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Ranma ½
volume 35
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1995 Vol. 20 - 31
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 33

Chapter 367: 二人の乱馬
Futari no Ranma
(The Two Ranmas)
During a downpour, Ranma and Genma find themselves at the doorstep of the Mirror Mansion. An eldery gentleman invites them inside, but warns Ranma not to knock the curtain off the giant mirror in the hallway. No sooner does he say this than Ranma slips on a banana peel and tears the curtain, catching her reflection in the mirror. A duplicate female-Ranma steps out of the mirror. The old man who lives in the mansion explains that a beautiful young woman once gazed into the mirror for years until she died, never having found love. Now her spirit captures whatever image is reflected in the mirror and uses it to escape into the real world. Ranma, Genma and Mirror Ranma all make their way back to the Tendo Dojo, after being told that it will take a few weeks to fashion a new curtain for the mirror. Mirror Ranma immediately causes problems by going through Akane's clothes and looking for something sexy to wear as she looks for boys. Once Ranma explains the situation, she chases Mirror Ranma through the streets as she flirts with boys left and right. Soon they come upon Ryoga, and Mirror Ranma kisses him while he is waiting to go on a date with Akari. Ranma is fed up, and drags Mirror Ranma back home and into the bathroom. They both take a dunk in the tub, but Mirror Ranma does not change into a boy like Ranma does. Mirror Ranma is instantly smitten with male Ranma, and insists on staying in the same room with him.

Chapter 368: 二等辺三角関係
Nitohen sankaku kankei
(An Isosceles Love Triangle)
Mirror Ranma walks around the house in nothing but an apron, nearly giving Mr. Tendo a heart attack. Ranma says he has to keep an eye on the doppelganger, and drags her to school with him. All the boys go wild for a completely female version of Ranma, and another confrontation with Ryoga leaves the real Ranma badly beaten. Meanwhile the man from the Mirror Mansion stops by the Tendo home and leaves a small compact that can be used to capture the clone until he can complete the mirror's cover. Ranma immediately runs into the bedroom and sucks the other Ranma into the compact, but unknown to everyone else, this was the Mirror Ranma, who sucked up the real Ranma. The Mirror Ranma jumps into the compact as well, and tries to make out with Ranma, until Akane comes along and shakes the compact upside down, forcing both Ranmas to fall out. The Mirror Ranma quickly flees with the magic compact, vowing to make Ranma hers.

Chapter 369: コンパクトを奪え!!
Konpakuto o ubae!!
(Get That Compact!!)
Soun and Genma decide to tie Ranma up and hang him from a tree in the yard to lure out the mirror double who has the compact. It does not take long before she appears, but when Soun and Genma attack, she unleashes Ranma's Hiryu Shoten Ha attack. Ranma tries to get the compact from her, but he is still bound. Mirror Ranma manages to trick Akane into glancing at the compact, which causes her to get sucked in, along with Happosai. Ranma chases Mirror Ranma around trying to save Akane from getting groped by Happosai inside the mirror, but Mirror Ranma plays hard to get. Ranma tries to use his skills of seduction to get the compact, but to no avail. Mirror Ranma drops the compact, and Kuno finds it, and winds up getting himself sucked into it, adding to Akane's problems.

Chapter 370: 究極のカップル
Kyukyoku no kappuru
(The Ultimate Couple)
Ranma shakes the compact, but no one falls out. Growing concerned, he decides to tether himself to a tree and statue and leap into the mirror himself to see what is wrong. Ranma crashes into Kuno who has blocked the exit back to the real world, but the tree and statue he has tied himself to are not strong enough and get sucked in along with him. Mirror Ranma finds Ranma's shoe next to the compact and realizes he has gotten pulled inside and believes he is making out with Akane, so she decides to jump in as well. The mirror then falls into a lake, and when a frog gets sucked in, it causes the mirror world to begin filling with water. Ranma worries that Akane will drown, and Happosai uses his bombs to try to escape. Just as the bomb explodes, Soun finds the compact and empties it, causing the explosion to go off in his face. Thankfully everyone is saved, and Mirror Ranma apologizes for causing everyone so much trouble. They take her back to the Mirror Mansion where the curtain has been repaired, but she attempts to take Ranma into the mirror with her. Ranma trips and falls, tearing the curtain again, but this time creating another reflection of his male half. With the curtain torn, Ranma has no choice but to take both the male and female Mirror Ranmas back home with him.

