Rumic Theater
Episode 2
Birds of Fate, The Executive's Dog, As Long As You Are Here
Air Date: July 2012

Mr. Torii: Jun Murakami
Mrs. Kogure: Miki Mizuno
Matsurida: Mikihisa Azuma
Mr. Kogure: Kichiya Katsura
Kana: Waka Inoue
???: Katsuhiko Watabiki

Story: In "Birds of Fate" a man sees phantasmic birds over the heads of anyone who is about to befall some sort of tragedy, unfortunately his mild nature prevents him from using his powers to help others.

Then in "The Executive's Dog" a put-upon salaryman has to welcome his boss's dog and mistress into his home if he hopes to get a promotion at work.

Finally, in "As Long As You Are Here" a proud businessman gets laid off and takes a job at the local deli, but his authoritative ways prove to be incompatible with the timid, people-pleasing owner of the store.