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Ranma ½
volume 38
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1996 Vol. 2 - 12
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 36

Chapter 399: 鳳凰と竜
Hoo to ryu
(The Phoenix and the Dragon)
Inside the pipe, Akane is grabbed by a shadowy figure that she immediately attacks. Much to her surprise it is the Jusenkyo Guide, who is is meeting for the first time. The guide explains to her that Jusenkyo has run try and takes her to the heart of Jusendo, where the waters that fill the cursed springs originate. Deep inside the mountain Akane finds two spouts, one with a phoenix head and the other with a dragon's. Meanwhile Mousse, Ranma and Ryoga fell down a shaft and into a long drain that has sucked them down deeper into the mountain. Back at Jusendo, the guide points out an odd faucet spout atop the dragon's head. The faucet is missing from the phoenix, and the guide tells Akane they must turn the spout on the dragon's head to return the water to Jusenkyo. Just then Saffron flies into the chamber and is told by his manservant to insert the Kinjakan into the empty slot atop the phoenix spout. He turns the Kinjakan which begins heating the water and filling the pool below. The Jusenkyo Guide tells Akane that it is too late to turn the cold water tap on top of the dragon spout now, once the Kinjakan starts warming the water, it must be turned off before the cold water that fills Jusenkyo can be returned. Just then, Ranma, Mousse and Ryoga are washed out of the hot water spout that is filling the pool and immedeately begin to battle Kiema and Saffron. Ranma tackles Saffron into the hot water, which seems to be exactly what the boy wanted as white webs begin to wrap around Ranma and connect him with Saffron. The boy laughs as he tells Ranma he'll devour him as he is used as nutrients to feed his new form.

Chapter 400: サフラン変態
Saffron hentai
(The Saffron Egg)
Saffron tells Ranma that the hot water will allow him to transform, and that the web he is weaving will soon form an egg around him allowing for his metamorphosis. Ranma breaks free, but the webbing around his arms starts to harden into glass. Ryoga realizes Saffron is feeding on the hot water to fuel his transformation and uses his Breaking Point technique to drain the pool. The water keeps flowing though, and Akane, watching from on high with Jusenkyo Guide, decides to jump down and turn off the Kinjakan spout. As soon as she switches off the Kinjakan a bright light flashes from the weapon and Akane vanishes, leaving only her clothing behind. Ranma picks up her robes as they flutter down towards him, unable to speak after watching Akane get vaporized. Saffron calls her a fool and explains that a normal human can not touch the Kinjakan when it is in its water boiling mode. If they do it pulls all the water vapor out of their body and evaporates them. The water is still filling the room and Saffron's giant egg begins to take shape. Ryoga slaps Ranma to try and get him to snap out of his shock, but he is unresponsive. Ryoga carries Ranma out as the others make their retreat, unable to stop Saffron. Awhile later they are safe back at a small house on the mountainside. Ranma is still in shock and clutching Akane's robes over his glass-encased hands. Ryoga starts to break down as well at the though of Akane dying. Just then the Jusenkyo Guide takes Akane's robes and digs through them. Inside he finds a tiny doll that looks like Akane. He explains that when the moisture in her body was removed by the Kinjakan it caused her to shrink down. She can not move or talk, but the guide says there may be a way to save her.

Chapter 401: 竜の蛇口
Ryu no jaguchi
(The Spout of the Dragon)
The Jusenkyo Guide tells Ranma, Mousse and Ryoga that they can save Akane by rehydrating her using the water of Jusen. In order to do that they must stop the hot water flow and turn on the water from the Dragon spout. Ryoga uses his Breaking Point technique to tunnel back into the chamber and then fires his Lion's Roar blast to hurl Ranma towards the Dragon water tap. The blast is too strong though, and when Ranma catches the staff on top of the Dragon it flies off in his grasp. As Saffron's egg grows beneath them, its webs try to catch Ranma and use him for nutrition. Ranma swings the staff he caught and it slices the Dragon tap in two- it seems this faucet handle is a weapon like the Kinjakan. The Jusenkyo Guide tells Ryoga that the item is the counter to Saffron's weapon, it is a staff with the power of cold called the Gekkaja. Ranma then uses the Gekkaja to slash the Phoenix spout in half hoping that without the Kinjakan attached the cold water will start to flow again and he'll be able to restore Akane. Unfortunately the Phoenix head falls onto Saffron's huge egg and cracks it. The webs toss Ranma into a wall where rocks fall in his path and knock him unconcious. When he wakes up he is in a room and little Akane has been taken out of his shirt. He tries to climb out of bed but quickly realizes his legs are shackled to an iron ball. The door to the room slowly opens and Shampoo appears holding tiny Akane and ready to tear he head off.

