News and Updates

May 28, 2016- Added Kettebei Ranma 1/2 album to the discography.

October 31- Once again huge thanks to Jeffrey Roberie for passing along more of the inserts from the old subtitled VHS tapes. We've added volume 6's insert this evening with lots of classic notes on the episodes included and comments from the Viz staff.

June 14, 2014 - Much thanks goes out to Jeffrey Roberie for sending in copies of the inserts Viz included in the earliest subtitled VHS tapes from the mid-1990s. These are quite uncommon now so it's great to be able to share them with everyone. They can be found in our Miscellaneous - Extras section. Thanks again, Jeffrey!

March 12, 2013- I've added the newest Ranma Pachislot game to the video games section.

June 15, 2012- I've added Japanese script to the manga summaries section. Eventually this will expand to other sections including the anime episodes, character names and other places throughout the site.

December 11- I've added a summary of the new (and quite enjoyable!) Ranma live action drama (check it out under the Anime/Specials section), as well as the two new artbooks (under Manga/About). The live action will be getting a DVD and Blu-Ray release in March of 2012 so be on the look out for it.

October 7- I've added some new casting new to the website regarding the new Ranma live action special. Be sure to check the front page of Rumic World for all the details. Also I've added the b-side listing to the Present single, many thanks to Jeffry Wyre for that!

September 26- Strange but true, a live-action adaptation of Ranma was announced today and it will air in Japan in December. Click Rumic World for the announcement and early cast list!

June 27 - I've added White Game to the video games section.

April 18- I've added the last few voice actor pictures that I was missing to their respective character pages. These include Nodoka, Harumaki, Maomolin, the Panda Doodle and Mariko.

January 19, 2011- I've added the new "Fever Ranma " pachinko machine to the Video Games section.

June 12- I've added an article on the civil engineer to the Cultural Notes section.

June 1, 2010- I've added the new "My First Big" books to the "About the Manga" section of the site.

July 23- After years of searching I finally got a picture of the band VisioN for my musicians section, which is now complete! Big thanks to Jeffrey Wrye for passing it along!

February 5, 2009- I've added a new video which Ranma makes an appearance in, the Nintendo DS baseball game, Nettou Dream Nine. Check it out in the Video Game section!

December 27- I've updated the FAQ a bit to clarify things in the wake of the recent OVA.

September 26- I realized some of my midis used the Japanese names, whereas my track listing used the Viz track names (which are different, and not literal translations). I've changed the midis to match Viz's (not sure why). So at least you can find where they are on which CDs without any confusion hopefully.

August 2- I've added info on the new Ranma OVA/Special to the OVA section! Wow! Incredible news! I'm excited!

July 17- Cleaned up some dead links.

June 7- I've added a new link to a Ranma Music page, fixed up some stuff on the FAQ, and added a little thing about Obocchama-kun in the Cultural Notes section.

April 12- Thanks again to Toshiaki for sheding some light on Japanese swimming techniques, which you can now read about in the Cultural Notes section.

April 8- Added a link to a new Ranma site, Ranma Forever and wrote a little more about the connection between Ranma Movie 1 and Saint Seiya.

January 18, 2008- Happy New Year everyone! We're entering our tenth year here at Ranma Perfect Edition, which is pretty amazing. Again, tahnks to Toshiaki for helping me find some information on Kuidaore Taro, which you can read about in our Culture Notes section, and see how he relates to our favorite manga series.

December 16- I've added some info about Shampoo's weapons of choice to the Cultural References section. Thanks to Toshiaki for the info!

November 18- More thanks to Toshiaki for his assistance providing some nuance to the name translations of Kinnosuke Kasaho and Yotaro. I also redid the images in the About the Manga section, so they look nice and fresh.

November 10- Big, big thanks to Toshiaki Yamada for helping me compile some new content for the Cultural References, such as Hanafuda cards, Oyoge Yutaro, and Machibikeshi. Be sure to check it out!

October 26- Ta-da! After weeks of hard work and double checking things, redoing many sections and just overall improving everything about the site, I'm proud to unveil what I expect to be the final version of Ranma Perfect Edition. You'll notice the design is based on Mason's Tomobiki-cho, which we also used as our basis for the recent redesign of The Inuyasha Companion. I hope you enjoy the hard work and hopefully learn some new things as well.

July 2- Thanks to Toshiaki Yamada for clarifying Shampoo's early introduction in the anime, which I've updated in the FAQ.

May 11, 2007- I've added the cover to the Hiryu Densetsu game to the Video Games section.

December 20- Well, that's it. As far as I can tell there are no more updates to make, no more characters to add. I've added the Phoenix People to the character section, and a few new minor characters as well. Those will be the last updates until something new gets released in Japan. Otherwise continue to check Rumic World for new news. Its been a pleasure working on this site for the last eight and a half years, and I hope it continues to bring as much joy to its visitors as I had in making it.

December 16- Getting closer to finishing up here. I've redone the image links in the Items and Locations section to make them look much nicer and I've added all the rest of the items and locations from throughout the series.

December 13- I've finished the last of the manga summaries. Finished after all these years. I removed the New Releases section too since there won't be anymore. I still have a few more updates I want to make for the site before I wrap things up here.

December 10- My comps are all done, I'm on my way towards getting my Master's degree and I've added the summary for chapters 399 and 400 for volume 38.

November 23- I've changed the main to reflect the end of the Ranma manga after 16 years. I also wrote an article for Rumic World about my experience with the series that I hope you'll all check out.

August 8- I've added links to other Ranma sites to the Links section.

August 2- I've added the rest of the chapters to volume 37 and updated the New Releases.

July 28- Well, here it is. The beginning of the end. I've posted the first five chapter summaries for volume 37.

June 11- I've finished the manga summaries for volume 36. I've also added many new items, locations and minor manga characters.

June 10- I've started on the manga summaries for volume 36. I should have the second half up soon. Perfect Edition also just passed its eighth anniversary! Hooray!

May 12- I've added volume 34 (Japanese Volume 36) to the New Releases section. Hopefully I'll get to the manga summaries soon.

April 8- Sorry it too so long, but I finally finished the summaries for volume 35.

March 18- I've updated a few of the summaries for volume 35. More to come soon.

January 3, 2006- I've added the summaries for the last three chapters of volume 34. Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you all have a better 2006 than I had in 2005.

November 18- I've added the summaries for the Bust Battle chapters (360-363).

November 14- I've added the chapters about Hinako versus Principal Kuno.

November 13- Kicking off a new volume (34) with two chapter summaries, the Setsubun bean plant and Ranma's Valentine's day admirer.

September 18- Finished up my summaries for volume 33 with the Hayato chapters, and added the minor characters Mushroom Farmer and Jizo.