Chapter 371: 二人でお留守番
Futari de o-rusuban
(Playing House)
Nabiki comes home one afternoon with a concert ticket. Everyone is surprised that she paid her own money for the ticket rather that resorting to her usual methods. Just then Happosai and Ranma burst into the room and Ranma knocks Nabiki's ticket onto the eye of the stove, burning it to a crisp. The next day everyone else has prior engagements, and leave Ranma and Nabiki home alone. Nabiki is down in the dumps about missing the concert, so Ranma does his best to make it up to her. He agrees to pose for naughty photos in his female form, buys her an expensive sushi lunch, helps her sale handkerchiefs with nude pictures of his female self on them, and even tackles Nabiki in order to keep a jar of ink from ruining her blouse. As he tackles her and lays over her on the floor, Nabiki snaps a picture and threatens to show it to everyone as soon as they get home. Ranma heads for Nabiki's room to search for the photo, but instead finds an old love letter she had written to Kuno. Once Ranma shows it to Nabiki, she panics, and Ranma believes he finally has her where he wants her. Unfortunately he realizes that it is not a love letter, but an invoice for naked photos of the Pigtailed Girl. At a loss as to what to do, Ranma snatches the photo from Nabiki and destroys it, while she yells at him to stop. Nabiki tape records the conversation, making it look like Ranma tried to force himself on her. Just then everyone comes home and Ranma quickly destroys the tape while Nabiki undresses in a last ditch effort to get Ranma in trouble. He has no choice but to pay her to get dressed, and admit defeat.

Chapter 372: 戦慄!くノ一シスターズ
Senritsu! kunoichi shisutazu
(The Sisters of Terror!)
Happosai drags Ranma and get off on a training trip in the mountains. They quickly realize the trip is not for training, but so that Happosai can visit the "Red Hot Teahouse Kunoichi," a brothel of female ninja. Upon entering the brothel Happosai sees the girls running the place, Kome, Kotetsu, and Koeda- three of the ugliest women in the world. He promptly sets off one of his fireworks burning the teahouse to the ground. Ranma, Genma and Happosai head home and try to forget what they've seen. Meanwhile Koeda forces her step-daughter, the beautiful Konatsu to go to Tokyo and get revenge against those who destroyed their brothel. Konatsu makes short work of Happosai and Genma, but Ranma manages to stand his ground. Konatsu seems friendly enough, until her step-mother and sisters arrive and chastise her for cavorting with the enemy. Back home Happosai tells Ranma and Akane that Konatsu is a legendary kunoichi that only comes along once in a century. He tells Ranma that even he may not be able to defeat her.

Chapter 373: 不幸のくノ一
Fuko no kunoichi

(The Saddest Kunoichi)
Konatsu's step-mother and sisters are forcing her to slave away for them as usual, until they realize that she should be out getting revenge against Ranma. Konatsu heads to Tokyo and breaks into the Tendo home in the middle of the night only to find Ranma asleep. The next morning Ranma wakes up in the hallway and finds Konatsu sleeping peacefully in his futon. Konatsu then tries to poison the rice Kasumi is cooking, but is overcome by the smell and takes it outside to eat for herself. When her step-mother finds her she boots her off the roof and tells her to finish their revenge plot. At school Konatsu finds Ranma out on the field and tries to disguise herself as a classmate, but Ranma sees through her flimsy costume. Dejected Konatsu disappears again. On the way home from school Akane tells Ukyo about everything that has been happening. After they go their seperate ways Ukyo finds Konatsu fighting with a stray dog over some garbage. Ukyo quickly scribbles out a letter of challenge on an okonomiyaki and throws it at Konatsu, who devours it quickly. Konatsu follows Ukyo back to her restaurant and tells her that she is the kindest person she's ever known.

Chapter 374: 抜け忍 小夏
Nukenin Konatsu

(Runaway Ninja!)
Konatsu tells Ukyo, Ranma and Akane her tragic story. She lived happily with her mother and father until her mother grew ill and died. Soon her father married the hideous Kotetsu, and Konatsu became the step-sister of the equally ugly Koeda and Kome. It was not long until Konatsu's father passed away as well leaving her to slave away for her step-family. Hearing this sad story, Ranma tells Konatsu that they should go and defeat her step-mother and assert her independance. Konatsu agrees and they find the women staying in a shrine nearby. Konatsu falls into her old habits of doing everything they tell her until Ranma reminds her they are there to fight. Hearing this the women quickly flee, but vow to return. Ranma invites Konatsu to come stay at the Tendo home until she figures out what she wants to do next. The next day Konatsu starts work at Ucchan's, where she is paid the paltry salary of five whole yen. Konatsu is happy to get any pay, and seems to love working for Ukyo. Unfortunately Koeda, Kotetsu and Kome have found their step-sister and plan to reclaim her for themselves. That night while Ukyo is coming home from the bathhouse she is ambushed by the kunoichi family who deliever a ransom note to both Konatsu and Ranma.

