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Ranma ½
volume 37
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1995 Vol. 44 - 1996 Vol. 1
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 35

Chapter 389: 呪泉郷からの使者
Jusenkyo kara no shisha
(Messenger From Jusenkyo)
Late one night at the Jusenkyo Springs in China, two shadowy figures attack the Jusenkyo Guide. Back in Japan, Soun, Genma and Nodoka all force Akane to try on a wedding kimono. When Ranma sees this, he panics but admits that Akane looks cute in it. Of course Ranma gives her a back-handed compliment and she sends him flying. Sitting on the roof of the dojo, Ranma sees a flock of birds attacking a small girl. He jumps down to help her, only to be attacked by the two bird-men that attacked the Jusenkyo Guide in China. Ranma passes the girl off to Ryoga so he can fight, but the pair make short work of him. Ranma is only saved when a sudden storm transforms him into a girl, and the two bird men into ordinary humans who promptly flee. At the Cat Cafe, the girl reveals herself to be Plum, the daughter of the Jusenkyo Guide. She says that the bird men are after her map that holds the secret of Jusenkyo. If they were ever to find the map, then all the springs would run dry. High atop a smokestack in Tokyo, the two bird men, Masala and Koruma, greet their leader, a beautiful young bird-woman named Kiema who is very angered by their failure.

Chapter 390: 呪泉郷地図攻防戦
Jusenkyo chizu kobosen
(Battle For the Map!)
Cologne explains that at the top of Ho'o Peak is a single Jusenkyo spring that is only accessible to birds. The pool became a Spring of Drowned Birds and the water filtered down the mountain where it was drunk by the inhabitants of the area for centuries. Over generations they slowly evolved into the bird people that are now in search of the map. No sooner does Cologne finish telling everyone this, than Kiema, Masala and Koruma attack the Cat Cafe. Kiema's attack rips the map from Plum's hands and tears it into pieces, which Masala and Koruma collect and flee with. Soon after their retreat, they realize the pieces of paper they collected were not pieces of the map, but a menu. After this attack Ranma heads back to the Tendo home and packs, telling Akane that his going to stay at the Cat Cafe to ensure that the Tendos do not get in the middle of these dangerous attacks. He takes Genma with him, telling him that this affects everyone with a Jusenkyo curse. While Shampoo is riding through the neighborhood, Koruma attacks her with eggs. The eggs shatter and wrap her in strange threads until she is encased in a giant egg herself.

Chapter 391: シャンプーの卵
Shampoo no tamago
(Egg Shampoo)
At the Cat Cafe, everyone gathers around the shreds of the map. They decide that each person should keep a piece in order to prevent the bird people from getting it. Mousse, Ranma, Ryoga and Genma all take a piece, and only then do they realize that Shampoo is missing when it comes time for her to take her piece. On top of the smoke stack Kiema sits with her giant egg, which begins to hatch. Shampoo emerge and gazes at Kiema, imprinting on her and doing anything her new "mother" asks of her. That night as everyone search for Shampoo she meets each on of them on their on, and defeats them taking their pieces of the map. When she finds Ranma, she comes close to kissing him as Akane watches from the bushes. When Akane hits them, Shampoo drops the pieces of the map and Ranma realizes something is wrong. Shampoo jumps into a fountain and changes into a cat, which causes Ranma to run away and drop his piece of the map. Shampoo gathers them all and Kiema picks her up and flies away with Masala and Koruma, as everyone looks on in shock.

Chapter 392: 乱馬 中国へ
Ranma Chugoku e!!
(China Bound!!)
At the Tendo home, Ranma packs his bags and prepares to leave. Nabiki tries to sell him a picture of Akane, but he refuses and Ryoga buys it instead. Ranma, Mousse, Genma, Ryoga and Plum all board a small boat at the beach as they prepare to head to China. As Soun, Nodoka, Kasumi and Nabiki all say their goodbyes, Ranma notices that Akane isn't there. Instead she is down the beach worrying about what might happen and admitting to herself that she doesn't want to let Ranma go. She doesn't get a chance to say goodbye as they depart before she realizes she is too late, and a frustrated punch to the boat from Ranma causes it to promptly sink. At Ho'o Peak the Kiema, Masala and Koruma meet up with the rest of their fellow bird people and are to be honored by Lord Saffron, the ruler of the Phoenix People. This will be their first time seeing their ruler, but when the curtain is pulled back, only a marionette is found. Elsewhere Ranma and the others arrive in China and head to the first hot spring they find so they can change back to their normal selves. They rush off, but Plum learns that a "hot spring demon" has been attacking customers there of late. No sooner do Ranma and the others take a relaxing dip than they see something moving towards them under the water.