September 17- I've added the summaries for the Shussemaru and Onsen Vacation chapters to the Manga Summaries section.

September 14- I've added the Jizo Shampoo chapters to the Manga Summaries section.

September 11- Added the mushroom chapters to volume 33. Hard to believe it has been four years since the Trade Center, huh?

September 10- Sorry for the delay in updates. Well, there just isn't a lot to do other than summarize manga chapters. But the delay came from 1) Starting graduate school (ugh), and 2) Hurricane Katrina (Rumic World is based outside of Biloxi and we lost touch with our family for a few days). So I've added Densuke to the Characters section, and the doctor to the minor manga characters page, updated the New Releases, and summarized the first two chapters of volume 33.

May 30- I finished the summary for volume 32.

May 29- I added a few more chapters to the summary of volume 32, and updated the new releases.

May 28- A big, big change has come to Perfect Edition, as I am sure anyone reading this has noticed. We've moved from the main page, to a subsection, so that Rumic World could move front and center. But we're still here with tons of great information, new summaries for Volume 32, with more to come.

March 22- I got Aloha School summarized to conclude the summaries for Volume 31.

March 19- Cold Summer Noodles, and both the Vengeful Spirit Doll chapters have now been summarized. I have one more to do for volume 31.

March 6- I added two new summaries to volume 31 in the Manga section.

February 26- I've added links in the Manga Summaries section to help you in purchasing the Ranma books for yourselves.

February 23- Added a few more chapters to the manga summaries for volume 31.

February 13- Happy Valentine's day to you all! I got the newest book, so I'm working on summaries for volume 31. Viz decided to translate Lukkosai's name as Rakkyosai (it's the more literal translation anyway), so that's what I'm going to use as well. Updated his page a little and the new releases as well.

January 19, 2005- I added the release dates for the final three OAVs to the Anime section.

December 15- I finished summarizing volume 30 in the manga section. Please be sure to check out a new project I'm working on to get the old Rumic World and Mermaid OAVs (both by Rumiko Takahashi!) brought to DVD.

December 10- I added the summaries for the first three stories from volume 30 and updated Akari Unryu's character profile a bit.

November 29- I added volume 28 to the New Releases section, and should have some summaries up soon. Also, on December 1st Rumic World will have it's annual quiz up, so be sure to enter for a chance to win some great prizes.

November 20- I reorganized the anime releases pretty extensively in order to reflect the Japanese order of the show. I also added a question on the FAQ to explain why Viz reorganized the episodes in the first place.

November 8- I fixed a few typos in the Anime section. A few more days until the English debut of Akari Unryu!

August 30- I added some new information about the Specials, to flesh their descriptions out a little more.

August 13- I added a new main, I hope you enjoy the change.

August 10- I finished up the summaries for volume 29 and touched up Kinnosuke's name translation a bit.

August 9- Well, I finally got the new book, Japanese volume 29 (a personal favorite), and I'm in the process of summarizing it. I have some of it done. I added more to Pink and Link's profile, as well as Kinnosuke, and did some new items and locations too. I'll get the rest of the chapter summaries up over the next few days.

June 19- I added a few new voices to the minor characters listing (Priest from the OAVs, Antique Salesman from the third film, etc) and a few new CD ISBN numbers to the FAQ.

June 4- No sooner do I add the two new CDs the other day and I already have found the track listings. I also have the listing for the 1993 Music Calendar if anyone has the cover art I'll stick that up. I also did some FAQ revisions and CD release date corrections too.

May 30- Lots of new stuff today, I added the 1992 Music Calendar and the Movie 1 Drama CD to the Music Section, added the 1994 Music Calendar to the Anime Specials section, and the three exquisite Ranma videogame guidebooks plus the Tobidase! Ranma special book to the Manga information section.

May 12- I added voices for the theater director and the oni.

May 10- I added Satsuki Miyakoji's Japanese and English voice actresses.

May 6- I added the summaries for volume 28, updated the new techniques for Ranma, Genma, and Ryu Kumon as well as updated his character profile and the New Releases section.

February 20- I finished the summaries for volume 27.

February 16- I added the Lens of Invincibility story arc to the volume 27 summaries.

February 15- I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday. I added the new manga summaries, (volume 27), did a few new items, and some new minor characters and updated the new releases section.

January 12, 2004- Well, the Ranma anime is completely finished now. All the boxsets are now available, so that is over and done with. That's rather bittersweet. I did a little updating on the FAQ, and fleshed out Hinako, Pantyhose Taro, and Shinnosuke's character profiles a little more.

December 8- I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I am about to take my final exams and get my Bachelors degree (yay!). I added the summary for the new Graphic novel to the Manga Summaries section.

November 2- I added the rest of the information about the various manga volumes, such as Japanese titles, but did not summarize them. So those are now available in the Manga section. Volume 26 of the English manga should be out soon and I will have that summary up.

September 13- I added the newest graphic novel to the New Releases section since I forgot to do that before.

September 6- I finally got to summarize the new Ranma "graphic novel only" stories that are in Viz Volume 23. So I updated the manga summaries section (Vol. 25 Japanese numbering system remember). Nice to see Miss Hinako and Shinnosuke finally arriving on our shores.

August 21- And in the end... my final semester of undergraduate school begins and the final volume of Ranma is released. After following this series since 7th grade I'm sad to see it end. It's been a great ride. I added the final four episode titles to the Anime Summaries and added it to the New Releases section.

August 2- I added release dates for all the Specials and OAVs, as well as found the rest of the Japanese voice actors for the Anime Only Characters, Checkers, Civil Engineer and Orochi. I also added some information on Hiryu Densetsu, an old Ranma video game for the PC 98.

July 9- Where is the summer going? A big update! I added all the Viz covers back to the Gallery, as well as all the laserdisk covers and a collection of my Shonen Sunday covers. I also updated the Niku-Men's voice actors and images and did the same with Mariko Konjo and some of the Anime Only characters as well.

June 26- I added Princess Ori to the Anime Characters page.

June 25- I added a new image to Yuka and Sayuri's page, as well as adding Densuke's Mother to the minor manga characters page.

June 21- I added the mini-site all about Rumiko Takahahshi to the Introduction section.

June 18- I added the newest DVD, "Bring It On" as well as updated the episode titles.

May 15- I added the newest DVD, Battle for Miss Beachside, as well as added a comment about butsudans to the Cultural References section. Only two more Ranma DVDs left...

May 9- I added the "Memorial Book" and the "OAV + Movie" book to the "About the Manga" section.

May 3- I added quite a few new English voices to the Minor Characters and Anime Only Character sections as well as posted Herb's voice actor for the video game he appeared in.

