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Ranma ½
volume 30
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1994 Vol. 12 - 23
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 28

Chapter 312: 良牙の春
Ryoga no haru
(Spring Comes To Ryoga)
One day in Nerima a giant pig rampages through the town attacking young men. Ranma suspects Ryoga must be up to something, so once Ryoga makes his way back to town, he asks if something is bothering him. Just then the giant pig attacks both Ryoga and Ranma. Ryoga dispatches the pig easily, and suddenly a young girl pops appears and hands a letter to Ryoga before running away. Ryoga is shocked to see that he has gotten his first love letter. The girl, Akari Unryu, explains that her dying father told her that the only man good enough for her would be able to defeat Katsunishiki, the giant sumo pig that has been wreaking havoc. Ryoga thinks he's finally found happiness, but no sooner does he say this, than Akari begins to compare him to a pig. Akari thinks she's paying him the highest compliment, but Ryoga hates anything to do with pigs, due to his curse, and he walks away dejected and depressed.

Chapter 313: ブタが好き!
Buta ga suki!
(LOVE the Pig!)
Ranma realizes that Akari was being sincere in her own, unique way. Ryoga took her compliments the wrong way, so Ranma decides to help Akari track him down and put things right. Ranma finds P-chan back at the Tendo home, and Akari is bowled over by the cute, little, black pig. P-chan runs away and Akari is surprised that a pig would reject her like that. Ranma follows Ryoga into the bathroom and tries to explain things, but he refuses to listen. Akane is really happy for Ryoga, now that he has a "girlfriend". This is the last thing Ryoga wants to hear. Akari gives Ryoga a sweater and cookies, which make him think he may have misjudged her. Unfortunately the cookies are pig-shaped and the sweater has a pig on it as well. Ryoga leaves the Tendo's and prepares for another long journey. Ranma decides to pay a visit to Cologne to see if she has a love potion he could use on Ryoga. She gives him some incense that will make Ryoga passionately embrace anyone that says the trigger word. Ranma manages to make Ryoga breath the fumes in and sets the trigger to be the word "pig". Ranma sets up a date between the two of them, and Ryoga reluctantly agrees to give Akari once more chance. Unfortunately Akari decides that she must learn to hate pigs for Ryoga's sake.

Chapter 314: 理想のカップル
Riso no kappuru
(The Perfect Couple)
Ryoga actually makes it back to Tokyo in time for his date with Akari. At the cafe, things seem to be going well, as Ryoga presents Akari with some gifts he picked up on his journey to Aomori. Unfortunately some boys walk into the restaurant and happen to say "pig" which forces Ryoga to hug all of them. Akari is shocked that she might be in love with someone who swings both ways, but she looks past Ryoga's hugging and the date continues. Soon the two almost kiss, but it begins to rain, which causes Ryoga to transform into P-chan. Thanks to Akari's new hatred of pigs, she beats P-chan up. Soon she stops and cries saying she could never hate a pig no matter what. With this she gives up hope that Ryoga will love her. Ranma gambles it all on one last shot. She dunks P-chan in a hot bath in front of Akari, who is shocked to see Ryoga appear before her. Akari is overjoyed that Ryoga can turn into a pig and everything seems to be right with the world. Unfortunately Ranma says "pearls before pigs" causing Ryoga to hug her. Akari mistakenly believes that Ryoga is in love with female Ranma and leaves broken hearted. She sends Ryoga a letter telling him she will wait for him forever.