Chapter 393: 鳳凰山の王子様
Hoo-san no oji-sama
(The Prince of Ho'o Peak)
Suddenly a giant lobster attacks Ranma and the others, but Mousse quickly realizes it is not the true culprit as he punctures it with a pin, revealing it to be an inflatable toy. The real cause of the attack is a small child with a strange staff he calls the Kinjakan. He hurls the disk on its end at Ranma, knocking him back easily, but Ryoga manages to crush him under a rock. Everyone ties him up and plans to leave him behind until he promises that his Kinjakan staff can cut the two day trip to Jusenkyo into mere hours. They agree to bring him along, and he drags them behind on a bicycle and cart as his staff pulls them down the road at incredible speeds. The boy shows them a stairway that disappears inside of a cave and tells them that it will take them to the peak. Ranma and the others cautiously make their way up, while the boy triggers the stairs to collapse and sends them into a maze deep in the depths. Mousse manages to wrap a chain around the boy's Kinjakan and they begin to drag him down when suddenly Kiema flies in and saves him. Ranma and the others fall into the darkness taking the Kinjakan with them. The boy screams at Masala and Koruma for letting them take his staff, and the two promptly hit the brat for being so disrespectful. Kiema begs the boys forgiveness as she recognizes who he is- the future leader of the Phoenix People, Lord Saffron.

Chapter 394: 鳳凰山地下迷路
Hoo-san chika meiro
(The Labyrinth Beneath)
Kiema sends Masala and Koruma down into the depths to retrieve the Kinjakan from Ranma. As the two begin to investigate they are surprised to find a random series of tunnels that lead in circles. As it turns out, Ryoga has gotten lost and tunneled around using his Breaking Point technique. Ranma manages to fend off the two Phoenix People using the Kinjakan, but the flying disk ricochettes around the tunnel and slices Ryoga's backpack open. His wallet containing a picture of Akane and Akari falls out and he dives into a huge, dark shaft to catch it. Ranma grabs the other end, but the wallet tears and Ryoga plummets into the darkness holding Akari's picture, while Ranma is left with Akane's. A rockslide crushes Ranma and he is pinned until he sees the photo of Akane and digs towards it, freeing himself. Up ahead Ryoga has climbed up as well, and says that Akane and Akari have guided them to this dry well shaft. In the mountainside palace above, Saffron is resting as his manservant watches over him. The old man tells Kiema that Saffron has been searching for hot springs instictively, which seems to concern her. Saffron soon wakes up and says that he can hear intruders in the temple. Just then Ranma, Ryoga and Mousse come crashing in ready to fight for Shampoo and the map.

Chapter 395: 鳳凰山空中戦
Hoo-san kuchusen

(Dogfight Above the Peak)
Ranma and the others stare down Kiema as they prepare to battle. Ranma quickly realizes the power of the Kinjakan when he deflects Kiema's attack, but his inability to use the weapon causes him to slice the bridge they are standing on and send Mousse and Ryoga plummeting into the roof of a cliffside temple. Ranma manages to use the Kinjakan to fly back up and continue his skirmish. Meanwhile Ryoga and Mousse find a room filled with giant eggs, and upon cracking one an old man emerges and professes his devotion to Ryoga. Mousse soon realizes that this is how they have been controlling Shampoo. Outside Koruma and Masala make their way out of the caves and right into the middle of the battle. Ranma dispatches them and then notices Saffron up above on the bridge holding Shampoo. Unfortunately she's a cat and Ranma is too scared to go save her until Mousse wraps a chain around him and forces him up. In a panic, Ranma knocks out Shampoo and runs into Saffron's throne room where he finds the Jusenkyo map. Kiema summons Shampoo back to her, as Saffron opens a trap door sending everyone falling to their doom. When Kiema asks why they did not retrieve the Kinjakan and map first, Saffron says that that he wants to punish Ranma. He then picks up the picture of Akane that Ranma was carrying and tells Kiema to go bring her to China and throw her into Jusenkyo.