May 2- I added a TON of new voice actors to the Minor Manga Characters and Anime Only Characters sections, plus added a picture of Harumaki's Japanese voice actor.

May 1- I added the Kumon Dojo to the Locations section, and added Ryu Kumon's father to the minor characters section.

April 10- I added a link to a great new One-Pound Gospel site as well as fixed some other links in that section. For those wondering about the slowness of the monthly manga releases, Viz has cancelled the their entire line of monthly comics and replaced them with graphic novels which are set to come out approximately every three months. This change affects Ranma as well as Inu-Yasha among other non-Takahashi releated works. Ranma will still come out... just not in a comic book format.

April 1- More updates to the FAQ.

March 30- I fixed a broken link to one of the emulators in the Video Games section.

March 27- I updated an answer in the FAQ.

March 22- I fixed some misslabeled images in the Music section as well as some typos. I also added Present to the Anime Summaries page where it should have been listed.

March 9- I added some information about Yuka's voice actress in Japan, and linked Volume 25 on the Summaries main.

March 8- Updated the New Releases section with the newest issue, and added the chapters ot the Manga Summaries.

March 5- I added the lyrics to (Don't You Know) It's Love, and Piece of Love to the lyrics section. Apparently these two got left off in the site redesign.

March 4- Updated the New Releases section with the newest issue, and added the chapters to the Manga Summaries.

February 19- Updated the New Releases section with the newest anime release, and added the English episode titles to the anime summaries.

January 31- I fixed a few misdirected links.

January 22, 2003- Celebrating Ranma Perfect Edition's fifth year online, the entire site has been rebuilt from the ground up. More information, images, CDs, Specials, Games, Characters, Summaries... more everything! It's all new!

December 21- I've added the newest issue to the News section as well as added the summary and the cover to the Gallery.

December 16- Back from Japan! I added the newest DVD release as well as updated the episode titles in the Anime Section.

November 17- Updated the Gallery, News, and Manga Summaries with the newest issue.

November 10- Added Ryu Kumon's voice actor to his character page.

October 13- Added the new anime "Kiss Me, Cat" to the News section, and updated the Episode Summaries with the English titles.

October 12- Added the new issue to the News section, Gallery, and Manga Summaries.

October 6- Added the final four French manga covers, provided by Beniot, to the Gallery. Removed the counter from the main.

October 3- Added the new Herb main.

September 29- Added Kimi to Boku to the Miscellaneous Lyrics.

September 18- Updated Shampoo's name translation.

September 15- Updated the Gallery, Manga Summaries, and News section with the new issue.

September 6- Added a new hidden scene to the Oddities section.

August 22- I've added a whole new section for the Singles of Ranma under the Track Listings in the Music section as well as adding One-Punch to to the Items section and the Gosunkugi Residence to the Locations section. I've checked the Music section to make sure all the translations of song titles match one another. Also, I added some new News regarding the return of the Hard Battle Disk 5. For those of you who may not know, this will be my final update for a few months as I am leaving for Japan on August 26th. My brother will handle all updates until I return around Christmas. The updates will still be just as frequent, so don't worry about a thing. Thank you all for your support, and I will see you in December.

August 15- I've updated the News section with the newest manga and anime releases. Finished the summaries for Volume 23 and started 24 with the new release. I've added the new English titles to the episodes and updated the Gallery as well. For a review of the new release (and past releases as well check out Rumic World.

August 11- Added new release dates for the 4th Boxset.

August 8- Updated the English news section regarding the faulty Hard Battle DVD.

August 3- In celebration of Herb's upcoming appearance in English I've redesigned the main. Also, if you are looking for the Interviews they can now be found at Rumic World.

July 28- A big update! I switched out a lot of images on the Characters pages, added new ones and split Mikado and Azusa's pages up so they each have their own. Split Yotaro and his mother and moved her to the Minor Characters section, and did the same with Shinnosuke and his Grandpa. I also added a new Gameboy Rom to the Video Games section entitled Ranma and did a minor update to the FAQ.

July 27- Added Satori and Kogane Musashi to the Anime Only Characters section.

July 17- I've added a few new entries to the Culture Section.

July 12- I added the newest manga, summary and cover.

July 11- I added a new question to the FAQ and added some new cover scans from the French manga. Thanks again Benoit!

July 10- I've added a new lyrics section that houses all of the miscellaneous and Image song lyrics.

July 5- I've added all the upcoming release dates to the News section.

July 4- I've added the Fishing Pole of Love to the Items section. Happy Independance Day everyone!

June 26- A huge update! I've completely redesigned the Manga Summaries section to provide more up-to-date information and give better summaries, information regarding original publication, and Japanese titles!

June 22- Some minor updates to the track listings such as adding release dates that were missing. I also added some new information about the Seven Lucky Gods and Momotaro (which relates to the second Ranma movie) as well as added the Moxibustion Priest and the Fishing Rod Salesman to the minor manga characters section.

June 19- I've added 4 new French manga covers courtesy of Benoit Desille once again. Thank you so much Benoit! Lychee was also kind enough to make two new midis from the Ranma puzzle game and I've added those as well. Thanks very much Lychee!

June 14- I've added the newest issue to the Gallery and updated the News section.

June 13- It's been awhile since I've added a new midi, huh? Very special thanks to Lychee for kindly writing AND donating Kaito Ranma from the Ranma puzzle video game.

June 9- The site's finally back up. Sorry for the downtime, the cause is still unknown. I've added the newest release "Initiation Nite" from the final season of Ranma to the News section. Check the Inspiration page under Oddities for a picture of the real area where Jusenkyo is supposed to exist. I also updated the English titles for the respectful episodes from this new DVD.

May 31- Lukkosai has now been added to the Characters section!

May 30- I updated some of the addresses of my links.

May 28- We've redone the main in celebration of a new colaboration, Rumic World!! Ranma Perfect Edition is proud to be the Ranma cog in the collection of greatest sites on Rumiko Takahashi's works. Look for more big things to come of this. Also I have added a new Gameboy Rom (simply titled Ranma until I finish the title translation), added a special section to the Culture page on language, and also the Relationship Chart is now in the Oddities section if you were looking for that.

May 13- I've added the newest manga to the News section as well as updated the Gallery. Also I added two new Japanese ads to the Oddities section under Advertisments.

May 7- I've added more French covers thanks to Benoit again. And also updated some of the upcoming release dates.

April 25- I've added the French manga covers to the Gallery. Special thanks to Benoit Desille for providing those. Thank you Benoit! I've also updated the Project ILM link in the Links section. Check that out if you would like to read the Urusei Yatsura mangas in English.

April 21- I've added a lot of new American News to the News section regarding the 3rd Season boxset and some other new Ranma products.

April 18- I've added a picture of a real Nerima area high school to the Inspirations heading under Oddities. Check it out and compare it to Furinkan!

