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Ranma ½
volume 32
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1994 Vol. 37 - 43 & 45 - 48
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 30

Chapter 334: 光る少女
Hikaru shojo
(The Glowing Girl)
One evening while watching TV, the Tendos and Saotomes see a broadcast about a mysterious flash of light in the skies over China. They see a familar creature flying near the light, when suddenly it comes crashing through their ceiling. Pantyhose Taro has returned to Japan. Meanwhile Akane is on her way back home from a late night game of tennis when she sees the mysterious light in the sky. The light crashes from the sky into a fountain, causing the water to boil. Akane sees a naked girl lying unconscious in the fountain and decides to take her home. The girl introduces herself as Rouge, from the Qinghai province in China. She tells them that a pervert tried to peep at her while she bathed, and it turns out it was Pantyhose Taro. Pantyhose Taro takes issue with Rouge's version of the story, but Rouge claims he stole something from her, which he also denies. Pantyhose Taro transforms, wrecks the house, and then flies away as Rouge collapses. That night Happosai tries to sneak into Rouge's room, and accidenly knocks over a fishbowl on her. Her eyes widen with an otherwordly stare, and arms emerge from beneath her blanket. As Ranma and Akane run up the stairs after hearing a strange sound, they find Happosai beaten, and an unusual looking girl standing before them.

Chapter 335: ルージュ変身!!
Ruju henshin!!
(The Other Rouge!!)
Rouge has transformed into a three-faced, six-armed monster and knocks Ranma back with a blast of hot air befor flying away in search of Pantyhose Taro. Rouge attacks him when she discovers him in the park, so Pantyhose Taro jumps into a fountain and transforms. Before he can get out, however, Rouge breathes fire causing the water to heat up and transform Patyhose Taro back into a human. Rouge prepares for another attack, but flies away suddenly. Ranma asks Pantyhose Taro what he stole from the girl, but he insists he did not take anything from the girl. After looking at one of the weights he was holding when he met Rouge in China, he comes to a realization. Meanwhile Akane has called the Jusenkyo Guide who tells her of the Spring of Drowned Asura, who were warlike enemies of the gods of India. Rouge returns to the Tendo home in search of Pantyhose Taro, but when she can not find him, decides she'll stay and eat them out of house and home. Elsewhere Pantyhose Taro has found the source of Rouge's power affixed to his barbell.

Chapter 336: "力の源"使用法
"Chikara no minamoto" shiyoho
(Source of Power: Owner's Manual)
Rouge, now a human once more, helps the Tendos rebuild their house, and says she seems to have brought them a streak of bad luck. No sooner do they have the roof patched than Pantyhose Taro comes crashing in. He shows something to Rouge in his hand and tells her it's her source of power. Rouge is willing to do anything to get them back, but Pantyhose Taro demands to know how to use them. Rouge decides she will take back what he took by force and transforms. Pantyhose Taro and Rouge battle it out in the skies above the Tendo home, until finally all the heat Rouge is exuding from her firey breath causes the rain to change her back to a human. Pantyhose Taro catches her as she falls, but makes the mistake of catching her in the same hand in which he is holding her source of power. Rouge transforms again, and places the power source on her back and prepares to battle again at full power.

Chapter 337: 炎のツープラトン
Honoo no tsupuraton
(A Beautiful Friendship)
Rouge knocks Pantyhose Taro through the Tendo's roof and into their bathtub, causing him to transform back into a human. Just before a firey blast leads to his demise, Ranma jumps into the tub and blocks the fire with a frying pan. Pantyhose Taro transfroms again, and Ranma rides on his back to fight Rouge. The cookware they are weilding seems to be effective against Rouge's flames, but she unleashes a tornado of fire that proves to be too much for them to defend against. In his frustration Pantyhose Taro knocks Ranma into the air, but as luck would have it, Ranma is directly over the tornado's vortex. Ranma goes flying down, frying pan in hand, hoping to knock Rouge out with it. But as he gets close, Rouge's source of power seems to be attracted to Ranma's pan.

