of Broken Loves)
After another day of exhausting work, Ukyo decides that she needs a vacation. As she looks through some travel brochures she discovers one for an odd locale, the Curséd Cave of Broken Loves. Legend has it that anyone who enters the cave together will break-up before they reach the other side. Ukyo decides to take Ranma and Akane along in hopes of ending their engagement. At first Ranma and Akane refuse to go in together, although they have no idea about the legend behind the cave. Luckily for Ukyo, Ryoga arrives and she goes in with him leaving Ranma and Akane no other choice. Ukyo explains the cave to Ryoga, who agrees that it is a good plan. While he and Ukyo go on ahead, Akane is plagued by the ghosts of the cave, which Ranma cannot see. He gets impatient with Akane, which results in her blowing off Ranma and pairing up with Ryoga who is so overjoyed he agrees to escort Akane through the cave and forget about the legend.

Chapter 288: 別れの出口
Wakare no deguchi

(Exit of Misery)
Ukyo is enraged that Ryoga has forgotten their plan at the first sign of attention from Akane, and tries to fake an injury to get him to carry her through the cave. Ryoga is still too enamoured with Akane and decides that if he and Akane live in the cave forever that she would have to depend on him to keep her safe. With that, Ryoga runs off with Akane in tow, but falls into a pool of water. Akane finds P-chan, but no Ryoga and everyone decides to head to the cave's bathhouse. Akane and Ukyo discuss how dependable Ryoga is in a beautiful spa setting, while Ranma and Ryoga sits a bath of boiling blood and flith. After bathing, Ukyo starts yelling and Ryoga and Ranma and Akane misunderstand them and mistakenly believe that they two of them have started dating. With that they agree to let Ryoga and Ukyo pair up and leave the cave together and they will go out on their own. Ranma and Akane pass through the Exit of Misery with no problem, but Ryoga and Ukyo are stopped by the ghosts in the cave because they are thought to be a better couple that Ranma and Akane who are always fighting.

Chapter 289: テストを返せ!!
Tesuto o kaese!!

(Give Back the Tests!!)
Miss Hinako announces to the class that someone broke into her office and stole all of the class's English tests. She is very upset but shows the class the evidince she found which makes it clear that the Principal was the one who took the tests. Outside the Principal is flying in a hot air balloon and annouces that he will annouce the horrible grades to the whole school unless the students can take a wrapped square object he calls the "Stop System" from him. Everyone in class 1-F tries to catch him, but the Principal eludes them with his elaborate tricks. Everyone thinks that Ranma must have a horrible grade on the test to be so concerned with retrieving his paper, but he says it's his job as a martial artist that is prompting him to step in. The Principal finds Ranma's paper and says it is so bad that he can't bear to annouce it aloud to everyone as he runs away. Ranma catches him and unwraps the square "Stop System". The Principal explains that on the square is a sentence written in English which Ranma must translate and the carry out in order to get back the tests. The square is actually a picture of the Principal with the words "Kiss Me Here" and an arrow pointing at his mouth. Ranma breaks the picture over his head causing the remote control on the Principal's balloon to go haywire and fly away. That night on news it is annouced that the test scores were found. Akane got an 86, and Ranma seems satisfied by his score, although Genma is ashamed.

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