April 15- I hope everyone has filed their taxes! I've added the newest cover to Part 11 Number 2 to the Gallery and updated the News section with the summary.

April 9th- I've added the VHS cover of the Movie 1 Preview from Japan. Special thanks to Kuma-chan for providing this rare image!

April 8th- I've added a new manga release date in the News section.

April 4- I've updated the Inspirations area under Oddities with a brief discussion of the costumes used in the Romeo and Juliet episode.

March 29- I completely redesigned the main and moved my Anniversary interviews to the Interviews section.

March 28- I added the lyrics and video captures of the songs from the "Hot Songs Collection" to my Lyrics section.

March 26- I've added summaries of all the Specials to the Anime Summaries section.

March 24- I've readded the ads that were lost when the site went down at Christmas as well the newest episode titles for the final volume of the Random Rhapsody season. The newest manga cover has been added to the Gallery and the News section has been updated with the new release dates and the new manga and anime. Also the Cultural Notes section now has an entry on Setsubun, a holiday involving the oni.

March 12- I've added the name of the new (and final) season of Ranma along with the first tape's title to the News section.

March 8- I've deleted some of the broken links in my Links section.

March 6- I've added the newest summaries to the Manga Summaries section as well as added the Headmistress to the Minor Manga Characters section, Sainokawahara Dorm to the Locations section, and an image of the new Season 2 Boxset to the News section.

February 28- I've added Tendo-ke no Oyobidenai Yatsura to the Gallery. Thanks so much Kuma for providing the scan!

February 27- I've added the newest issue, Part 10 Number 11 to the Gallery and News section. I'll have it added to the Manga Summaries section this weekend probably.

February 13- I've added the newest release dates to the news section.

February 7- I've added some news regarding the release of the Season 2 boxset. Thanks Reinier for passing on the info!

January 29- I've updated the News section with the newest anime release, updated the titles in Season 6, and added a little more about the translation of Dr. Tofu's name. Thanks to Kanehiro for help with that!

January 22- I added an "Upcoming Releases" section to my News section as well as the newest cover to the cover gallery and the summary to the Vol. 10 Summary.

January 14- Quite a large update today. I added the summary for manga Volume 10 and Genma's "Cradle From Hell" technique. I've also updated Mariko's section and added her many special techniqes. I also added Akane's magical sakura mochi to the Items section.

January 10- I added some news regarding projects that some of the voice actors are currently in to the News section.

January 6, 2002- Due to a server error the site has been down for quite a few days. Thankfully almost everything was backed up, and I've gotten everything up, except for the Gallery which I am in the process of doing now, and the some of the ads from the Oddities section, which I did not have backed up.

December 23- I added the newest issue to the News and Gallery and added the two monsters to the Anime Only Characters section.

December 12- A very large update today, a new main, a new interview, and some personal thoughts on all of it as Perfect Edition marks it 100,000th hit milestone and we celebrate the Tenth Plus Anniversary of Ranma in English. I've completely redesigned the Oddities section with many, many new subsections as well as the totally new main. I've also readded the Ranma RPG game with it's English translation.

December 6- Mr. Toshifumi Yoshida was kind enough to let us know about the casting of the new Inu-Yasha anime. You can read about the cast, which includes some familar faces in our speical report.

November 25- I've added the newest manga and anime to the News section as well as the English episode titles to the Anime Summaries section and added the new cover to the Gallery. I also added some more Anime-Only Characters. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

November 11- I added the newest announced anime title to the FAQ, and added some information about Shonen Sunday to the Cultural Notes section. Hopefully that will serve to enlighten some of you about Ranma's origin in world of Japanese publication.

November 1- I've fixed the Gallery and the missing images on the Characters pages.

October 29- A very special day for Perfect Edition! I'm permanently moving it to it's own server and off of Geocities. We can now be found at Please update your bookmarks! We also have added the newest issue featuring Ranma's mother, Nodoka!

October 28- The site reached 90,000 hits today! Thanks everyone for your amazing support!

October 9- I've added the newest issue, Part 10 Number 6 to the Gallery and to the News section.

October 4- I added the English titles to the three episodes that appeared on the newest DVD to the Anime Summaries section.

October 1- I added the newest DVD release, Wacky Winter Wonderland, as well as some new English news and also added Pantyhose's English voice actor.

September 20- I just added a little info about the original showing of the first Ranma film in Japan in the Movie Summary section.

September 13- I've added some new news regarding the first season boxset. I would also like to say that my thoughts are with my fellow Americans in this difficult time.

September 4- I've added the newest issue to the News section as well as the Gallery.

August 20- I've added a summary of "The Demon From Jusenkyo" on the News section, as well as adding the English titles to the Anime Summaries section.

August 14- I've added some new links to various publications affliated with Rumiko Takahashi. Young Sunday, Big Comic Spirits, and Shogakukan, now all have links on my Links section.

August 2- I've added a new section called "Hidden Scenes" to the Oddities section.

July 29- I've added the newest manga and anime releases, updated the episode titles, and updated the Gallery.

July 10- I've added all the titles up to the 7th volume of the Random Rhapsody season to the FAQ.

July 9- I've added the newest DVD release "The Way We're Not" to the News section and added the relevant episode titles to the Anime Summaries section.

July 7- Quite a bit of news coming out of Anime Expo. Please go check out the News section to hear it all.

July 3- Have a happy Independance Day tomorrow everyone! I've added an "Oddities" section for various things like deleted scenes from the films, and mp3 recordings of some very funny FBI warnings the cast recorded for the show. I hope you enjoy them, you won't find them anywhere else!

June 29- I added Sotatsu, the martial arts calligrapher to the Minor Anime Characters section.

June 27- I added the Shinto Priest (Shussemaru's owner) to the Minor Manga Characters section.

June 26- I've added one of the weirdest characters to the Characters section- Shussemaru. I've also added a new question to the FAQ.

June 25- I've redone the gallery with new cover scans so that they look much better. I hope you can tell the difference.

June 23- I've updated the FAQ with a new question and revised the projected end-date of the anime.

June 22- I've added the newest issue to the Gallery and News section.

June 19- I've totally redone the Track Listings in the Music and Lyrics section. I've also personally translated some of the missing B-sides from the Memorial Singles collection. As far as I know, Perfect Edition is the only place you can find some of those b-side titles. ^_^ Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new and improved track listings.

June 14- I've added the newest DVD "Who Do? Voodoo" to the News section as well as added the English episode titles to the Anime Summaries section. The newest manga issue should be available next week. ^_^

June 6- I just finished removing all the dead links to the voice clips.