Chapter 315: 試薬・努髪天
Shiyaku * dohatsuten
(Experimental Herb · Towering Hair)
Cologne tells Ranma that she recently received a Chinese tonic for hair-growth, but has no one to test it on. Ranma takes it to Genma, who seems skeptical. He's tried dozens of hair tonics in the past and none ever helped. Genma agrees to try this one though, and at dinner he tells the family that this too is a failure. Depressed, Genma decides to go to bed early, but not before Ranma pesters him about getting his hopes up over nothing. Genma flies into a rage, and suddenly towering stalks of spikey black hair shoot forth. Everyone is shocked, and when Genma lets out a bellow of proud laughter, the hair falls out. Genma is devestated at losing his new hair so quickly, and gets made at Ranma again. Suddenly the hair sprouts anew! Genma quickly realizes that his hair grows when he's angry, and falls out when he laughs. While they sleep that night, Ranma quickly decides that he can't deal with his dad's new hair when Genma accidently pokes him with the sharp, spikey locks. The next day as the fight, Ranma tries to make Genma laugh so he'll lose the hair, but they both fall into the Tendo's koi pond. Now Genma transforms into a giant ball of spikey panda fuzz. He rolls through the neighborhood crushing people under his weight, but unfortunately laughs at his newfound power. With that his hair falls out revealing a sad panda. Cologne watches on and realizes she has to halt production of this dangerous tonic immediately.

Chapter 316: 無限の闘気
Mugen no toki
(Infinite Battle "Ki")
During class one day, Miss Hinako has difficulty getting the students to pay attention. Ranma is regurlarly able to block her ki-draining attacks, and without them, she is stuck as a child and has trouble concentrating on teaching instead of playing. On her way home one day, Hinako feels a huge surge of battle aura and goes to a fair where she sees some fish in a little tub. The next day she comes to school carrying the fish in a bowl. Everyone is surprised to see her start the day as an adult, and after she blasts Ranma, she doesn't revert to her child form. Hinako promises to run a tighter ship, which of course, Ranma takes as a challenge. After school Hinako and Akane have lunch together and Akane asks her about the fishbowl she has been carrying with her. Hinako simply tells Akane she lost her wallet and asks her to pay for the meal. Later, Ranma breaks into Hinako's apartment in search of the fish. The place is such a mess he can't find anything, so he decides to clean up first. Kasumi tells Akane that she found Miss Hinako's wallet in town, and asks her to return it. Meanwhile Hinako just stepped out of the shower to find Ranma going through her things.

Chapter 317: 勉強しよう!
Benkyo o shiyo!
(Let's Study!)
Akane arrives at Miss Hinako's apartment in time to see Ranma get blasted through the door. Hinako emerges wearing only a towel, and tells Akane that Ranma broke in while she was in the bath. Akane automatically assumes that Ranma was there to peek at Hinako, until she realizes he has her fishbowl. Hinako explains that they are tropical fighting fish which have an almost endless supply of ki. She uses the round opening in the top of the bowl to suck out their aura and stay an adult. With this she tells Ranma she will give him a private lesson in English and force him to learn. Ranma swipes the bowl again and dumps the fish into an aquarium. With no round hole to absorb the ki through, Hinako reverts to a child. Instead of wanting to teach, she decides to play games all night long. Try as she might, Hinako realizes she may have the body of an adult, but only the attention span of a child.

Chapter 318: 男桜悲伝
Otoko-zakura hiden

(The Tragic Legend of the Black Cherry Tree)
One night at the Kuno mansion, Tatewaki decides to carve his and the Pig-Tailed Girl's names on a tree in his yard. Soon thereafter the man from the neighborhood watch comes to the Tendo Dojo to ask for their help with an "asking out demon". It seems the demon has been asking out girls with pig-tails all over town. Female Ranma and Akane go to investigate, and kind that Kuno has been turned into a cherry tree. He explains that the Black Cherry Tree is cursed, and as punishment for writing the Pig-Tailed Girl's name on the tree, he must sacrifice her in order to break the possession it holds over him. Ranma refuses and tries to leave, but Kuno explains there is a barrier preventing her from going any further than his branches. Ranma decides to go on a date with Kuno, hoping that will break the spell, but she soon tires of his antics, and beats him up. That causes the real spirit of the Black Cherry Tree to emerge and demand a sacrifice. When Ranma threatens the tree with an axe, the spirit leaves Kuno, restoring him to his normal self.

