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Ranma Albums
TV Soundtracks

This contains a few vocal tracks and background music from the early seasons of the show. The music is mostly Chinese influenced, and was composed by Hideharu Mori.

Musical Dojo Vol. 1
released 7/21/89


1. Don't Make Me Wild Like You
2. Here's Ranma! / You'd Better Let Me Handle This
3. Am I seeing What I Think I'm Seeing...?/ You've Gotta Be Kidding/ My Father, the Panda
4. Me!? Marry That Pervert!? / Life as Usual / "Okay" Is Not the Word
5. Tatewaki Kuno, Age 17 / Now Do You Get It!?
6. Kung Fu Action Parts 1 & 2
7. O Jusenkyo! / For the Sake of the Art / His 'n' Her Suffering
8. You Don't Love Me Back / The Tofu Waltz
9. Are You Reading My Moves? / Cut to the Chase / I'll Get You Next Time For Sure / Eyecatch No. 1
10. Two-Part Secret Heart
11. Eyecatch No. 2 / What a Sweet Widdle Piggy / You're SO Uncute / Ranma vs. Ryoga / You Don't Love Me Back Redux
12. Twisted Sister / Concerto in Black Rose
13. Greetings from China / You I Love / A Tight Spot
14. Something's Out There / I Know What You're Up To
15. Just So Long as You Realize / Interlude / Flamingoes Take Flight (Ranma's Conscience)
16. It's Like a Dream / No Surrender / Off the Top Rope / Hijinks Ensue
17. Let's Keep it Platonic

The second CD of background music continues with the "Chinese sound" so familiar in Ranma music. The music on this release was composed by Kenji Kawai.

Musical Dojo Vol. 2
released 1/21/90


1. "Meet Ranma Saotome" / Danger Threatens / Here Comes a New Challenger
2. An Evil Omen
3. Prepare for the Worst
4. Cat-Fu Fighting
5. Panda Hopscotch / Down Home Country Goodness
6. Lather, Rinse, & Repeat / Happy, Shiny Morning
7. A Melancholy Moment
8. Skulking in Corners
9. Making the Best of It / Come One, Come All / Carnival
10. Kuno's Counterattack
11. This Should Be a HAPPY Occasion / Plans 'n' Plots
12. Cut to the Chase Part 2
13. Cut to the Chase Part 3
14. All Purty, Like
15. Wistful "What If"s / It Could Have Been
16. The Comeback Kid / Eyecatch No. 3
17. Eyecatch No. 4 / Pomp and Stupid Stances / Anything-Goes Takeout
18. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is / Same As it Ever Was
19. Curse of the Full-Body cat Tongue / Eldritch Arts / The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Smelts / Danger Hits a New Level (The Phoenix Pill)
20. P-chan's Dilemma / Beat the Clock
21. A Blushing Example of Japanese Womanhood
22. Can't You See Where I'm Coming From?
23. Mousse Needs Women
24. Hurry, Ranma Saotome!
25. Akane's Daydream / Ever Since I Was a Little Girl
26. In the Throes of Combat / It All Comes Down to This
27. Don't Mind China Boy

Also known as Furoku teki ongen, this was packaged with early releases of Musical Dojo Vol. 2.

Fierce Fighting Music Supplemental
released 1/21/90


1. M-7
2. M-42
3. M-43
4. M-44
5. M-45
6. M-46
7. M-47
8. M-50
9. M-51
10. M-54

After Junji Nishimura took over as director he began to use newer musical selections in the show which began showing up towards the end of season 5. These mellow synthesizer pieces come from that portion of the show, and are among some of the best from the discography, with selections written by both Kenji Kawai and Akihisa Matsuura. The CD booklet comes with dozens of chibi character stickers for almost all the characters ever to appear in the TV show.

Strongest Music OST
released 6/3/92


1. The Line Of Kindness
2. Nostalgia
3. A Messenger from the Darkness
4. The Squeals of an Easily Amused Person
5. Public Park Where Sunlight Filters Through the Trees
6. Dining Table of Hopes and Desires
7. Bad Girl's Invitation
8. Sad Love
9. A Happening By the Sea
10. The Last Lesson
11. Challenge Again
12. A Movie-Like Story
13. Easily Amused, Again

An Introduction to Ranma