June 5- Geocities decided to delete a few of my covers and all of my wavs. The covers are re-posted, but the wav sound files weren't backed-up and those won't be returning. I'll start removing those links tomorrow. Thanks again for that, Geocities.... Viz is taking their sweet time sending me "Who Do? Voodoo" so as soon as I get it, I'll post the relevant information.

May 31- The Interview page was down for some reason, so I re-uploaded that and corrected some typos from the Episode Summaries.

May 26- I just did some minor coding additions on the main. Nothing major today.

May 22- I've made a very large update today. I added the newest issue, Part 10 Number 2 to the Gallery and News section. I've re-done the main, and added an Interview section which I hope you will all enjoy.

May 5- I've added the Seaweed Child and Seaweed Monster to the Minor Anime Characters section. I added the two newest titles to the last two episodes from Season 5 also.

May 2- I was told the video games section wasn't working properly, so I've fixed that now. All games should now be available for download. I'm working on getting the midis back up as well...

April 29- I bought from Namezero, so now you can surf through it with no adds (including no Geocities adds!). I'm quite excited about owning my own domain name. ^_^

April 24- Yesterday we hit 60,000! Thanks to all the visitors who have made this possible! Also, the midis seem to be down for the time being due to something Geocities is doing (midis are down all across Geo).

April 22- I added Mrs. Tendo to the Minor Manga Characters section.

April 21- I've added the newest cover to the Gallery section, added the next few DVD titles to the FAQ, and updated the News and New Releases section with the newest issue.

April 15- I've updated the English News and added a Messageboard. Please join and invite your friends as well!

April 9- I added Occhan to the Minor Manga Characters section. ^_^

April 5- I've added a new bit of news from Japan to the News and New Releases section.

March 28- I added the final midi I have, "Ready, Go!". If I find more midis in the future I will be sure to post them.

March 24- No update, but I'm going to be out of town until Tuesday, so the next midi will not be posted until then.

March 22- A very large update today! I added Armadillo to the Minor Manga Characters section, I added the newest cover to the Gallery, updated the News and New Releases section, and posted the summary of Part 9 in the Manga Summaries section. Oh! I almost forgot, I also added Kuno's Photo Album to the Items section.

March 21- I corrected the broken link for the "Extra Songs" laserdisc in the Gallery section. Thanks for catching that Dylan!

March 20- I've done a huge update on the Gallery and added all the Japanese laserdisc covers. (Except for the third Super OAV, if anyone has a scan of that laserdisc, I'd be very greatful if you could pass it along!)

March 19- I added Monday's new midi "Golden Pair". Unfortunately, next week will be the last midi added (I've run out). Later this week, the newest manga issue should come out, and I'll be able to add Volume 9's summary.

March 12- I added Monday's new midi "Crash! Ranma vs. Ryoga".

March 10- I added a new question to the FAQ regarding the publishing information of Ranma in Japan.

March 5- I added Akane's "baka song", "I Won't Be a Kind Good Girl", as well as some new English news. Enjoy!

March 3- I added Ushiko and Umakichi to the "Minor Manga Characters" section. They're extremely minor, just one panel in fact... I was bored.

March 1- We hit 50,000 hits today. I want to thank everyone for visiting the site and all the positive feedback you've sent me. Thanks so much for your support!

February 28- I'm back from vacation and I've brought lots of updates back with me! I added Monday's new midi "Off to the Woods" or (Nyokenkou Panic in Japanese), I added Harumaki's Grandson, Gyoko, and his doctor to the minor manga characters section, updated the Manga and Anime section, and added the new issue's cover to the Gallery. I know the guestbook isn't working, I need to get a new one. I'll try to do that this afternoon. It's been a few hours, and now the new guestbook is up. It's limited to the number of posts it can hold, but not as much as Geocities.

February 23- No update, but I need to mention that I am going on vacation, and will not be back until Tuesday the 27th, so Monday's midi will be posted then. (I'm about to go pick up the new Ranma issue, nothing better than reading a new Ranma manga while on vacation, right?) Happy Mardi Gras!

February 22- I added some new news from Japan to the "News and New Releases" section.

February 19- I added the new main, I'm very proud of this main, so it will probably stay up for quite awhile. I also added Monday's new midi "In A Corner of the Campus."

February 18- I changed the Gallery from image maps to text links (easier to update that way) and added the new covers. I'll probably be updating that when each issue comes out now rather than waiting a few months like I used to. I also added Hayato's name meaning to his section.

February 17- I added a new character to the Characters Section! Hayato Myojin is now available! I also added Patoratsyu to the Minor Manga Characters Section as well!

February 12- I added Monday's new midi "Four Seasons of Japan" and the site also hit 47,000! I would like to thank all of you for your continued patronage. ^_^

February 11- I added some information on hane-tsuki, Joyo-no-Kane, and karuta to the "Cultural References" section.

February 10- I added some information regarding the Yamada no Orochi and Kurokos to the "Cultural References" section.

February 6- I added the first tape of next season to the FAQ listing, and hyperlinked the following voice actors resume's on the Internet Movie Database: Ryunosuke Obayashi, Hirotaka Suzuoki, Ichiro Nagai, Miyoko Asou, Masako Ikeda, Tateno Hitouchi, Eiko Yamada, Mari Yoko, Tomohiro Nishimura, Isamu Tanonaka, and Arihiro Hase.

February 5- We've added Monday's new midi, "P-chan's Serious Resolution".

January 31- We added February's main and also added a new section "Cultural Notes"!

January 29- I added Monday's new midi "Showdown! Akane vs. Shampoo". I also just added some news directly from Mr. Toshifumi Yoshida at Viz. Check it out here!

January 28- I added the newest manga issue and fixed some typos.

January 23- I updated the FAQ with a new question. I also got the Ranma OAVs on DVD yesterday, which I'm quite thrilled about. ^_^

January 22- I added the new midi "Cat-fu Fighting (Terror Neko-ken in Japanese), and added a new character page for Pink and Rink! I hope you enjoy it!

January 20- I fixed a few more typos (I'm spotting quite a few lately!), and added the "Nightmare on Happosai Street" English episode titles. I recommend that you buy all the Ranma tapes, but especially "Nightmare on Happosai Street". Both episodes have excellent animation, voice acting, and plots. It also contains the manga story about Nabiki becoming Ranma's fiancee (one of my favorite storylines), which was perfectly done on this tape. I can't recommend it enough!

January 18- I fixed a few typos in the Episode Guide, and a few other minor changes.

January 17- Quite a large update today! I added the newest anime, "My Kagemusha, Myself" and also added links to the Internet Movie Database's profiles of each of the English voice actors. Now you can see what other anime the talented voices of Ranma have starred in!

January 15- I added Monday's new midi "Akane's Awakenings of Love". Sorry it took so long, my online connection wasn't very cooperative today.