Chapter 402: 最後の思い出
Saigo no omoide
(A Last, Sweet Memory)
Shampoo knows that the little doll is really Akane and that the water of Jusen can save her. After revealing this to Ranma she holds out a glass bottle filled with the water and tells Ranma that if he wants to save Akane he'll have to allow Shampoo to use the imprinting eggs on him and become her slave. Ranma agrees, and as Shampoo prepares to throw the eggs at him he hits her with the iron ball on his feet and catches the eggs in his mouth and spits them back at her. When he breaks the egg though, all he finds is the bottle of water Shampoo was carrying. The Amazon appears behind him and smashes his face into the bottle, transforming him into a girl and wasting the precious water. Shampoo tells Ranma she will kill him now, and turns him back into a boy using a kettle of hot water, but before she kills him she wants to make-out and have one last, sweet, memory. Ranma realizes that Shampoo might have more eggs and asks to see her naked. Unknown to Ranma and Shampoo they are in the same cliffside house that Mousse, Ryoga, Plum and the Jusenkyo Guide are in. As Mousse hears Ranma asking Shampoo to undress he breaks through the wall and starts to fight Ranma. He hits Ranma's glass covered hands with the Gekkaja and breaks them free. His hands now freed, Ranma grabs Shampoos eggs and throws them at her, trapping her within one of the imprinting eggs. Mousse stops him before he can break it and make her his slave, deciding that he should be the one to control her. Ryoga agrees, and Mousse hesitates as he agonizing over the thought of forcing Shampoo to fall in love with him. Back inside the mountain Kiema and Saffron's manservant feel a huge rumbling and rush into the Giant Bath and find Saffron's egg beginning to hatch due to Ranma's carnage, but the old man cries out that it is too soon for Saffron to emerge.

Chapter 403: サフラン誕生
Saffron tanjo
(Saffron Reborn)
The old man tells Kiema that Saffron is hatching three days too early and that the results could be bad. In the cliffside house, the earthquake caused by Saffron's hatching is starting to shake the place apart. Mousse still can not decide if he should make Shampoo his slave, and while he thinks it over, Genma who is under Shampoo's control comes in and begins attacking Ranma and Ryoga. As the house falls apart one hits Mousse and makes him crack the shell, as Shampoo emerges he holds a mirror up to her face so that rather than imprint on him she will be free from anyone's control. Unfortunately for Mousse Shampoo runs to Ranma's side rather than thank him for freeing her. As Saffron hatches the house falls apart and Ranma and the others fall into the cavern where Saffron is emerging from his egg. He has grown up rapidly, but realizes his transformation has failed, he will not be able reach full power. He tells Ranma that the reason for his transformation was so that he could provide light and heat for the Phoenix people. Saffron wants his revenge and begins his battle with Ranma. Ranma takes little Akane out of his shirt and asks her to hang on just a little longer, but he soon realizes something is wrong... Akane's eyes are beginning to close.

Chapter 404: 激突!!乱馬VSサフラン
Gekitotsu!! Ranma VS Saffron
(Ranma Battles Saffron!!)
The Jusenkyo Guide tells Ranma that if he does not rehydrate Akane before her eyes close she will die. Ranma realizes that he'll have to get the water flowing soon or it will be too late for Akane. Unfortunately Saffron want his revenge and slams Ranma with a fireball that throws him through the side of the cave and out the side of the mountain. As things start to break down Kiema tries to step in, but is stopped by Shampoo who is eager to get revenge for being enslaved. Ranma uses the Gekkaja to slice Saffron's wings off, but is shocked when they quickly regenerate as they are bathed in his flames.

Chapter 405: 月渦蛇の力
Gekkaja no chikara

(The Power of the Gekkaja)
Ranma does not know how he can beat Saffron if he continues to regenerate, and Saffron mocks him telling him the only way to defeat him will be to rip his body apart. Saffron rips one of his own wings off and ignites it before hurling it at Ranma. The fire will surely kill Ranma, but suddenly Akane slips out of his shirt and is hit head on by the blaze. Saffron is sure that Ranma was killed, but quickly realizes Akane absorbed the blast. Because she has no more moisture to lose, Akane was able to protect Ranma from the firey blast without getting hurt. Inside the cave the old man tells Masala and Koruma that they need to retrieve the Kinjakan for Saffron, who is still battling Ranma outside. Ranma quickly realizes that the Gekkaja he has been holding has ice based powers. He starts tilling up the ground using it to create a icy spiral beneath him, now when Saffron blasts him with fire Ranma counters with the Hiryu Shoten Ha. The tornado confuses Saffron, but he manages to navigate inside it using his wings. Suddenly Ranma appears behind him inside the tornado and hits him with the Gekkaja, freezing half of Saffron's body. Before Ranma can finish off Saffron Masala and Koruma arrive and toss him the Kinjakan.

