Rumic Theater
Extra-Large Size Happiness
Japanese Title: L saizu no shiawase
Air Date: September 21, 2003

Hanako: Gara Takashima/Kirsten Potter
Kayoko: Masako Kyoda/Sonja S. Fox
Ryuuichi: Nobuo Tobita/Liam O'Brien
Baby Ghost: Chie Kojiro
Grandfather: Teppei Takasuki/William Frederick
Real Estate Agent: Isshin Chiba/Sam Regal
Young Ryuuichi: Asako Dodo/Kirsty Pape

Story: Ryuuichi's mother, Kayoko moves in with her son and his young wife, Hanako. But problems start to arise when Hanako starts behaving oddly and risking the anger of her mother-in-law who they are counting on to invest in their new home. Hanako claims a large spirit is the cause, but only she can see him.