January 14- I added Shinnosuke's voice actor, Takeshi Kusao.

January 8- I added the Monday's new midi "Tatewaki's Counterattack". We also hit 40,000 today!

January 4- I added the Japanese title for the first Super OAV.

January 2- I added the newest anime release, "Nightmare on Happosai Street".

January 1 2001- Happy New Year! I added "Unrestricted Martial Arts Song" to the midis section, and added a new question to the FAQ.

December 30- Geocities deleted the old guestbooks, so I added the new one. Please help fill it up!

December 25- I added Monday's new midi "Love Seeker (Can't Stop It). Merry Christmas everyone!

December 20- Quite a large update tonight! I added the newest manga issue and some new news concerning the title of the newest season of Ranma to the "News and New Releases" section. I added Ranma's new technique, the "Moko Takabisha" to his section and added Ukyo's "Okonomiyaki Sauce" to the "Items" section. Enjoy, and I'll be back on Christmas to put up the new midi. ^_^

December 18- I added Monday's new midi, "It's Love".

December 15- I added Rouge's Japanese voice actress from the Battle Renaissance game, Kumiko Nishihara.

December 13- I realized that some of the manga covers in the gallery were improperly linked. Who knew that Geocities was such a stickler about capital letters? Everything should be working fine now.

December 12- Added a section for Minor Manga Characters and tinkered with the Characters main a little.

December 11- Monday's new midi, "Zettai! Part 2", has been added.

December 6- Today I added Rouge's character profile to the Character Section.

December 4- Added Monday's new midi "Charming Limbo Dance".

December 3- We fixed some of the episode listings (too many episodes in Season 5 not enough in 6, if you have Netscape, please let us know if those two look right for you), and added some new News.

December 2- Added the new manga Part 9 Number 7 to the News & New Releases Section. I also added two new items, the Shishi Hokodan Scroll and the Obedience Pill. I hope everyone is staying warm!

December 1- We added the December/Winter main. This one might stay up for more than a month since I really like it. There should be a new manga issue posted this weekend too, so stay tuned for that!

November 27- We added the new midi "Don't Cry Anymore".

November 20- We added Monday's new midi, "Father (Otousan)".

November 16- We updated Question 20 in the FAQ (the one regarding Mrs. Tendo) and fixed a few typos.

November 13- We added Monday's new midi, "A Love Letter Written in Okonomiyaki".

November 11- We added a new image to Jusenkyo Guide's section, and changed it around a bit. We also added some new news concerning the import Ranma DVDs from Japan. Extra special thanks goes out to Evan D. Wessman for providing this bit of news to all of us! Thanks Evan!

November 8- I added a new link to The Inu-Yasha Companion, a site I helped co-create. Please check it out!

November 6- Quite a large update today! We added the new midi, "Let's Keep It Friends", updated the FAQ, and added a section on characters exclusive to the anime! We hope this helps provide more information and insight into the series! Please enjoy!

November 5- We've added the English titles to the two newest episodes in the TV Summaries section and corrected some typos, as well as some new News!

November 1- We've added the November main.

October 31- Fixed the Moxibustion Chart item (I had forgotten to upload the image!) and we hit 30,000 today. Thanks to everyone for their support!

October 30- Added Monday's new midi, Lamada Ranma! Have a happy Halloween!

October 29- We added the newest manga and anime releases. Don't forget to set your clocks back!

October 23- We've added the new midi for this week, Akane's Lullaby! Check it out!

October 16- We added Monday's new midi, "You Lose". Sorry it's a bit late, but Geocities proved difficult to deal with this afternoon. The Inu-Yasha anime begins today in Japan!

October 15- Quite a large update today, we added the new anime, "Battle Foie Gras" added the English titles to the two new episodes in the "TV Summaries" section, and added Madame St. Paul's English voice actress, Ellen Kennedy (Kyoko Otonashi from Maison Ikkoku).

October 14- Added a section for past news articles. Tomorrow we'll have a summary of the newest anime release.

October 10- Added the new midi "November Rain". Sorry it was late!

October 5- Added summaries for episodes 116 and 117. Special thanks to Joy for providing the episode summaries. Thanks again!

October 2- Added Monday's new midi, which is an unidentified selection.

October 1- We've added all the new covers to the Gallery Section.

September 30- We've added the new main for October, and updated the News and New Releases Section with the latest manga, Part 9 Number 5. We also added Paper Dolls to the Items Section. More updates tomorrow...

September 29- We added some new Japanese News concerning a Ranma seiyuu who gotten a part in "Inu-Yasha".

September 28- We added the English titles to the newest episodes in the "TV Episode Guide" section. Tomorrow the new manga and possibly a new anime will be out, so check back over the course of the next few days to see how that pans out.

September 25- We added the new midi "It's Tres Bien".

September 22- We added Heron Island to the Locations Section.

September 20- We hit 25,000 today! Thanks everyone, that's a real milestone! We couldn't have done it without you!

September 19- We've added Asuka "The White Lily" Saginomiya to the Characters Section.

September 18- We added the new midi "Haikei, Akane-san". We also will have a new character section up either today or tomorrow.

September 14- We found some info on Kusu Kusu and added it to the Musicians Section.

September 12- We added the two new sections, the FAQ and Relationship Chart. Enjoy! We also just added some new News in the News and New Releases Section.

September 11- We added the new midi, which is an unidentified selection. If you know what the title of this midi is, please let us know! We're also working on two new sections which will be posted soon!

September 7- We changed the links around yet again, and added a new Inu-Yasha link.

September 5- We added Yohyo Tsuruyasennen to the "Characters Section".

September 4- We added Monday's new midi "Earth Orchestra". Sorry it took us so long, some other things came up. We promise that in the future all midis will be posted earlier in the day. Look for a new character section to appear soon as well!

September 3- We've changed some links to sites around. Some of the sites hadn't been updated in awhile, so we switched them to sites that update more frequently. We also hit 23,000 yesterday!

September 2- We've added a "Mystical Creatures" section to the "Characters" section. This contains information regarding the Yamada no Orochi, Oni, and Phoenix!

September 1- We've added the new September/Fall main and also re-added our banners section with a few new selections!

August 29- We've added the new manga to the "New Releases" section and a small news update as well.

August 28- The all new Midi Section is now open. A new, rare midi will be posted every Monday, so please continue to check back!

August 27- We corrected a typo, and we'll have the new manga issue posted soon. Also check back tomorrow for a big update to one of our sections! ^_~

August 25- We hit 22,000! Thanks so much everyone!

August 22- Great news today! We were added to the General Info section of The Anime Web Turnpike! Thanks to everyone for making our site a success! Also, we noticed that some Character Pages weren't displaying properly on Netscape, so we've (hopefully) fixed them. Also we've added Alec Willows' (the Niku-Men) picture to their section, and changed one of Checkers/Shirokuro's images. Have a great day!

