Platonic Tsuranuite
(Let's Keep It Platonic)
performed by: Kaori Sakagami
appears in episodes: 1 - 13 (Version 2 10-13)
english sing-a-longable lyrics by: Trish Ledoux

Dare mo inai umie ni, anata to futari
Hashagi sugita toki ga shizumaru

Mukuchi ni naa hitomi ga naze ka kowai wa
Sora mo, umi mo, nami mo tônkoku no

Aa~! Koyubi ga furete mo, shôto shisô yo
Ai ga sodatsu made, sukoshi matte

Kuchibiru no sunatsubu, sotto haratte
Anata no me no naka no watashi o miru

Puratonikku o tsuranuite ne
Yakusoku yo
Puratonikku de tsuranuite ne
Anata ga suki

Here's the scene: An empty, romantic beach...
You and I are all alone.
Playful times, when we ran, holding hands...
It all goes still.

Look that's in your eyes, it somehow scares me...
What is there for us to fear?
In the skies, and the sea, and the waves...
So far away.

Ah! Don't think I can stand this feeling...
Just the touch of your hand.
Can't you see I still need some time...
Till I'm ready again?

As you brush the grains of sand from my lips...
Touch me so tenderly.
In your eyes, I see myself standing there...
Just where I want to be!

Let's keep it friends, let's keep it friends for now
C'mon promise me...
Let's kee it friends, let's keep it friends for now
Even tho' I love you!

An Introduction to Ranma ½