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Ranma ½
volume 36
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1995 Vol. 32 - 43
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 34

Chapter 378: 海月浜の陰謀
Kurage hama no inbo
(The Conspiracy of Jellyfish Beach)
A relaxing day at the beach sees Akane once again trying to learn how to swim. Some local residents see her thrashing about in the water and tell her she is the 10,000th girl who can't swim well, and therefore wins a special bathingsuit that will allow her to swim like a pro. Ranma is skeptical, but once Akane dons the suit she is able to outswim even Ranma. The suit seems to be made from a rubbery substance, and soon Akane is asked to put it to the test. She agrees to enter a race to the Great King Rock, which sits a good distance offshore. As the swim begins, Akane and all the other girl (all of whom wear odd swimsuits like Akane's and also have similar short hairstyles) quickly leave Ranma in their wake. Akane easily wins, only to realize that Great King Rock is really Great King Jellyfish. Ranma mistakenly believes the creature wants to kill Akane as the local townsfolk told him she would be "offered up", but in reality the Great King Jellyfish merely wanted to toss her up and down in the air, one of his most favorite activities.

Chapter 379: カミング・スーン
Kamingu * sun
(Coming Soon)
The Tendos and Saotomes continue their summertime vacation in the Futoraku Highlands. While heading up the mountain Ranma runs into Ryoga, who drops a letter revealing he is trying to meet up with Akari for a date. Ryoga accidently takes Ranma's shopping map instead of the one showing him where he should meet Akari. Ranma finally manages to find Ryoga after he runs off in the wrong direction, and tries his best to take him to the elephant statue where he is supposed to meet Akari. Ryoga manages to misunderstand Ranma's directions, until Ranma finally gets fed up and knocks Ryoga unconcious and ties him to the elephant statue. When Ryoga awakens he panics because he can not see the statue anywhere. He rips the statue from the pedistal not realizing it is tied to his back. Akari arrives as Akane and Ranma try to stop Ryoga from getting lost again, and ultimately help the pair finally meet for their date.

Chapter 380: 早乙女家墓参り
Saotome-ke hakamairi
(A Visit to the Family Grave)
While the Tendo family heads back to the beach, Ranma and Genma pay a visit to the nearby Saotome family grave. Genma reveals to Ranma that they are actually there to rob the family grave of a treasure that is supposedly kept there. Just then Nodoka arrives, causing Genma and Ranma to douse themselves with water and disguise themselves as Ranko and Mr. Panda. Nodoka uses a special key to open a panel in one of the headstones and removes a box- the Saotome Family Treasure. Nodoka reveals that the treasure has been passed down to all the males in the Saotome family from generation to generation. Nodoka is happy to see Ranko, and feels that whenever she is near it is like seeing her son. While she visits with the Tendo family, Genma sneaks into her room and tries to steal the box only to be thrawted by Ranma. As the two fight, Ranma gets turned back into his male form, and Nodoka sees him dive out a window. As she follows him, Ranma manages to elude her, but after a decade of searching she finds her husband lying unconcious after trying to dive into an empty fountain at the last minute.

Chapter 381: 早乙女夫婦再会
Saotome fufu saikai
(The Saotome Family Reunion)
Nodoka is happy to finally see her husband, but demands to see her son immediately. Genma does his best to stall, as Ranma hides behind him. Just in the nick of time Ranma spalshes himself with water and changes back to Ranko. Back at the inn Nodoka continues to insist that Genma tell her where Ranma is. Genma tells her that Ranma will come that night to claim the family treasure she retrieved from the grave. When the time comes Genma, wearing a fake pigtail, claims to be Ranma and tries to take the treasure. Nodoka is not fooled, but Genma grabs the box from her after hearing it is a martial arts medal worth a mere 2,000 yen. As Genma escapes Ranko vows to rescue the treasure, leaving Nodoka to comment that Ranko sees very manly.

Chapter 382: 母の疑惑
Haha no giwaku
(A Mother's Doubts)
Genma and female Ranma get ready to face off for the family treasure as Nodoka and Akane rush after them. Ranma manages to elude Genma's hot water attacks for a little while, but he finally gets splashed just as Nodoka arrives. Akane covers her eyes, and Ranma escapes with the family treasure. He quickly realizes that returning as a boy with the treasure in tow will score him major points with his mother and decides to reveal himself to her after fending off Genma once more. As he rushes to his mother, he calls out to her and she is able to barely make him out from a great distance. As he approaches he falls into a well and changes back to his female form. Nodoka now gets suspicious as she examines the large male footprints that lead up to the well, and the smaller female ones that lead away. She takes Ranko and tries thinks that perhaps the kettles she often sees around have something to do with her possible transformation. After setting the kettle and lid on Ranko's head, she quickly realizes it must be hot water that causes her possible transformation.

Chapter 383: 乱馬切腹
Ranma seppuku
(Ranma's Seppuku)
Ranma wakes up after having a bad dream about his mother drowning in a sea of water kettles. He decides that he must reveal himself to his mother now or never, or her suspicions about the true identity of Ranko will prevent him from seeing her even as a girl. It's time to come clean. Ranma heads back towards the inn where Nodoka is waiting, but Genma does his best to stop his son. Genma goes as far as to send Nodoka a letter from Ranma telling her to meet him at the family grave before he takes his life. When Nodoka arrives, Genma gasses her and carries her away. Ranma finds out about this and rushes off after her, finally ready to reveal himself to her. Nodoka hears Ranma's voice calling out to her and forces Genma to look back at the source of the voice. This distraction causes Genma to crash into a tree on the edge of a seaside cliff, accidentaly hurling Ranma's mother into the sea. As Nodoka plummets, Ranma, in his male form dives after her allowing Nodoka to see her son for the first time in over a decade.

