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Ranma ½
volume 31
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1994 Vol. 24 - 34
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 29

Chapter 323: 八宝斎の新弟子
Happosai no shindeshi
(Happosai's New Disciple)
While at school one day, all the girls seem to be causing a commotion. It appears that Happosai has stolen a bagfull of gym shorts. Ranma jumps in and stops the shadowy figure, and then Happosai arrives. Everyone is shocked to see that the perpatrator is actually a little boy. He seems to be no ordinary child with his martial arts brush and ink techniques, even managing to write "dope" across Ranma's face with lightning quickness. Soon the little boy and Happosai make their escape in the confusion, and seem to get along extremely well. The boy introduces himself as Rakutaro, the great-grandson of Rakkyosai, an old friend of Happosai's. At the Tendo Dojo Happosai introduces the young pervert as his newest disciple, which worries everyone. The boy seems to share a lot of Happosai's perversities, and does his best to push Ranma's buttons. Later Rakutaro asks Ranma about something called the "Brocade Butterfly" that Happosai supposedly has. When Ranma says he's never heard of it, Rakutaro insnares him in ink. Lucky for Ranma, it begins to rain and Rakutaro snuggles against her bosom instead of continuing to fight.

Chapter 324: 秘宝・錦の蝶
Hiho * nishiki no cho
(Secret Treasure * Brocade Butterfly)
One-hundred years ago in China we see a young Happosai and Rakkyosai chatting. Once Happosai realizes that his dear friend has the Brocade Butterfly he smashes him in the head and steals it away. Back in the present it's late at night and Rakutaro is going through Happosai's room while the master sleeps. Ranma comes in puts a stop to the boy's mischief. When little Rakutaro starts to cry, the whole house is awoken and comes to see what the problem is. The commotion irritates Happosai who knocks Rakutaro and Ranma through the roof while still half-asleep. As the two go flying into the night, an old chest is revealed to be hidden in the roof of the Tendo home, and crashes down onto Happosai. When he opens it he finds a small box labeled "Brocade Butterfly". On their way to school the next day, Ranma and Akane wonder about the mysterious item Rakutaro is searching for. Suddenly Happosai appears and gives Akane the Brocade as a gift. Ranma quickly snatches it away to see what's in the box. Inside he finds a rainbow-colored ink stick. Out of nowhere Rakutaro attacks. He traps Happosai inside his ink web and quickly defeats Ranma before making his escape. Ranma splashes himself with cold water and heads off after the boy, with Happosai in pursuit. When the two battling pipsqueaks see female Ranma they both leap into her bosom. Ranma grabs them both and crashes through the roof of a bathhouse and into a tub of hot water. Being pressed against a man's chest greatly upsets both Rakutaro and Happosai, but everyone is shocked to see the little boy has transformed... into an old man! Rakutaro was actually Happosai's old friend "Lucky" Rakkyosai all along!

Chapter 325: 奥義・胡蝶乱舞
Ogi * kocho ranbu
(Special Move * Wild Butterfly Dance!)
Rakkyosai explains that he fell into the Drowned Child spring at Jusenkyo and decided to enact his revenge against Happosai for stealing his precious Brocade Butterfly. Rakkyosai splashes Ranma with cold water and prepares to unleash his ultimate attack, the "Wild Butterfly Dance"! Ranma manages to deflect the attack using washtubs and then Happosai, before she and the old man make their escape. As Ranma and Happosai ponder the deadly technique, Rakkyosai manages to find them and once again unleashes the Wild Butterfly Dance. This time Happosai pulls Ranma's top off and exposes her breasts, as Rakkyosai coats them in ink and slaps a piece of paper on them. Happy and Lucky prance about with their new multi-colored "butterfly" picture, a relief print of Ranma's breasts that resembles the wings of a butterfly. Ranma rips up the print and Happosai decides to betray Rakkyosai and steals the Brocade Butterfly once again. Ranma unleashes the Hiryu Shoten Ha, and sends the perverted duo flying. Back home Ranma tells the geezers that he's thrown away the Brocade, but gives them each a breast print to satisfy them. Both of the old coots are thrilled to have Ranma's breast prints, but little do they know Ranma actually got them from a tanuki statue.

