Rumic Theater
The Diet Goddess
Japanese Title: Surimu Kannon
Originally Published In: Petit Comics 1991 September

Summary: Shoko wants nothing more than to be able to dance with Kasugano at the Senior Fairwell Dance. She's picked out a perfect dress, and decides that she's going to lose enough weight to fit it perfectly just for Kasugano. Shoko decides to travel to Karuizawa to join the Kannon Fittness Program and lose a few extra inches. When she arrives there she meets Yamato Fujishima a young man with a chip on his shoulder who really puts the ladies through their paces. Most of the dieters give up, but Shoko perseveres through the rigors of training and reaches her goal. At the end of the training, she finds out that the reason Yamato was so hard on her was because he had recently broken up with his girlfriend, and was taking out his frustration on Shoko.

At the dance Shoko attempts to approach Kasugano and ask him to dance with her, but just as she does Kagamiya, a fellow plump classmate asks him instead. Shoko hears that Kasugano likes chubby girls and is heartbroken. On the way out of the dance, Shoko sees Yamato standing outside waiting for her. He tells her how he wanted to see her in her dress and then asks her to dance.