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Ranma ½
volume 29
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1993 Vol. 51 - 1994 Vol. 11
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 27

Chapter 301: 恐怖の鳳凰剣
Kyofu no hoo-ken
(The Terror of the Phoenix Sword!)
One day Tatewaki Kuno decides to stop by an antique store called "Phoenix" where he purchases a mystical egg said to house a baby phoenix. The store owner warns him that no matter what he must never place the egg and nest on his head. No sooner does Kuno leave the store than he runs into Ranma and Happosai who knock the egg out of his grasp. Ranma catches the egg and sets it upon Kuno's head. Just then the egg begins to hatch and in it's place is a squat little phoenix chick. The bird immediately proceeds to attack Ranma. Back at the Tendo Dojo the chick refuses to let Ranma escape, even after he changes into a girl. Nabiki deduces that the bird must be female and thereby hate female-Ranma twice as much. Kuno is horrified that the bird hates his beloved Pigtailed-Girl, but nothing he can do will get the phoenix to leave his head.

Chapter 302: 不滅の鳳凰剣
Fumetsu no hoo-ken
(The Immortal Phoenix Sword)
Akane is surprised to find Kuno alone without Ranma the next morning. As it turned out Ranma snuck away after dark to practice a new (and totally ineffective) technique to beat the phoenix. After it fails, the antique shop owner arrives and is beside himself to see that Kuno did the one thing he was warned never to do. He explains that after 100 years the baby phoenix will grow up and leave Kuno's head. After Ranma beats him up a little, he offers some Phoenix-Gro pills that will accelerate the aging process and make it leave sooner. Ranma does his best to force-feed the bird, and once it has grown to immense size, it finally flies away. The bird left behind an egg, which Kuno promptly buys.

Chapter 303: 悲劇の種子
Higeki no tane (shushi)
(The Seeds of Tragedy)
Ten years ago in a small Chinese village named Yakusai, Shampoo and Cologne were purchasing some herbal medicines. While Cologne was away Shampoo was attacked by a little girl who sprayed her with a noxious powder. Back in present day Tokyo Shampoo finds Ranma and shows him a newspaper from her hometown. She was happy with the article discussing her relationship with Ranma, but was very worried that it gave her address in Tokyo. Soon the girl from her past returned, all grown up now, and attacked Ranma, in the same manner as she had done to Shampoo all those years ago. Akane finds Ranma unconcious, and soon the girl returns, demanding to know who did this to Ranma. Ranma wakes up and screams at the girl, who runs away in tears. At the Cat Cafe the girl arrives again, and reveals herself to be not one, but two people- twins.

Chapter 304: 母性花どうぞ
Bosei kado zo
(Motherhood Flower, Please)
The two twins, Pink and Link, explain how Pink almost killed Shampoo 10 years ago using her poisonous Mandrake plants, but when Link came along to save her, she was beaten up instead. Because of this (and all the subsequent beatings Shampoo doled out later on) they swore to get revenge on her and her "husband" Ranma. They mix an especially dangerous flower toxin that makes whomever it hit act like a dutiful housewife, but Shampoo makes short work of the twins. Back at the Tendo Dojo, Ranma is shocked to see the girls are using the bathtub to raise their plants in, and they proceed to attack him. Shampoo arrives again, but this time they manage to kidnap her and make their escape.

Chapter 305: 捕われのシャンプー
Toraware no Shampoo
(Shampoo- Captive!)
Ranma goes to the Cat Cafe with Akane to tell Cologne that Pink and Link have abducted Shampoo. She gives Ranma a magical sword and shield to help him fend off the poison the girls use. Outside Ranma finds a giant flower the size of a large skyscraper. At the top is Shampoo who seems to have been subdued by the Motherhood Flower and Pink and Link. Ranma begins to climb the massive plant with the help of his sword and shield. At the top Shampoo beats up Pink and Link after revealing that the flower had no effect on her, but she forces them to play along so Ranma will come and save her. They reluctantly agree, and by the time Ranma makes it to the top, they have managed to destroy his magical weapons and paralyze both he and Shampoo.

Chapter 306: 毒草の森
Dokuso no mori
(The Forest of Poisonous Plants)
With Ranma and Shampoo captured, Pink and Link ride the bud of their giant flower over to Furinkan High where a giant forest of poisonous plants springs up from their landing site. Ranma and Shampoo are stuck inside a living cage of vines, so it's up to Akane to save them. Cologne gives her a flame-throwing staff and a magical fan to repel the poison. By the time Akane disables Pink and Link she finds Ranma unconcious and Shampoo preparing to make out with him. Akane looses her cool, burns down their plant cage and drags Ranma away. Unfortunately she pulls him right into Pink and Link's poisonous plant trap.

Chapter 307: 最後の秘薬
Saigo no hiyaku

(The Ultimate Medicine)
As Ranma and Akane make their escape, poisonous Snake Plants swarm around them. Akane is bitten, but uses the magical amulet Cologne gave her in order to protect Ranma. Akane and Shampoo both succumb to the Snake Plants and fall into an eternal sleep. Pink and Link take this opportunity to try to kill Shampoo, but even asleep, she proves to be more than a match for the twins. Ranma makes his way back to the girls and orders them to make an antidote to the poison. As night turns to day, the plants are getting stronger due to the sunlight. Pink and Link make an antidote, but after testing it on Ranma and seeing how spicy it is, they refuse to take it themselves. Ranma picks up all the girls and shoves the spicy antidote into the mouth of the Flame-Throwing Staff, causing it to rocket them all out of the poisonous plant forest that has sprung up at Furinkan High. Ranma saves the day, Pink and Link go back to China, and Shampoo vows revenge on them for reporting to the local paper that Ranma is a weakling.