Chapter 375: 乱馬VS小夏
Ranma VS Konatsu

(Ranma vs. Konatsu)
Ranma quickly makes his way through the kunoichi women who use a volley of useless attacks against him. Kome is holding Ukyo inside her mouth, and keeps running away until Konatsu grows angry. She disowns her family causing the monsterous women to grow quite scared at the possible retaliation that awaits them. Kotetsu pulls out a small scroll and threatens to reveal its secret contents to everyone. Konatsu begs her step-mother not to do it. Knowing Konatsu is alway starving they trick her by lacing a sushi roll with a hypnosis drug and command her to fight Ranma. Ranma quickly sees that Konatsu is even more powerful than he had originally believed and will be no pushover. While Ranma and Konatsu fight each other Akane arrives and quickly dispatches Kome, Koeda and Kotetsu without a fight and saves Ukyo. They finds the scroll and believing it has some secret technique written on it, Akane reads it. Ranma cannot bring himself to beat up a girl, so he uses a desperation tactic and grabs Konatsu's breasts believing a shy girl would be paralysed from shock. Konatsu simply smiles while Ranma is shocked his tactic failed.

Chapter 376: 小夏の幸せ
Konatsu no shiawase

(Konatsu's Happiness)
Konatsu smashes her chest revealing her breasts to be inflatable balloons filled with pepper. Ranma is overcome by a coughing fit, and Konatsu attacks with her sword. Ranma quickly realizes that the kunoichi's sword is made of bamboo since Konatsu had to pawn her real one for some quick cash. The two continue to fight until they knock each other out. When they awaken, Konatsu is back to her senses and she helps wake Ranma. Soon they realize that the evil kunoichi women have kidnapped Ukyo and Akane and dressed them in sexy bunny-girl outfits. They announce that they are going to force Ukyo and Akane to work at their brothel, but they prove to be no match for Ranma and Konatsu who rescue the girls with no problem. While they have a moment alone, Akane shows Ranma the contents of the secret scroll, which is a love letter Konatsu has written to Ukyo. Ranma is shocked to find that Konatsu is a lesbian, and when they catch up to Ukyo and the kunoichi they find them in a passionate embrace. Konatsu apologizes for getting carried away and agrees to go back home with her step-family. Feeling sorry for the kunoichi Ukyo tells her that she can return to her job at Ucchans. Konatsu happily agrees and runs back to Ukyo. Kotetsu agrees to let the girl go, but not before throwing a firecracker at her as a goodbye gift. The firecracker explodes and shreds Konatsu's kimono revealing that she not a mere flat-chested girl... she's a man! Although Ukyo eliminates Konatsu's salary altogether the world's only male kunoichi has never been happier to return to work at Ucchans.

Chapter 377: 縁結びの笹
Enmusubi no sasa

(Bamboo Leaves of Love)
It's Tanabata and Ranma and Akane make their way to a nearby festival. A vendor is selling bamboos leaves on which he affixes the name of a couple, telling them that whomever keeps their names together on the leaf bundle will be destined to stay together forever. Soun and Genma quickly force Ranma and Akane to sign their names. The salesman tells them that if their names become detatched or placed on someone else's bamboo a terrible curse will befall them. Hearing this Kuno quickly strikes and knocks Ranma's name off the bamboo leaves causing it to flutter and land on Hinako's leaves. Ranma quickly becomes enslaved to Hinako and vows to love her forever, but before anything too terrible happens Kodachi snatches Ranma's name and places it on her leaves. Akane saves Ranma from falling for Kodachi, and Ranma decides to tear up his nametag to ensure he does not fall in love with anyone else. The salesman stops him though and tells him that if he destroys his tag he and Akane will never be together. Ranma has second thoughts, but both he and Akane pretend not to care. Hearing Akane's false indifference Ranma pretends to tear up his tag which upsets Akane. Ranma quickly shows her the real nametag which only irritates her. Kuno hears that destroying Ranma's tag will ensure he and Akane are never together, and so he tries to slice it apart. Meanwhile Akane's tag also falls off the leaves and prompting Ranma to chase after it to ensure no one else gets it. After making his way through many obstacles he grabs Akane's tag and hands it to her, telling her that if she wants to be with him she can put the tag on the leaves herself. Before she can place her name on the leaves another breeze catches the tag and it gets stuck on a balloon that sails up into the nighttime sky. Seeing how sad Akane looks at Ranma racing to catch the balloon, but just as he grabs the tag he is hit by a firework and falls onto the ground. Getting up he sees Akane on the otherside of a glowing river and he leaps across it to attach her name onto the bamboo leaves with his. Akane comments that it's just like the Tanabata legend of Altair and Vega crossing the Milky Way to be together. Just as Ranma exclaims that their coming together is like that of the infamous heavenly lovers, he wakes up to find that he has been hallucinating while knocked unconcious from the fall. As Ranma and Akane walk home together Genma and Soun discuss Ranma's mushy comments.

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