Chapter 384: 再会と別れ
Saikai to wakare

(Reunion and Farewell)
Ranma grabs his mother in mid-air as they fall toward the sea. He throws Nodoka's katana into the cliff side and manages to balance on it safely while holding onto his mother. Nodoka and Ranma both have a tearful and emotional reunion while Ranma prepares to tell her the truth about his transformation. Just as he is about to tell Nodoka, Genma slides down on a rope, and covers his son's mouth. Nodoka tells Genma that he has done such a fine job raising their son to be manly, and bows causing the katana Ranma is standing on to slip out of its sheath and send all of the Saotome family into the ocean. Ranma smashes his head on a rock and is knocked unconcious as Nodoka sees he and Genma in their cursed forms. Back on shore Nodoka cradles female Ranma's head in her lap. Regardless of Ranma's curse she is still overjoyed with finally finding her son once again. Days later everyone returns to the Tendo home when Nodoka breaks some shocking news... she is taking Ranma and Genma back home with her.

Chapter 385: 乱馬、天道家を去る
Ranma, Tendo-ke o saru

(Goodbye Ranma?!)
Nodoka leaves Ranma and Genma at the Tendo's for one more night to say their goodbyes before she comes for them the following morning. Genma hates the thought of returning to a domestic situation after all his freedom and plans on going on a training trip, which Ranma quashes. Nabiki tells Ranma that Akane is crying down in the dojo about his leaving and that he should go and cheer her up. When Ranma heads down he is a little angry to find that Akane isn't crying, and he mistakenly believes that she isn't sad to see him go at all. The two get into a fight and Ranma leaves without saying a proper goodbye to his fiancee. At the Saotome home Ranma soon becomes depressed about not seeing Akane anymore, which confuses Nodoka. Three days later, Kasumi asks Akane to deliever some laundry Ranma had forgotten. When Akane arrives at the Satome home she finds Ranma with Kodachi, Shampoo and Ukyo, which causes her to leave without seeing Ranma.

Chapter 386: 母の贈り物
Haha no okurimono

(A Package from Mother)
Nodoka realizes that her bringing Ranma home has caused some problems for her son's relationship with Akane, and wants to try to patch things up. With summer vacation over and school starting once again, Nodoka asks Ranma to take a small gift to Akane in hopes she will have some use for it. Ranma agrees, until he realizes what is inside the tiny box... a ring! Ranma asks Nabiki to give Akane the ring, but Nabiki explains that it is an engagement ring with quite a bit of significance for his and Akane's relationship. Ranma realizes that giving her the ring at school would cause quite a scene, and he tries many schemes such as leaving her a treasure map to find the ring (which leads her to one of Gosunkugi's buried voodoo dolls instead) and dressing up as Nodoka and trying to give her the ring that way. Nothing seems to work and Akane only gets more and more angry as they have seen little of each other since Ranma moved away. Ranma's apparent games only frustrate things. Ranma returns home as a boy still dressed in his mother's kimono which causes further problems with him. Ranma quickly realizes that the only way to straighten things out is to get this ring to Akane.

Chapter 387: リングにかけろ!!
Ringu ni kakeru!!

(Bet on the Ring!!)
Ranma tries to formulate a plan to give Akane the engagement ring without it seeming like a big deal. His brilliant plan is to make it look like he was beaten up by a gang who tortured him for the ring, and if Akane will take it off his hands it would save him from any further injuries. Ranma makes it look like he was roughed up and sets off to give Akane the ring, but before he can Nabiki tells Kuno, Kodachi, Shampoo and Ukyo that Ranma is going to give Akane an engagement ring. Upon hearing this Ranma really is beaten up and his farfetched plan actually comes true. He tricks the girls into thinking Genma has the ring at the Saotome home, while he sneaks away to give it to Akane. The two sit down in a quiet park and Ranma hands her the box. Akane is genuinely happy to have the ring, and Ranma tells her he thought it would look nice on her. As Akane pull the ring from the case, the bottom lifts up to reveal that the ring is actually attached and forms the top of a pill box. Back at the Tendo home Nabiki laughs that Ranma actually thought it was a real ring, and Nodoka tells Akane that she would need the pill box due to the hardships faced by the Saotome women. With that the Saotome's move back into the Tendo home after Genma reveals that the Saotome home was destroyed by Shampoo, Ukyo and Kodachi as they searched for the engagement ring.

Chapter 388: 力づく繁盛記
Chikarazuku hanjo ki

(The Sales Force)
Ukyo has been out sick for three days, so Akane and Ranma decide to pay her a visit. When they arrive at Okonomiyaki Ucchan's they gind it covered in cobwebs and dust even though Konatsu has kept it open. They quickly realize that due to his years of living frugally he dilutes all the batter with water and is extremely skimpy on toppings for the customers, causing them all to stop coming by. Ranma and Akane promise to help Ukyo out until she feels better, but their martial arts manner of making okonomiyaki falls flat. Ranma tries to sex things up, which brings in lots of male customers until Akane gets angry and tosses hot water on him in front of everyone. Ukyo is ready to throw in the towel until Konatsu comes up with the brilliant idea of making mini-yaki, tiny okonomiyaki that are popular with girls due to their cute bite-size. This goes well until everyone realizes Konatsu was selling them for only two yen each. Konatsu finally thinks he understands what Ukyo wants and starts placing random denominations of yen inside each okonomiyaki he sell, which brings in tons of customers but almost drives her out of business.

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