Rumic Theater
Equation of Nirvana
Japanese Title: Nehan no houteishiki
Originally Published In: Bibitto Vol. 4

Summary: This was Takahashi's final collaborative piece with her friend Hanako Meijiro. Previously she had worked with her on other Bibito titles they published together which included, "Aim for the Ace!". The story follows four characters, two created by Takahashi and two by Meijiro. The murderer Tosshin Kuzuryuu and Hanayoshi Shitenoji drawn by Meijiro and Mifue Aobajou, Kuzuryuu's high school student female assistant, and Spark Enjou drawn by Takahashi. Kuzuryuu and his assistant Mifue are both members of the MMC (Meijiro Murder Club) while Spark is a rival assassin for HMC (Hiyoko Murder Club, where Hiyoko means a small chick). Hanayoshi is a member of NHK (no, not the television network but the "Nagano Hensou Kyokai" or "Nagano Disguise Association" guild of contract killers). The three assassins and one assistant all come together in Nara's Todaiji Temple.