Rumic Theater
Birds of Fate
Japanese Title: Unmei no tori
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 2009 March

Summary: Mr. Torii has an unusual gift, ever since childhood he has been able to see a flock of birds surrounding anyone who is about to have some serious misortune in their lives. Mr. Torii runs a coffee shop where he sees people making bad decisions each day, but his quiet nature prevents him from getting involved and giving them advice.

Some of his usual patrons include Tsukanai who constantly loses money betting on horse races, Yamada a divorcee obsessed with fortune telling who uses her "skills" to con money out of others and Mai, a naive transexual who is being bilked by her greedy boyfriend. Soon a new young woman begins frequenting the cafe which reminds Torii of his high school sweetheart, Hiromi Itsuki, a girl who's misfortune's he never tried to stop much to his great regret.

As Torii watches the birds flock around his patrons, he starts to realize it is his responsibility to try and help these potential victims before it is too late.