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Ranma ½
volume 28
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1993 Vol. 40 - 50
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 26

Chapter 290: 母さん、おれが乱馬です
Kasan, ore ga Ranma desu
(Mother, I Am Ranma)
Ranma and Akane are out dress shopping with Nodoka, as Ranma bemoans the fact that she has to keep her identity secret from her own mother. As they sit and discuss the "missing" Ranma, a large bear escapes and almost mauls Nodoka. Before Ranma can spring into action, a strange boy dressed in camoflauge strikes the bear down. Ranma is impressed by his martial arts and listens in as Nodoka returns a scroll the youth dropped. She is shocked to see that written on the scroll is her son's name and a drawing of his husband Genma. When she asks the camoflauged boys name, he replies that he is "Ranma Saotome". Nodoka immediately takes her "long-lost son" home with her and the real Ranma follows closely behind. The fake Ranma is overjoyed with how easy it was to infiltrate the Saotome's home and after Nodoka goes to bed he decides he will start looking for a secret scroll that he believes is in her possession. Just then the real Ranma tells the fake to step outside.

Chapter 291: 海千拳と山千拳
Umi-senken to yama-senken
(Thousand-Mountain vs. Thousand-Sea)
Ranma begins a rooftop brawl with the fake but is quickly distracted when Nodoka is awakened and comes outside. Ranma almost has his heart torn out by a powerful blow from the imposter. Just then Genma throws up a smokescreen and helps Ranma escape. Genma explains that the boy is using the Yama-senken technique, which was actually created by Genma himself, but proved to be so deadly he was forced to seal it away. He goes on to say that the fake Ranma is most likely looking to mate the technique with it's counterpart called the Umi-senken. The next day Ranma, disguised as Ranko, head to Nodoka's home to ask if she can see the Umi-senken scroll. Nodoka has no idea what she's talking about and they both head upstairs to see the fake Ranma has torn apart his room while searching for the scroll. When Nodoka asks Ranko to take a bath with her, Ranko panics and leaves, prompting Nodoka to ask the fake Ranma to catch her and give her a ribbon she had bought for her. When the fake catches up to "Ranko" he watches as she turns into a he and discovers that the boy he fought the previous night is the real Ranma Satome.

Chapter 292: 乱馬対乱馬
Ranma tai Ranma
(Ranma vs. Ranma)
While at school the fake Ranma bursts into Ranma and Akane's class and makes himself known. He tells Ranma that his real name is Ryu Kumon, and he was supposed to inherit the Kumon Dojo. He realizes Ranma is keeping the truth from his mother, and threatens to expose him to her. The two rush outside to finish their fight from earlier, and once again it ends with Ranma in rather rough shape. On the home it rains on him, and he meets up with Nodoka, who is concerned to see "Ranko" so badly injured. She tells Nodoka that she will not be able to visit for awhile and rushes back to the Tendo Dojo. After seeing what has happened Genma agrees to teach Ranma the deadly Umi-senken technique that Ryu Kumon has been searching for.

Chapter 293: 特訓!! 海千拳
Tokkun!! umisen-ken
(Intensive Training!!)
Genma begins training Ranma in the ways of Umi-senken and Soun and Akane are shocked to see that he layed out Ranma with ease using the terrible technique. When Soun and Akane check on Ranma he's been stripped down to his underwear and knocked unconcious. Later that evening Akane finds food in her underwear drawer, and pieces of the newspaper go missing as Soun reads it. Finally the whole foundation under the dining room goes missing, as Genma exclaims that Ranma has truly mastered the awesome power of the Umi-senken technique. Ranma is able to move about so stealthily that people can hear his voice, but not see him at all. That night he sneaks into Akane's room and asks her to go visit Nodoka.

Chapter 294: 母からの手紙
Haha kara no tegami
(A Letter From Mother)
Akane goes to visit Nodoka and Ryu Kumon. The two act like they are one another's fiances to keep Nodoka in the dark about things. While she goes out shopping, Akane gives Ryu a letter of challenge pitting the Umi-senken versus the Yama-senken. Ranma promises to make Ryu suffer for lying to his mother. Nodoka arrives home and gives Akane a letter to take to "Ranko". The letter says how she is worried about her and hopes to see her again soon. When Ranma reads it he notices that the inside of the envelope is the missing Umi-senken scroll. After reading it Ranma has a revealation about the technique and seeks out his father, who has run off on a training mission. Elsewhere Ryu Kumon hones his Yama-senken technique by practicing the "Demon God Multiple Strike", Yama-senken's ultimate attack. As he prepares to leave the Saotome home for good, Nodoka stops him.

Chapter 295: 電光石火 海千拳!
Denko sekka umisen-ken
(Quick As Lightning- The Thousand Seas!)
Nodoka sits down with Ryu and tells him that she knows him must go off and fight. She encourages him to do what he knows is right and trust his heart. With that Ryu heads out for his match against Ranma. They meet at a temple with Soun and Akane looking on. Ranma makes Ryu promise to seal the Yama-senken technique should he lose and also to apologize to his mother. The battle begins with Ranma dodging Ryu's attack, and unleashing the Umi-senken to swipe Ryu's harness. Ryu quickly recovers and ties Ranma up with his rope. He threatens to beat the secrets of the Umi-senken out of him.