Chapter 406: あかねの微笑み
Akane no hohoemi

(Akane's Smile)
As Ranma and Saffron cross weapons the attacks are repelled back at their users. The flames from the Kinjakan have no effect on Saffron, but Gekkaja's wintery blast is very hard on Ranma. Ranma slams the Gekkaja into a boulder and hurls it at Saffron. When the rock hits Saffron the flames that have engulfed Ranma's tornado immediately begin to weaken. Ranma quickly realizes that because of Saffron's pampered lifestyle he is unable to take a punch. Ryoga picks up on this too and begins to use the Breaking Point to send debris into the tornado for Ranma to use. Ranma knocks Saffron into the center of the tornado, but the heat from Saffron's body becomes so intense that all the debris begins to turn into lava. Saffron emerges from the tornado glowing white hot and uses his ultimate technique, the Instant Annilation of All Mortals Blast. The lava from the attack will melt Ranma instantly so he turns the Gekkaja on himself creating a frozen shell to protect Akane and himself. Ranma knows that with his now frozen hands he can counter Saffron's attack with a Hiryu Shoten Ha inside the tornado. Saffron is anger by Ranma's innovative defense and fires another Instant Annilation of All Mortals Blast. This time the glow is so strong Ranma cannot see Saffron, so Akane dives towards the center of the blast, absorbing enough heat to show Ranma where to strike. Ranma slams Saffron with his new icy tornado punch, The Flying Ice Dragon. The vortex is so stong it tears Saffron's body apart. On the ground everyone cheers Ranma's victory, and Ranma flies through the air and catches Akane's tiny body. She smiles at Ranma as her eyes close.

Chapter 407: 最終話.乱馬とあかね
(Saisho-wa) Ranma to Akane

(The Final Chapter)
Ranma realizes that if he waits for them to fall he will not be able to get her to the Jusen water in time. There is enough remaining steam in the air from the tornado that Ranma can pull off one last Hiryu Shoten Ha. This time he hurls the Gekkaja at the Dragon spout and has Ryoga turn the spout on. Using the Hiryu Shoten Ha he rips the head off so that the water will flow upwards into the tornado and wash over Akane. Ranma transforms into a girl as the cold water hits him and Akane is restored to her full size. Unfortunately she is not breathing. Ranma carries her body over to water's edge and cradles her. He calls her stupid for trying to save him and then punches himself in the face for calling her that. He tells her he hopes she can hear him and cries over her body as he says he loves her. As he says this the tears drop onto Akane's face and she reaches up to embrace Ranma. She tells Ranma that she heard everything he said, which embarrasses him. While they have a tearful reunion, Mousse notices that Kiema is holding a small egg. The egg hatches and an infant Saffron pops out. After using up all his energy he was reborn as an egg. With no reason left to fight, the Phoenix People fly away back to Ho'o Peak. They discover that Ranma and Saffron's battle rerouted the cave system beneath the peak and created a spring for them to use when Saffron gets older. Now they will no longer have to attack Jusenkyo for their water. Later everyone travels back to the Jusenkyo springs as a strong storm has caused the springs to overflow and mix. Ranma admits that during the battle he no longer cared if he cured himself, all he wanted to do was save Akane. With no cure, everyone travels back to Japan. Shampoo frees Genma from her control and life returns to normal. Back at the dojo Soun and Genma knock Ranma out and dress him in a tuxedo. When Ranma wakes up they tell him that Akane has agreed to marry him, which does not sit well with him. He rushes into Akane's room to try and convience her it's a bad idea. When he walks into her room he finds Akane wearing her wedding dress and he is speechless. He tells her how nice she looks and Akane thanks him. Throughout town everyone receives invitations to Ranma and Akane's wedding. Ryoga wistfully says his goodbye to Akane as he stares at the sky and thinks of Akari. Ukyo tells Konatsu that she knew this day would come and prepares an okonomiyaki for them in celebration. At the Cat Cafe Mousse tells Shampoo that he knows it will be difficult for her to get over Ranma, but he is willing to wait for her. Back at the Tendo home, Ranma asks Akane why she suddenly decided to marry him. She says it's because he finally told her that he loves her when they were at the Jusendo Caves. Ranma refuses to admit that he ever said it which makes Akane mad. She tells him she won't force him to marry her, but she'll make him regret it. Downstairs, Soun has a special package from China- its a keg of Nannichuan water for Ranma, a gift from the Jusenkyo Guide now that the water level has returned to normal. Genma steals the water just as Ryoga accidently finds his way to the dojo. Then Mousse arrives to make sure Ranma ties the knot but wants the Nannichuan for himself. Shampoo and Ukyo show up and try to put a stop to things just as Kodachi and Tatewaki Kuno arrive. Soon Hinako, Daisuke, Hiroshi, Gosunkugi and all the other kids from school arrive as it turns out that Nabiki sent out invitations in order to get more gifts. Happosai sees the jug of Nannichuan water and guzzles it down after mistaking it for sake. As the whole wedding breaks down into a battle royale, Soun decides to delay things until Ranma and Akane are really ready to get together. The next day Ranma and Akane run into the sunset as they race each other to school.

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