August 20- Quite a large update today, we added the rest of the name meanings to various characters pages, a large news update in the "News and New Releases" section, and a new link!

August 19- We took out the extra empty space at the bottom of most character pages. We'll soon be adding more name meanings and cleaning up Character Page designs.

August 17- We've added a new link which everyone should check out, and also added quite a few "Character Name Meanings" under the respected character in the "Characters Section".

August 7- We added the new anime to the "News and New Releases" section.

August 2- We got a new counter that fits the look of the site a little better we think. Also of note, once again our webmaster Ranma will be at Otakon, he'll be the well dressed young man with the ponytail, so if you see him say hi! He'd love to meet you!

August 1- We updated the main for August. We also updated the "News and New Releases" with some news from Japan.

July 31- Well, we changed the site title back to "Ranma Perfect Edition" from "". The whole change in the first place was an attempt to get a little credibility and good link positioning, specifically at Anipike. That didn't work... so the old title is back. If this site isn't a "General Info" site I don't know what is. It's certainly not a "Personal/Combo Site". Whatever... Anyway, that's what was behind the name change in case you were curious.

July 30- Big update today, we added Harumaki's section to the character's section (been awhile since we did a new character!) and added Vincent Samuel as The Ghost Cat's English voice actor. Plus we fixed a few typos.

July 29- Added Part 9 Number 3 to the "News and New Releases" section, and we've reached 20,000 hits! Thanks!

July 24- Went on typo patrol and found a few.

July 23- We've added some new news to the "News and New Releases" section.

July 22- We added Kirby Morrow (Trowa Barton from Gundam Wing) as Picolet's voice actor and added his picture as well. You heard it here first!

July 20- We didn't realize we had a link up to Part 9 in the Manga Summaries section, sorry that was a broken link, and shouldn't have been there. Gomen!

July 19- We added the English titles to Episodes 83 and 84 in the Anime Summaries Section.

July 17- We added the new anime tape to the New Releases Section.

July 16- We've added the "Horned-Mongoose Whistle" to the Items Section, and also combined the Gallery into one page rather than two (finally!).

July 15- We've added Kuno's "Watermelon Splitting" technique to his profile.

July 13- Whew! After one solid day of work, we've gotten the rest of the Episode Summaries posted. Now it covers all the episodes including the ones Viz has yet to translate. And we've also just hit 19,000 hits! ^_^ Enjoy!

July 2- We changed the image map on the main into a table, hoping this would load a little bit faster. If you are a Netscape user, please let us know how the table looks (even if it looks okay, we'd like to make sure. *_*) If you're an IE user, it should look fine. Thanks!

July 1- We added the newest manga to our New Releases section. Later today we will add Watermelon Island to the Locations section.

June 30- Fixed some typos in the Manga Summaries section. If you see any typos, please let us know.

June 29- We updated the main for July, and changed the format around a little. Please let us know what you think!

June 27-We hit 18,000!

June 26- We added Ryugenzawa to the Locations section.

June 23- We've done some minor graphical modifications on most pages.

June 22- It's just after midnight, and the new versions of the Items and Music & Lyrics pages are up. This concludes the revamp and cosmetic improvements. If anything looks incorrect or loads across the red line, please let us know. We have also just added the new Track Listings section as well.

June 21- We've updated the Video Games and Locations pages formats. Today or tomorrow, we'll do the same for the Items page.

June 20- We updated the Characters section so it looks much better.

June 14- The "New Releases" section now contains news from Japan and American that will be updated as the news breaks.

June 13- We hit 17,000 hits and added the OAV Summaries section as well. ^_^ We will soon update our New Releases section to feature news about Ranma . We hope everyone is having a great summer!

June 11- We added the summaries of the films to the Television and Film section. Tons of info there you won't find on any other Ranma site!

June 10- We've added the Television and Film Summaries section. The Films have not been added yet, but will be within the next few days. We're also adding an OAV summaries section that will be online very soon. Please enjoy the summaries!

June 5- We've added information on the musicians YAWMIN and Piyo Piyo. Special thanks goes out to Tohrisugari and Kotatsuneko for helping us with this information. If you read through this section, you'll noticed that today is Perfect Edition's 2nd birthday. Thank you to everyone that's visited and supported us. Especially recently, because we're growing by leaps and bounds each day, and we couldn't do this without your support. We're currently working on a new section to help establish this site as the pre-eminent Ranma site on the internet. After that, all we'll need is the publicity (which is the hard part). So once again, let me say "thank you" to everyone that's helped support us over the past two years.

June 4- We've updated the "New Releases" section, and added Terry Klassen's picture in the "Daisuke and Hiroshi" section.

June 1- We've updated the main.

May 27- We've finally added the "Musicians" section! Please go to the "Music and Lyrics" section to check out this great new addition that you will not find on any other Ranma site on the entire internet. It's a Perfect Edition exclusive!

May 25- We updated the New Releases section.

May 23- We updated our Rumiko Takahashi section, check it out, it's really interesting! By the way, we now own!

May 8- We added an Items section and added a few more locations!

May 6- We updated the Gallery to include the rest of Volume 8.

May 5- We updated the New Releases section and the finished the summary of Manga Volume 8.

May 1- We updated the main for May.

April 30- Updated the "Drawing of a Panda" page by adding Mika Kansai as its Japanese voice actress.

April 27- We've added the last update to the Manga Summaries section, Volume 8.

April 26- We've added the summary of Volume 6 and Volume 7 to the Manga Summaries section.

April 25- Added the summary of Volume 3 to the Manga Summaries section. We might be able to add Volume 4 today as well, so check back a little later. We have now added Volume 4. And now it's been a few more hours,and we just made the days last update and added Volume 5.Whew, enjoy!

April 24- Added the summary of Volume 2, and changed the name of the "Manga and Anime" section to "New Releases."

April 23- Last night and today were spent writing manga summaries for each individual two-part story in Viz's Ranma publishing run thus far. Expect to see a Manga Summaries section sometime within the next week, including scans from important (or personal favorite) scenes! Good news! It's been about two hours, and now we do have the first volume summary of Ranma online! Check it out!

April 21- We had our 14,000 hit!

April 5- We added the 1995 Music Calendar to the CD section.

April 2- We updated the Manga and Anime section with the newest manga issue, and finally added the Niku-Men's voice sample.

April 1- We updated the main, and contacted Viz, the new Ranma tape, Daddy Dearest is still not in. Viz is having some serious delays lately when it comes to their anime products.

March 29- We added Konatsu, Saffron and the Phoenix People to the characters section.

