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This is a special CD of "image songs" which are songs that are usually preformed by the cast, and do not appear in the television show. "I Won't Be A Kind, Good, Girl" commonly known as "Akane's Baka Song" is one of the most well known songs from the series.

1991 Music Calendar
released 11/21/90


1. (Jan.) The Best Thing in the World! I Love New Year!
2. (Feb.) A Black Rose For Valentine's
3. (Mar.) I Won't Be a Kind, Good Girl
4. (Apr.) Tonight is April Fools
5. (May) Cat Cafe Menu Song
6. (June) Father
7. (July) So Many Memories
8. (Aug.) Magical Limbo Dance
9. (Sept.) Dear Akane
10. (Oct.) Ready * Go!
11. (Nov.) November Rain
12. (Dec.) Character's Christmas

Also known as "Akane no omoide nikki," it contains Akane's thoughts and rememberances about Ranma, Shampoo, Mousse, the drama contest, the Principal and Gambling King. The album was only available by mail order from the Kitty Animation Circle.

1992 Music Calendar - Akane's Diary of Memories
released ???


1. Talk 1
2. Talk 2
3. Talk 3
4. Talk 4
5. Talk 5
6. Talk 6

A very rare release, the packaging contained cards with various manga and anime imagery included. The songs were all remixed as well.

1993 Music Calendar
released ???


1. No Way! Part 2
2. A Piece of Love
3. So Many Memories
4. Little Date
5. Don't Make Me Wild Like You

A difficult to find release that has a few songs easily found on other CDs and a few dialog tracks which feature conversations between Kappei Yamaguchi (Ranma) and Noriko Hidaka (Akane).

1995 Music Calendar
released 10/1/94


1. Talk 1
2. Don't Make Me Wild Like You
3. Talk 2
4. Equal Romance
5. Talk 3
6. No Way! Part 2
7. Talk 4
8. Lambada Ranma
9. Talk 5
10. Friends

An Introduction to Ranma