Chapter 308: 邪悪と豆の字
Jaaku to mame no ji

(Evil and the Bean)
Soun, Genma and Ranma are all visiting a local temple to assist with the re-sealing of an ancient, evil Oni. The box it's kept in has grown old and it seems that the creature will soon break it's bonds. Happosai soon arrives and blows his nose on the paper seal that was to be used on the Oni, which allows the monster to escape. Everyone is shocked to see the demon is nothing more than a tiny, silly looking creature. Soon the flies inside of Genma and takes over his body. Genma is overcome by the need to commit evil acts and begins doodling on Soun's face. The priest tells Ranma that punching the possessed victim will exorcise the Oni, and so Ranma punches Genma clear out of the temple. By the time they find him, the Oni has possessed Kuno, who proceeds to attack Ranma. After dealing with Kuno, the ejected Oni makes it's way to the Tendo home where it finds Ryoga. Under the oni's influence Ryoga tries to sneak into the bathroom to peek at a naked Akane. Akane makes short work of both Ryoga and Ranma. After that Ranma looses track of the demon, but it soon shows up inside Kasumi, who has poisoned their dinner. No one can bring themselves to punch innocent Kasumi, until the priest finally reveals that simply placing a seal on her head will eject the oni. Once that is done, the oni is sealed away and everything gets back to normal. Until the next day when the priest comes to tell them the bottom fell out of the old box he sealed the demon in.

Chapter 309: 火車王の挑戦
Kashao no chosen

(The King of Poverty's Challenge)
Nabiki is out for a night on the town with a young man who obviously has strong feelings for her. He treats her to a movie, dinner, and jewelry, but after the date is over, she tells him she doesn't want to see him again. Nabiki even ruthlessly forces him to buy back the love letter he sent her to avoid it being spread around. After their date, Nabiki senses a presense watching her and after she departs two figures emerge from the darkness. The next day Nabiki receives a letter of challenge from an unknown opponent, and asks Ranma to take care of it for her. The battleground is a fancy restaurant and female Ranma takes Nabiki's place as promised. When her "opponent" arrives, he introduces himself as Kinnosuke Kashao, and says the challenge was a mere ruse to ask Nabiki out on a date. Nabiki quickly knocks Ranma away and accepts the date after seeing how well-dressed and prosperous Kinnosuke looks. After their expensive dinner Kinnosuke asks his butler (a puppet named April who he carries around with him) for his credit card. Unfortunately April forgot to bring it. Kinnosuke tries to get Nabiki to pay, and is pleasantly surprised when she claims to have left her wallet at home. The two depart and leave Ranma and Akane to pay for their dinner. Later Kinnosuke and Nabiki buy tons of expensive outfits and once again try to skip out leaving Ranma to foot the bill. After a wonderful evening of getting free gifts Nabiki returns home to find the house in ruins and all the furniture repossessed. It seems that Kinnosuke sent all the bills to Nabiki, just as she usually did to her dates. Soun explains that the Kashao family's style of martial arts involves sticking someone else with the bill. Nabiki vows to take revenge on Kinnosuke, and as Kinnosuke walks home he realizes that although he didn't pay for anything, neither did Nabiki. She is truly a worthy opponent.

Chapter 310: 借金王VS借金女王
Shakkin o VS. shakkin joo

(The King of Debt vs. the Queen of Debt)
One beautiful morning Kinnosuke awakens to prepare for his date, he seems to have the world on a string, even though he is living in a cardboard box in the park. Meanwhile the Tendo family is financially ruined. Everything has been taken from them, and Kasumi and Akane sit on the floor making silk flowers for money. Just then a helicopter hovers above their house and out comes Kinnosuke, ready for his next date with Nabiki. Both he and Nabiki are dressed to the nines and they set off on their date with Ranma and Akane following to ensure they don't waste money. When Ranma suggests they eat something cheap like ramen, the extravagant duo fly all the way to Hong Kong so they can eat shark-fin ramen at a fancy restaurant. After that they hit a casino and then rent out the Tokyo Dome so they can sing karaoke. Kinnosuke and Nabiki decide to take a break in a gorgeous hotel penthouse where they spill ink on the floors and steal furniture. Ranma and Akane can only watch in stunned silence as a tearful Nabiki tells them she thinks Kinnosuke could be her first love.

Chapter 311: 地獄の10円勝負!
Jigoku no 10-en shobu!

(For the Love of Ten Yen)
As the date continues on a luxury ocean liner, April the butler puppet asks if Nabiki really loves Kinnosuke. She tells him she does have feelings for him, and the two decide to get engaged. Nabiki tries to get Kinnosuke to buy a ring for her from a cheap gumball machine, but he outsmarts her buy taking a soda can's pop-top out of a trash can and giving that to her as an engagement ring instead. Back on their helicopter the newly engaged couple bask in all the gifts their received until the helicopter begins to stall. Kinnosuke bails out and tells them they must deposit ten yen in the cockpit if they want to land safely. Nabiki and the others bail out too, and she tries to sell Kinnosuke a working parachute after his fails to engage. Kinnosuke refuses and crashes into the ground. April gives Nabiki ten yen so she can call an ambulance, but 911 is a free call and the money comes back from the pay phone. Nabiki tells Kinnosuke she doesn't deserve him, but will keep the ten yen in rememberance of their date. Thus she wins the match, and Kinnosuke has to foot the bill for their dates. Later he escapes from the hospital without paying his bill, and Nabiki and Ranma peek in Nabiki's room to see her crying. Over Kinnosuke? No, over the fact she only got ten yen for all her hard work.

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