Chapter 396: あかね 呪泉郷へ
Akane Jusenkyo e

(Akane in the Spring)
Ranma and Mousse recover from their massive fall and study the map. As they fell, Saffron told them to follow the map to Jusenkyo's source, and there they would return Shampoo to them. Ranma is concerned that Ryoga rode off on the Kinjakan to find food (and winds up getting lost in Russia). Back in Tokyo, Akane is sitting in her room getting ready for school and worrying about Ranma. Suddenly a murder of crows crashes through her window and carries her away as Soun, Nabiki and Kasumi run upstairs to investigate the commotion. Eventually the birds leave Akane on the outskirts of Jusenkyo where she encourters Kiema, who explains that Ranma was carrying her photo. Akane denies that she means anything to Ranma, but a fight ensues and Akane is knocked into on of the springs. Once Ryoga has returned everyone continues on towards Jusenkyo and are shocked to find Akane lying in the road ahead. That night they stay at a local inn and Akane tells them that she has no idea how she got to China. After everyone goes to bed, Ranma takes a bath and angrily curses Saffron and his henchmen for involving Akane. He hears a knock at the door and Akane comes in to the bath, completely nude which shocks Ranma.

Chapter 397: 呪泉郷の異変
Jusenkyo no ihen

(Bad News at Jusenkyo)
Ranma gets nervous as Akane enters the bathroom and approaches him. He asks her what is going on, and why she is acting so unusual, but she hugs him and tells him the bad news... she fell into one of the Jusenkyo Springs. Ranma assures her that whatever happened to her he'd never hate her. As she hugs him, Ranma drops the Kinjakan and Akane begins to reach for it. Ryoga and Mousse enter the bath ready for their turn, and Ryoga shocked to see a naked Ranma and Akane embracing one another. In his anger Ryoga hits the faucet and a spray of cold water hits Ranma and Akane. Just then Ranma realizes that although he transformed, Akane did not. Suddenly Akane snatches the Kinjakan and jumps into the hot bath. From the water emerges Kiema! She explains that she threw the real Akane into a blank spring, thus creating a Spring of Drowned Akane. Kiema flies away into the night with the Kinjakan and the Jusenkyo map, leaving Ranma with the realization that the Phoenix People have Akane captive. The next day Saffron has located the source of Jusenkyo, a waterfall named Jusendo. Surrounding the waterfall are numerous entrances which are all boobytrapped. Saffron boils the Jusenkyo map which makes a second map appear that leads them into the peak. Elsewhere Mousse, Ryoga, Ranma and Genma finally find what they have been searching for all along... Jusenkyo! Just as they come to the springs, they all begin to dry up and disappear. Dejected, everyone heads into the Jusenkyo Guide's empty home and try to figure out what to do next. Plum tells them even without the map she can get them to Jusendo thanks to a tourism poster plastered on the wall. Inside Jusendo peak Akane awakens and finds herself inside a cell. On the other side of the bars Masala and Koruma watch her. Outside of Jusendo, Ranma and the others arrive to find the waterfall has stopped flowing. Without the map they do not know which door to enter, but they manage to find the employee entrance to the mountain and head inside. Suddenly they are splashed with cold water and must prepare to face off against Shampoo!

Chapter 398: あかね逃亡
Akane tobo

(Akane Breaks Out!)
Shampoo jumps right into battle with Ranma as he tries his best not to hurt her. He takes one of her bonbories away, while Mousse (in duck form) wraps her in chains. Shampoo kicks the bonbori out of Ranma's hand and it hits panda Genma. As it hits him, it splits open revealing the same eggs that cocooned Shampoo and brainwashed her. Ranma realizes she has to be the first person Genma sees in order to prevent Shampoo from enslaving him, but Shampoo beats him to the punch. As the two fight together, they overwhelm Ranma, and knock him into a wall with P-chan and Mousse. Plum hits a switch and the wall spins around allowing them to escape. She tells them that this passage should lead to the boiler room so that they can all change back. Meanwhile Akane awakens and manages to break the bars of he cell and escape. Much to her surprise she sees Ranma and the others running across a bridge below her in a huge columnar room. Ranma tries to grab her, but Koruma and Masala snatch her away and toss her into a tunnel while Ranma and the others plunge down the dark shaft. As Akane calls out to Ranma as he disappears, a shadowy figure grabs her from behind and covers her mouth.

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