Rumic Theater
Wedded Bliss
Japanese Title: Fufu
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 1980 October

Summary: Mokoto and Kanae Yoshiyuki have an odd habit. Whenever Mokoto gets home from work in the evenings they begin to argue, throw plates, and generally disturb their neighbors. They both do this to relieve stress and blow off steam. In fact, most people say they always look incredibly happy and loving.

But one day the neighbors have had enough, they march up to the Yoshiyuki's apartment and demand that they quiet down or face eviction. Unable to argue, tensions begin to build until Kanae sees Mokoto having lunch with another woman. That evening he comes home calm and relaxed (which he hasn't been in days since he can't argue at home). Kanae takes Mokoto out and they have their first real fight. After that, they realize they shouldn't keep their emotions bottled up, no mater what the consequenses might be.