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Ranma Albums
Movie & OVA Soundtracks

The first film's soundtrack also known as "Big Trouble in Nekonron, China" in English. The domestic release has a different cover featuring the cast from the film standing together. The music for this film was written by Kenji Kawai.

Movie 1 OST: Huge Decisive Battle in Nekonron, China! Breaking the Rules of Fierce Fighting!
released 11/13/91


1. Overture
2. Great Confusion! A Gathering of the Whole Crew
3. Lychee & Jasmine
4. Kirin Visits
5. Happosai's Reminiscence
6. The First Battle to Reclaim Akane
7. The Journey to Nekonron
8. The Second Battle to Reclaim Akane
9. Kirin's Resolve
10. The First Castle: Bishamonten
11. The Second Castle: Daikokusei and Daihakusei
12. The Third Castle: Muu
13. The Fourth Castle: Monlon
14. The Fifth Castle: Ebiten
15. The Decisive Battle! The Wall of Chopsticks
16. The End
17. It's Love
18. Finale

This was a limited release bundled with the "Movie 1 Best Scenes" highlight video, and is extremely rare.

Movie 1 Drama CD: Huge Decisive Battle in Nekonron, China! Breaking the Rules of Fierce Fighting!
released 1/21/92


1. The decisive battle in Nekonron, China! -Opening-
2. Great confusion in the town! A gathering of the whole crew, chasing and being chased
3. Enter Lychee: Jasmine appears from a black cloud
4. SKirin visits from the sky, when it thunders
5. Now, Happosai's reminiscence being revealed
6. The battle to reclaim Akane: Pursuit in the sky and on the sea
7. The Journey to Nekonron: Pickles, and dishes of Akane's own cooking
8. The Battle to Reclaim Akane: Showdown on the Ship
9. Proposal to Akane: Kirin's resolve
10. Reaching Shichifuku-zan: The battle against Bishamonten
11. Ranma on the Go Board: Attack of Daikokusei and Daihakusei
12. Huge Enemy: Muu's Weird Behavior
13. Ultimate Feat: Monron vs. Shampoo
14. Last Fort: Ebiten's Nightmare
15. The Decisive Battle! Kirin vs. Ranma: The Wall of Chopsticks and the Watery Feat
16. The End: Lychee's Love and Kirin's heart
17. IT'S LOVE -To the Return Trip-
18. The Decisive Battle in Nekonron, China! -Ending-

The second film's soundtrack is also known as "Nihao, My Concubine" in English. The domestic release has a different cover. Akihisa Matsuura, who worked on the later half of the television series scored the film's soundtrack and the music is in that vein.

Movie 2 OST: Decisive Battle at Togenkyo! Take Back the Brides!!
released 7/17/92


1. On the Sandy, White Beaches...
2. The Wreck of the Lady Binsense
3. Peaches!?
4. Shadow Attack
5. Toma, Prince of Illusions
6. The Legend of Togenkyo
7. Sneaking into the Enemy Fortress I
8. Harem Palace
9. Survival Game
10. Sneaking into the Enemy Fortress II
11. Great South Seas Battle I: First Fight
12. The Slap!
13. The Lament of a Motherless Child
14. Great South Seas Battle II: Wonton
15. Great South Seas Battle III: Toristan
16. Great South Seas Battle IV: Sarutoru
17. Final Battle!
18. To the Horizon...
19. A Piece of Love

This is one of the rarest of Ranma albums, and also one of the best. It features music from the OVA series as well as the third movie, with music by Kenji Kawai and Akihisa Matsuura.

Ultra Anything-Goes Decisive Battle! Movie and OVA OST
released 8/25/94


1. Love Panic
2. A Certain Clear Day...
3. Premonition of Case
4. Panda's March!?
5. Mysterious Secrets
6. A Formidable Enemy's Appearance
7. Doubtful Doubtful Pursuit Travel
8. Guilty Cover Up
9. Smartly Dressed and Going Out
10. Tendo Family's Fantastic Christmas
11. Crossing the Wind of Society is Chilly
12. One Large Resolution
13. Ranma * Anything Goes Martial Arts, Large Decisive Battle!
14. Akane's Thoughts
15. The Ballad of Ranma & Akane
16. Overture
17. Phoenix's Birth
18. Frightful Beak Attack
19. Dreadful Tenacity
20. Large Decisive Battle in the Bathroom
21. Phoenix's Secret
22. Kind Gesture
23. Akane's Big Pinch
24. Ranma vs Phoenix Sword
25. Phoenix * Frightful Gigantic Change
26. Do or Die Mid-Air Battle
27. Destruction
28. Phoenix's Leaving the Nest
29. Leaving Behind Pebbles
30. Neverending Summer Vacation

This was the first release by DoCo and contained the songs the performed for the OVA series.

DoCo First
released 7/21/91


1. Prologue
2. Us From Now On
3. Red Shoe Sunday
4. Liar
5. A Slightly Hilly Road
6. So Many Memories
7. Him

This is the second collection of DoCo songs taken from the OVAs opening and endings.

DoCo Second
released 12/16/94


1. A Pure & Honest Christmas
2. In the Middle of Elementary School
3. Never-Ending Summer Vacation
4. The Sparkling Sky & Your Voice
5. Love Vanished Once (Regretably)
6. Mutual Love is Complex (Live)

This is a collection of the instrumental versions of all of DoCo's work.

DoCo Original Karaoke
released 1/20/95


1. Us From Now On
2. Red Shoe Sunday
3. Liar
4. A Slightly Hilly Road
5. So Many Memories
6. Him
7. Equal Romance (One Chorus)
8. A Pure & Honest Christmas
9. In The Middle of Elementary School
10. Never-Ending Summer Vacation
11. The Sparkling Sky & Your Voice
12. Love Vanished Once, Regretably
13. Mutual Love is Complex
14. Mutual Love is Complex (Live Version)

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