Chapter 319: 乱馬風邪をひく
Ranma kaze o hiku

(Ranma Catches a Cold)
Late one night Happosai returns from his underwear thievery with a very high fever. He wakes Ranma up with a splash of cold water, knocks her out, and then snuggles with her the whole night. The next morning, Ranma wakes up with a high fever too, having gotten the cold from Happosai. When Ranma tries to give his cold back to Happosai, he tells Ranma to turn into a girl so they can cuddle again. He pitches Ranma into the koi pond, but instead of changing into a girl like he usually does, his fever heats the water and keeps him from transforming. Ranma is sick, but overjoyed. Unfortunately Nodoka, Ranma's mother, just happens to show up and Genma jealously decides he'll have to take Ranma's cold to block his own curse. Genma takes enough of Ranma's fever to get them both sick, but not sick enough to boil water on their skin, so they both change back to their cursed forms. Nodoka feels sorry for "Ranko" and decides to take care of her and nurse her back to health. Ranma manages to get the rest of his feaver back from Genma and turn back into a guy. He sneaks outside and plans on confronting his mother for the first time as a boy.

Chapter 320: 熱い再会!?
Atsui saikai!?

(A Hot Reunion?!)
Ranma calls out to his mother, and as she turns around to see him on the roof, Happosai jumps in and wraps him in a futon and carries him away. He then throws pepper on Ranma and when he sneezes, jumps on his face and sucks the fever out of Ranma and into himself. Happosai wants Ranma back as a girl even if it means getting sick. Ranma, now a girl, decides the only way to catch Happosai and get his fever back is to put on a bra and lure him back. It works, and Ranma gets his fever back, so when the drizzle hits him, he instantly changes back into a guy. Unfortunately Nodoka and Akane have climbed up on the roof to investigate the boy's voice she heard. Inside a cloud of steam, Nodoka sees a boy wearing a bra just as Akane boots him away. Nodoka says it must be her son, and tells Akane he isn't manly and must kill himself. Ranma faints from his fever and Akane manages to get him back to her room, but when she steps out to get some ice, Nodoka wanders in.

Chapter 321: 朝まで乱馬
Asa made Ranma

(Ranma Till Morning)
Nodoka tries to go into Akane's room, but the heat from his fever forces her back. Akane leaps in with the refridgerator from the kitchen and tosses Ranma inside. Nodoka asks Akane if she is hiding something from her, but Akane says no. Soun arrives after a hot bath and wants a nice frosty beer from the fridge, Akane manages to keep Ranma hidden, but Soun is devastated that his beer is warm from Ranma's illness. Akane takes the fridge into the dojo where she can have some privacy, but when Ranma emerges he's become too cold. Icicles hang off him, and he realizes that if he were splashed by hot water now it would freeze and change him into a girl. He begs Akane to let him see his Mom, and just as she brings Nodoka in, he sneezes and transfers his fever to her. Nodoka passes out, and Ranma, Akane and Genma watch over her throughout the night. When morning comes, everyone has fallen asleep, and Ranma, sadly, rolled into a pan of water used for soaking Nodoka's washcloth. With that, Nodoka tells everyone she dreamed of her manly son watching over her while she slept.

Chapter 322: 呪いのヘラ
Noroi no hera

(The Cursed Spatula)
Ukyo gets a strange phone call that simply says "cursed spatula" before hanging up. She tells Ranma and Akane that it sounded like her friend Occhan, a fellow okonomiyaki chef. When they arrive at his restaurant, he tells they find him laying on the floor with a spatula by his hand. Due to his strange appearance (his head is spatula shaped) they assume the spatula transformed him, but he explains that he has always looked this way. Ranma picks up the spatula and realizes that he can't let go of it. Occhan tells him he must master the spatula before passing out. Ukyo tells Ranma he's got to grill some okonomiyaki, but when he tries, the spatula blasts him with heat waves. Apparently it hates grilling okonomiyaki. The cursed spatula drags Ranma out into the street where it proceeds to blast him and cause him to get beaten by Kuno, then fries a love letter Akari wrote to Ryoga. Ranma finally manages to grill some okonomiyaki in mid-air, but still the spatula won't budge. Occhan arrives and tells Ranma he needs more starch, but after adding the seaweed flakes nothing happens. Ranma spritzes it with some laundry startch and sure enough, it drops right off.

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