Chapter 338: 秘拳!徒手孝行乱打
Hiken! toshu koko randa
(Beware! The Blows of Strength)
Ranma manages to knock out one of Rouge's heads with the pan, and notices that her source of power seems to have attached themselves to the pan, as if they were magnetic. Upon seeing this, Pantyhose Taro turns on Ranma and steals the pan with the power source for himself. Ranma realizes what is going on, and jumps on Rouge's back. She explains that without her power source she can not unleash her ultimate attack again. Ranma tells her he can give her strength using his hands and beings to pound her back. Suddenly her powers return and she unleashes a storm of lightning which stike the pan Pantyhose Taro was carrying. They all fall to the ground, and after they wake up, Rouge pounds Pantyhose Taro for destorying her power source. Ranma tells her she can simply buy more, and takes her to a pharmacy. Rouge's power source was simply stick on magnets used to relieve shoulder cramps. She explains that when you have six arms, you get pretty severe cramps. Rouge happily departs as Pantyhose Taro buys some magnets for himself, mistakenly thinking it will give him power as well.

Chapter 339: 白ユリの飛鳥
Shira-yuri no Asuka
(The White Lily)
Akane, Yuka and Sayuri are all spending the afternoon at a local amusement park, watching all the couples have fun. Suddenly Kodachi appears and sprays everyone with paralasis powder. Akane begins to picker with her, until a white lily flies through the air and Kodachi catches it then quickly throws it away before it explodes. From the smoke emerges an elegant and beautiful young woman. After Kodachi sees her, she quickly remembers who she is and flees. That evening Akane relates the days events to Ranma, when Kodachi arrives. She tells Ranma to put on a gaudy tuxedo, and tells him how she went to kindergarten with the mystery girl, Asuka Saginomiya. As it turns out Kodachi and Asuka were in competition to see who had the most handsome boyfriend. After Kodachi maimed Asuka's boyfriend, they vow to meet again in ten years and see who has the better boyfriend. Asuka arrives and knocks out Ranma, but Akane takes her aside and tries to convince her to leave Ranma out of this. Asuka tells Akane that she is disappointed in Kodachi's taste in men, and that Ranma is no great catch. After hearing that Akane decides to make Ranma prove he really is a good catch, and to help Kodachi win the boyfriend challenge.

Chapter 340: 彼氏で白黒つけましょう!
Kareshi de shirokuro tsukemasho!

(Battle of the Boyfriends!)
Asuka makes preporations for her upcoming double-date with Kodachi at a garden, while Kodachi comes to collect Ranma from the Tendo home. Akane helps get Ranma ready, and they are both surprised to see Kodachi arrive in a black wedding dress. Kodachi takes Ranma off to a karaoke booth and tries to make out with him, but Akane appears and makes sure they get to their appointed meeting place with Asuka. Before they can make it to the Hall of Flowers however, they encounter exploding lilies and a stampede of cows that crush Ranma's face. Asuka lords Ranma's disfigurment over Kodachi, who promptly flees to maim Asuka's boyfriend. Ranma wakes up and follows Kodachi with Akane. When they arrive they see Kodachi attacking men at random until she finds Asuka's boyfriend encased in armor. Ranma decides he and Asuka's boyfriend should settle this, and asks that he remove his helmet. Once everyone see's the boys face, it's obvious that Ranma is the loser. Asuka's boyfriend, Mr. Turtle, is truly a beautiful man! Kodachi accepts her defeat until Ms. Crane arrives and reclaims her lost boyfriend. It seems Asuka had knocked him out and stolen him, Mr. Turtle was not her actual boyfriend. Kodachi and Asuka vow that in ten years they will meet again and see who has the better man then.

