Rumic Theater
As Long As You Are Here
Japanese Title: Kimi ga iru dake de
Air Date: August 10, 2003

Kochiro Domoto: Chikao Ohtsuka/Alfred Thor
Achara: Keiko Han/Reiko Matsuo
Hosoda: Minoru Yada/Reg Green
Sumiyo Domoto: Ikuko Tatsu/Georgette Riley
Narration: Ichiro Nagai/???
Part-Time Worker:Tomie Kataoka/Louise Chamis
Housewife:Chisato Nakajima/Hunter Mackenzie Austin
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Story: When Mr. Domoto is laid off of his prestigious job as a salaryman, his wife falls ill and asks him to fill in for her at the convience store. There, his rough personality doesn't mesh well with his co-workers, but he learns from a hard-working foreigner named Achara to persevere.