Chapter 326: 大安吉日・家族は留守!
Taian kichijitsu * kazoku wa rusu!
(Lucky Day... My Family's Away!)
On his way to the Tendo Dojo, Ryoga accidently wanders past his home. He decides to drop in for a change of clothes when a booby trap left by his mother injures him. Ryoga decides to use this to his advantage and sends Shirokuro, his dog, to deliever a letter to Akane. The letter tells her how lonely he is sitting around the house by himself. Ryoga doubts she'll come, and is shocked to see his penpal/girlfriend Akari Unryu arrive at his doorstep. The two sit and talk before Ranma arrives and interrupts them. Ryoga tries to ditch Ranma, when Akane shows up. Ryoga is shocked by his good fortune, and decides to try and keep both girls for himself. He keeps Akari in the kitchen while he entertains Akane upstairs in his room. Ranma is angry that Ryoga's going to try to two-time both girls at once and vows to put a stop to it.

Chapter 327: あかねも あかりも
Akane mo Akari mo
(Alone With Them Both)
Ryoga hastily sets up another bedroom in a storage room and tells Akari it's his, while Akane waits in his real room. Ryoga dashes back and forth until he meets the family maid, which is actually Ranma in disguise. Ranma encourages Ryoga's two-timing and says she'll help him with his deception. Ryoga is overjoyed by his good fortune, and finds Akari ready to go to bed with him, much to his shock. Meanwhile Ranma is in the next room and knocks a hole in the wall in an attempt to let Akane see Ryoga's deviousness. Unfortunately nothing seems amiss as Akane doesn't see either Ryoga or Akari. Ranma the maid quickly tells Ryoga that Akane is waiting to wash his back downstairs. Ryoga dashes down, but Ranma splashes him and Akane finds P-chan in the bathroom. She almost washes him in hot water, but he manages to escape. Finally Akane reveals that the maid is actually Ranma, and then runs into Akari, where the two chat. Meanwhile poor Ryoga is left empty-handed while the girls entertain one another.

Chapter 328: 伝説の相合ガサ
Densetsu no aiaigasa
(The Umbrella of Love)
One rainy school day the legend of the Umbrella of Love is told to Akane. Any couple that walks together underneath the umbrella will fall in love immediately. As school is dismissed Akane gets the last loaner umbrella from the bin, and is shocked to find it's the famous umbrella. Ranma forgot his as well, and tries to get under the infamous umbrella, but before he can Kuno arrives and insists on testing the legend with Akane. She sends him flying, as Nabiki scoffs about the silliness of the story. Then Kuno snatches the umbrella and opens it with Nabiki standing next to him. Kuno and Nabiki quickly fall for each other in the their own strange ways. Ranma quickly closes the umbrella and the spell is lifted as Nabiki stands in shock. Ukyo soon shows up and asks if she can get under the umbrella with Ranma since it's raining outside, but Akane quickly snatches the chute from him and knocks him out in the rain. Kuno dashes out with the umbrella to be with his Pigtailed Girl, but Ranma resists under he can find some hot water. Unfortunately Kuno finally gets him under the umbrella (as a guy) and the two start holding hands. Akane grabs the parasol and tries to destroy it, but finds herself standing next to Ranma with it open. As the two akwardly stare at the ground, expecting something to happen, everyone watches as they umbrella top has fallen off in all the commotion.

Chapter 329: 激突!! 水泳教室
Gekitotsu!! suiei kyoshitsu

(Get Ready for Swim Class!)
In class one day Miss Hinako is surprised to see Akane has fallen asleep during her lecture. Some of the students explain that in their homeroom class today they are going to have to swim in the school pool. Akane was so worried about it she couldn't sleep last night. When Akane wakes up, Hinako tells her that she will teach her how to swim. Down in the pool Hinako jumps in the pool after a lot of lollygagging Hinako dives in and flops around for awhile before Ranma drags her out and pumps the water from her stomach. Hinako and Akane decide to compete to see who can learn to swim faster. Hinako drains Ranma and changes into her adult form. She dives into the pool and struggles to swim until the uses her Happo-Coin Return Backstroke technique to send herself flying across the pool. She slams her head into the wall and knocks herself out. Akane is inspired by Hinako using her martial arts to learn to swim, and decides to use her kicking power to launch herself across the pool. She dives in and kicks the wall, but gets her foot stuck in the crack her powerful kick made. Akane gets upset and wishes she could float when her friends explain to her that the human body is made to float if you inhale. Akane says she never knew that she wasn't supposed to swallow the water while she swam. She dives in again, this time holding her breath and and quickly blows it out to propel herself back to the surface. Akane and Hinako keep at it until they've managed to destroy the pool, and drain it entirely of water.