Chapter 341: 選ばれた武道家
Erabareta budo-ka

(The Chosen One)
Ranma, Soun and Genma venture to the Monkey Mountain Temple to see a martial arts uniform that is supposed to give it's wearer incredible strength. They are surprised that the priest running the temple seems to look for any excuse to give them the incredibly valuable suit. They agree to bring the uniform home, and Ranma tries to put it on, but it rejects him and forces him out. Akane comes to see what all the commotion is about, when the uniform jumps on her, and accepts her as its wearer. Akane asks Ranma to spar with her when she realizes the suit unlocks her full potential, and she promptly thrashes him. Ranma is obviously irritated that his pride has taken such a blow, but Akane is thrilled. Ranma soon realizes that the suit seems to like girls, and decides to try it on in his female form. Ranma forces the armor on, but it's too tight on her chest, and too loose in the waist. The suit spits Ranma out and Akane chasties him for trying to take it.

Chapter 342: 乱馬の陰謀
Ranma no inbo

(Ranma's Plot)
Akane enjoys leaping from rooftops for the first time, when Ranma appears and challenges her yet again, convinced he can beat her. A few seconds later Ranma is thrashed again, and Akane apologizes for hitting him so hard. Back home, Ranma pours soy sauce on the suit, and the two start fighting again. Ranma gets frustrated about being unable to defeat the martial arts gi and runs off. Soun and Genma catch up with him and reveal that they contacted the monk from Monkey Mountain Temple. The monk informed them that if the wearer looses her heart to another, then the armor will grow jealous and abandon her. Ranma balks at the idea of hitting on Akane, but it seems to be the only way to get rid of the armor. His only other choice would be to hit the yin-yang release button on the belt, but he would have to hit it very hard while Akane was wearing it. Ranma tries many times to hit the release button, but the suit stops him. Finally Ranma has no choice, and asks Akane to meet him in a closet at home. There he tells her that he misses her, but the suit is keeping them apart. At first Akane doesn't believe him, but Ranma persists and Akane and he both don't know what to say as they sit in stunned silence over Ranma's admission.

Chapter 343: 初めて本音を言ったのに…
Hajimete honne o itta noni...

(The First Time I Said What I Felt)
Akane tells Ranma that if it means that much to him, she will seal away the armor. As these words sink in, Ranma realizes he has done a very underhanded and devious thing. In the closet on the above floor, Soun and Genma listen in intently, and then slide open the tatami mat and dump toy frogs and snakes on Akane, making her leap into Ranma's arms. The two seem on the verge of kissing when the suit pulls open the door revealing Kasumi and Nabiki outside listening. Nabiki scolds the suit, and asks Soun what was going on. Soun explains aloud that if Ranma made Akane choose him over the suit, then the suit would leave Akane alone. Hearing this, Akane runs off in tears. Ranma feels awful and follows her to the park, where he confesses that initially he only wanted her to give up the suit, but halfway through his lie, he realized she really was cute. Akane scoffs that Ranma would try the same trick twice, which hurts Ranma's feelings because, for the first time, he's being honest about his feelings towards Akane. With that, Ranma angrily tells Akane that if he really got serious he could beat her even if she had the suit on. With that the two prepare for battle.

Chapter 344: 二人の距離
Futari no kyori

(The Great Divide)
Ranma leaps in to attack Akane, but she makes short work of him. Akane tells him that they won't see each other again, and begins to walk away when Ranma stops her. As they talk, Ranma tries to hit the release button, but Akane's super-speed stops him before he can. Akane is enraged that Ranma would try to hit her, and tells him that if he lays a hand on her then they'll never make up. Ranma is at a lose as to what to do, hit Akane and destroy the suit, or make up with her, and let her keep the meddlesome martial arts gi. Ranma has a plan though, and gets Akane to chase him, when she gets in close, he tries to slip his hand behind the release button, so that his punch won't hurt Akane. Unfortunately, Akane's waist is a little think, and Ranma can't easily get his hand behind the belt. A punch from Akane helps him force his hand behind the belt, and the button comes crashing down on a statue in the park. The suit begins to tear off, but Ranma and Akane are falling right towards a freshly painted bench. Ranma catches Akane and sits in the wet paint, proving to Akane he really does care for her and wants to protect her. The two spend a quite moment sitting together before heading home, where Kasumi proptly restitches the battle gi because she felt sorry for it.

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