Public Service Announcements

Over the years many extras and bits of information that are rarely reproduced have been included with the various releases of Ranma . We've collected those often forgotten about items here.

Anti-Bootleg Warnings The VHS versions of the OVAs included three public service announcements warning against bootlegging the videos. These hilarious voice overs were not included on the DVD releases, but we have them here in their entirety. Click here to give them a watch.

Special Edition Inserts
In the days of VHS, subtitled and dubbed tapes were released seperately. Each of the original subtitled tapes were released in clamshell cases with cultural notes such as these included. Viz included these inserts only for the first few VHS and OVA tapes which were released side-by-side in the mid-1990s.

Deleted Scenes
The first two Ranma films were released on laserdisc with a large booklet that included all of the storyboards for the film. The following were scenes that were storyboarded but never animated. You can read more about the context of these scenes by reading about them in the Movies section.

An Introduction to Ranma