Chapter 330: サマー・ジャンボ・冷し中華
Sama * janbo * hiyashi chuka

(Cold Summer Noodles)
Cologne is bilked into purchasing a huge stock of noodles from China. When she, Mousse, and Shampoo boil them up and prepare for a taste test, they realize that they taste wretched. Cologne decides that she has to get rid of the massive stock of noodles she's purchased, but must come up with some incentive to get people to eat the slop. She puts out fliers saying that one plate of noodles with contain a special noodle, the "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" noodle, which will grant whomever eats it the power of 100 men. Ranma, Kuno, and Ryoga all answer the challenge and begin downing the noodles. Plate after plate they swallow the bile, until they are all near death. Each of them fights back from the brink, as Mousse tries to double cross them all and eat the noodle while he prepares their meals. The guys manage to stop him, and Ranma swallows the magical noodle. Unfortunately he gains the digestive power of 100 men, rather than the strength he hoped for.

Chapter 331: 怪談・仕返し人形
Kaidan * shikaeshi ningyo

(The Doll of Vengenance)
The Tendo's and Saotome's all take a nice summer vacation to to the rustic Doll Inn. As Kasumi and Nabiki soak in the outdoor baths they tell Akane of the legend surrounding the inn. Supposedly the doll in the foyer possesses a vengeful soul and it destroy anyone who offends it. In the hallway Ranma and Genma's usual horseplay leads to the doll getting broken. Ranma tries his best to repair the doll, but it's far from perfect. As Akane makes her way back to the room, the doll leaps on her and transfers it's soul with Akane's. Now in Akane's body, the evil doll makes repeated attempts on Ranma's life, but he manages to evade them all. The doll decides that he only way to make Ranma drop his guard is to seduce him. Meanwhile Akane is trapped inside the doll and tries to warn Ranma about what's happeneing.

Chapter 332: 人形の罠
Ningyo no wana

(The Doll's Trap)
Ranma goes off alone with Akane, who is possessed by the spirit of the vengeful doll. Meanwhile, Akane is trapped inside the doll, and manages to catch up to the pair right when Ranma is in mortal peril. Ranma escapes death once more, and realizes Akane is acting differently, more sensual- and he likes it! The doll goes all out and stripes for Ranma, which blows his mind. While Ranma is distracted, Akane wrestles him off a cliff after he witnesses the doll with Akane's soul crying. Ranma protects both the doll and Akane, which causes their souls to revert back to normal.

Chapter 333: アロハ漂流教室
Aroha hyoryu kyoshitsu

(Aloha School)
A disasterous field trip leads to Ranma's class getting stranded on a deserted island, thanks to the Principal's reckless attitude. Everyone is overjoyed to come across signs of civilization. It quickly becomes apparent that some great tragedy forced everyone to abandon the island. Ranma finds a journal dated 1990 that says all the food became contaminated with the Aloha Virus, which decimated their culture. Unfortunately all the boys in the class devour the remaining food before Ranma can stop them. Soon the dreaded Aloha Virus takes hold, making all the boys believe they are on a Hawaiian honeymoon with their new wives. Unfortunately the only women on the island are Ranma, Akane, Ukyo and Hinako, with dozens of lustful lei-wearing boys in hot pursuit. The girls do their best to evade the guys, all the while trying to get the antidote from the Principal. In a last ditch effort the Principal drinks down the elixer to prevent anyone else from getting it. Ranma and the girls drag him into a pool with all the guys in tow, and cure the boys when the potion seeps out of the Principal's skin and cures the infected boys.

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