Rumic Theater
Episode 1
Red Bouquet, Hidden in the Pottery, Aberrant Family F
Air Date: July 2012

???: Fumiyo Kohinata
???: Mieko Harada
???: Mariya Yamada
???: Reiko Kataoka
???: Tetta Sugimoto
???: Jun Yoshinaga

Story: In "Red Bouquet" a recently deceased salaryman visits his own funeral, only to discover just how poor of a father and husband he was when he was alive.

Then in "Hidden in the Pottery" a woman suspects her neighbor may have committed murder after the mysterious death of her mother-in-law.

Finally, in "Aberrant Family F" a young girl starts to suspect her family's vacation is actually a final act of togetherness before her father forces them all to commit suicide.