Chapter 296: 海の家、山の家
Umi no ie, yama no ie

(House of the Sea, House of the Mountain)
Ranma manages to escape from Ryu's rope, just as Ryu goes for another heart punch. Ranma counters with a few Umi-senken techniques that catch Ryu by surprise. As Ranma stands over his fallen opponent Soun shouts out that he now understands the secrets to the Umi-senken and Yama-senken techniques. They all equate with a house. Ryu's techniques deal with busting your way in, while Ranma's involve stealth and quietness. Soun and Akane are amazed that Genma could create such an impressive array of techniques. Just then Genma pops back up embarassed about how bowled over everyone is with his Umi-senken and Yama-senken. Back to the fight, Ryu says that he has learned the weakness of the Umi-senken. He tells Ranma that he knows his mother would be disappointed to have such an unmanly son, which causes Ranma to loose his concentration. This slip allows Ryu to hit with a crushing bear hug. Just then Nodoka's favorite teacup breaks and she knows something is amiss. She decides to head off and check on her "son" and how his duel is proceeding. Ranma decides he has no choice but to unleash the Umi-senken technique that was written on the envelop his mother gave him.

Chapter 297: 山千拳の悲劇
Yamasen-ken no higeki

(Thousand-Mountain Tragedy)
As Ranma and Ryu face off the both come to a standstill as Ranma unleashes the technique he learned from the envelope. He wraps Ryu's head with a piece of cloth and and tries to strangle him with it, Ryu counters by tying Ranma's throat with his rope. The two both have each other in a double strangle hold until Soun steps in and cuts them both loose. Soun forces Genma onto the battlefield and reveals to Ryu Kumon that it was he that created the deadly Yama-senken and Umi-senken techniques that destroyed the Kumon Dojo. Ryu refuses to take revenge on Genma saying that it was actually his father who destroyed their dojo, not Genma. Ryu explains that a kindly martial artist gave his father the Yama-senken scroll but when his father used it's techniques their already crumbling dojo was demolished on top of Mr. Kumon. With his dying breath he asked Ryu to track down the companion scroll, the Umi-senken, and use it to restore their dojo. With that Ryu unleashes his ultimate attack, the Demon God Multiple Strike, which punches through a statue and sends Ranma reeling. Ranma regains his composure and explains that the Umi-senken and Yama-senken techniques are techniques for living, not destruction. With that he tells Ryu to try the Demon God Multiple Strike again. Just as he does, Nodoka arrives at the temple where they are fighting.

Chapter 298: 見えない秘拳
Mienai hi-ken

(The Invisible Strike)
Nodoka is about to happen upon the battle between Ranma and Ryu Kumon, when Genma changes into his panda form and heads off to distract her with some parlor tricks. Meanwhile Ranma unleashes his Umi-senken attack by swiping Ryu's clothing and gathering up rocks inside a giant piece of cloth. Ryu looses his patiences when he is unable to see where Ranma is hiding so he unleashes his second ultimate technique, the Violent Dance of the Demon God Horde. Ranma plummets down on him with a cloth full of boulders and Ryu once again unleashes his attack, but this time, the ground under him seems to give way.

Chapter 299: 秘伝書の真実
Hiden-sho no shinjitsu

(The Truth of the Secret Scrolls)
Ranma's attack is able to steal the vaccum created by Ryu Kumon's ultimate technique and bury him under the rubble Ranma had gathered inside his giant cloth. Buried under a mass of earth, Ryu has no choice but to admit defeat, and with that the yama-senken technique is forever sealed away. Ranma explains to him that the techniques don't just equate with entering a house, but were actually originally intended as techniques used for burglary. Genma gave it to the poor Kumon family with the intention of them using it to steal enough money to live in comfort, but Mr. Kumon misunderstood it's use. Nodoka awakens from the drug Genma slipped her and realizes that Ryu is not her long-lost son, Ranma. She is disappointed but says she enjoyed thinking she had her son back, even if it was for a little while. Ryu Kumon sets out again leaving the Saotome's in peace. Meanwhile Ranko asks her about the envelope she sent her, believing that she perhaps suspects Ranko is actually Ranma. Luckily, Nodoka explains that Genma sent her the scroll after telling her to destroy it and she was simply reusing it since she was trying to be thrifty.

Chapter 300: 乱馬の涙
Ranma no namida

(Ranma's Tears)
Ranma is awoken by Happosai throwing water on him causing him to change into his female form. After Ranma chases him off, he watches Happosai drink a strange concoction. Happosai shouts out that it's a youth potion, but after drinking it nothing happens. Happy re-reads the directions and realizes he forgot the most important ingredient- the tears of a beast who is both male and female, in other words Ranma's tears. Happy sets out to steal Ranma's tears by throwing onions in his face, tear gassing him, and trying to make him eat wasabi. When he finally does get a bucket full of Ranma's tears by hitting a pressure point, he accidently drops it. Everyone feels guilty since Happosai is so sick, so they mop it up for him, but tell him quite a bit of soy sauce got mixed in from the dirty rags they soaked it up with. Happosai refuses to drink the concoction, but Ranma forces him to drink it. The potion doesn't quite work out, and simply makes Happosai act like a baby instead of actually regain his youth.

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