March 26- We added the midi "Love Vanished Once (Regrettably)" and yesterday had our 13,000th hit!

March 25- We added The Doll Inn and The Tunnel of Lost Love to the Locations section, and we should do Ryugenzawa soon. We also added the Electronic Game Music CD and Singles Box Set to the Music Section.

March 21- Updated the Rumiko Takahashi section.

March 12- We've updated the Video Game section to include Ranma Emulators and Roms. We hope you enjoy them!

March 7- We updated the Manga & Anime section. The next Ranma anime release is supposed to be released on the 10th of this month according to Viz... with the recent delay of tapes I doubt it, but we'll see.

February 28- We went ahead and updated the main image for March.

February 27- Updated the Manga & Anime section.

February 25- We just finished going through the Characters section, and everything should now be working throughout it. We also have a brand new Music section, so please check it out!

February 24- We updated ALL the characters sections. We haven't have time to check and make sure everything is working as it should (I'm sure most of it is), but if something is broken it will be fixed by tomorrow at the latest. Also a very large update of the Music section should be post by tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks!

February 13- We updated all the Martial Arts techniques for various characters, and added detailed descriptions to go with them.

February 5- We added a little data gathering service to our main to help us keep track of various information.

February 2- We changed the format of the Banner Section.

February 1- We added the February main. ^_^

January 30- We updated the midis section, alphabetized them, corrected some names, and added four new selections!

January 29- We updated the Locations section to make it easier to operate and more pleasing to look at. We also added some new locations as well.

January 25- We updated our Video Games section, and now have a comprehensive listing of all Ranma video games. We also hit 11,000 visitors!

January 20- We updated the Music & Lyrics section to include CD track listings. We think you'll be very satisfied with the layout of that section, which we hope to also use in the Video Game section when we update that soon.

January 17- We fixed all of the broken and misdirected links in the Links section.

January 15- We added Teryl Rothery's picture to the Kodachi section, added the English voice actor of the Niku-men, and updated the manga section. We reached 10,000 hits on December 21, 1999! Thanks for your support!

January 1, 2000- We've updated the main. No Y2K problems. ^_^ Happy New Year everyone!

December 28- We've added the two newest videos and the new manga to the Anime and Manga section. Updated the Cover Gallery, and Kodachi fixed her area. If you visit that section, you will unfortunately see that Teryl Rothery is no longer providing the dubbed voice of the Black Rose, and will now be replaced by Ellen Fitzgerald. We have no idea why this is. Our best wishes go out to Teryl, like Sarah Strange's Ranma, she'll always be our Kodachi. Best wishes in the New Year everyone! We hope you all had a nice Christmas as well. ^_^

November 30- We added the December main.

November 27- We added a new character, The Panda Drawing, updated the Manga & Anime section, and Cover Gallery as well. We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving as well! Also of note, the first two "Martial Mayhem" Ranma tapes will be released on December 7, and shall be called "Buns of Steel" and "Marry Me, Akane." As you might have noticed "Buns of Steel" was very delayed in shipping.

November 15- We will now have a new main image each month, starting with this one. We hope you like it! We also added the "Present" midi to our music section. And we're still waiting on the release of Buns of Steel.... *_*

October 31- We now have ALL the covers in our cover gallery! We also updated the Manga and Anime section. Happy Halloween!

October 30- We added the Lyrics to the Music Section (now called Music & Lyrics), so please check them out. The complete cover gallery along with an updated of the Manga & Anime section should happen later tonight or tomorrow.

October 26- We updated the Guestbook! Go sign it and see how it looks now, it now has more of a "European" feel. ^_^ Enjoy! Oh! And we're still working on the lyrics!

October 23- We spruced up an image in the Music section, and are currently getting ready to add a section with the lyrics from the opening and closing themes of the TV show. We also now have the complete collection of Viz issues and hope to get the covers all scanned in sometime.

October 5- We've updated the Anime and Manga section. We also contacted Viz, and the newest tape, "Buns of Steel" has been pushed back a month. But the good news is that Maison Ikkoku "Date for Five" is being shipped as of yesterday, so all of you should show your support for MI (another of Ms. Takahashi's great series) and buy it, because Viz has stated that they are "reworking the release of Maison Ikkoku" which doesn't sound like good news. So show your support for MI!

September 1- We've updated the Anime and Manga section! A lot of us are back in school now, but the updates won't slow down at all!

August 11- We've updated the Anime and Manga section, the link to the video game section (sorry we forgot to add it when we updated the main!), and added a new link for UY fans! Sorry this update took so long, it won't happen again! Gomen!

July 16- We updated our Anime and Manga section! We also are working on completeing our cover gallery as well.

June 28- We updated our main, Gallery, and the Anime and Manga sections. Our very own Ranma will be at Otokon this month, so if you see him, say "hi!"

June 1- Ryoga added his banner, Genma updated his section, and we updated the Anime and Manga section.

May 21- Shampoo added her banner, and we made mini-banners, perfect for displaying on sites that support us! ^_^ Also, the next season of Ranma will be called "Martial Mayhem" and begin with the tape "Buns of Steel".

May 17- Anime and Manga section has been updated! It's a really great tape this month too, as usual!

May 6- The Niku-men added their section and Picolet continues to update his area. ^_^ The Gambling King updated as well.

May 2- We updated the Links section and added two new banners this weekend. ^_^ School's almost out!

April 25- Updated Picolet's section and the Manga & Anime section. Is everyone enjoying the nice weather? ^_^

April 21- Updated Links Section.

April 10- Updated Gallery and Banners section.

March 31- Updated the anime and manga section.

March 20- Updated the Japanese voice actor links. Thanks again to Hitoshi Doi!

March 18- Updated the Anime and Manga section, added Akari and Ryu, a cover gallery, and a banner gallery!

March 1- Updated the Anime and Manga section. The weather certainly is getting sunnier, huh? =)

January 3 1999- Total site update, Happy New Year from all of us!

December 20- Updated Manga/Anime Section and added a new main page a few days ago. Merry Chirstmas everyone!

November 15- Updated Manga/Anime Section and updated Yotaro's character profile.

October 24- Updated Manga/Anime Section and added some new character profiles. ^_^

October 2- Updated Manga/Anime Section.

September 2- Updated Manga/Anime Section. We're currently getting ideas for new characters to add. If you have any characters you'd like to see done, please e-mail us. ^_^

August 5- Updated Manga/Anime Section

July 19- Added new characters and anime!

June 30- Added new anime and manga reviews.

June 8- Fixed our Music section. Sorry, we didn't realize those MIDI's weren't hyperlinked. ^_^

June 6- Added Locations page, Links page, more character pages, and a What's New section.

June 5 1998- Ranma Perfect Edition opens online.

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