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Excuse Me For Being a Dog!
Japanese Title: Inu de warui ka!!
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday 1985 Vol. 47

Summary: This story seems to have been written to try out some of the plot-devices used in Ranma . The story is about Shiro (a common name for dogs in Japan which means "white") turns into a dog whenever his nose bleeds. On his way to school one day he comes across Momoko, the president of the Martial Arts Club being harassed to by Togakushi who constantly asks her out on dates. After saving Momoko from Togakushi, Shiro is asked to join the Martial Arts Club so he can help them compete in their upcoming match. Togakushi decides to fight Shiro, who is taking a huge risk by fighting. If he were to get a bloody nose, his secret would be revealed to everyone!