Rumic Theater
Aberrant Family F
Japanese Title: Meiso kazoku faia (F)
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 1995 February

Summary: The Fuwa family sets off on a road trip, with their young daughter, Hazuki, in tow. She seems to feel like the odd one out, and tries her best to distance herself from her happy-go-lucky father. As it turns out while dining with her friends in a restaurant she overheard two neighbors talking, and learns of her father's financial troubles. Due to something her father says that she takes out of context she now believes her father is going to try to kill her and her brother while the rest of her parents commit suicide.

As their car trip progresses, all the signs seem to point towards her impending doom. Her father has brought rope and rubber hoses and is keeping them in the car until she sneaks away to throw them out. While at an amusement park her little brother Shohei interupts a chance meeting she has with a boy from her school club who she has a crush on. She soon realizes that the boy is involved with someone else, and is even more devastated to recall she left her journal proclaiming her love for him at home. Now when her parents kill her everyone will read it. That night the Fuwas take a wrong turn and become lost in a remote area. At the rustic hotel where they stay Hazuki dreams that her father tried to strangle her, and winds up spending the rest of the night watching him to ensure he does not kill her in her sleep. Ultimately her father crashes their car off a small embankment and she breaks down and demands to go home. The father has to go to the hospital though when it turns out that he has a pretty serious stomach ulcer. Eventually everything is ironed out and her imagination of a group suicide proves to be untrue.