Rumic Theater
Fire Tripper
Japanese Title: Faiya torippa
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday Zokan 1983 #8

Summary: Suzuko seems like an ordinary girl, but she has a strange memory of being trapped in a burning house. One day while walking home from school, she sees a little boy she knows named Shuhei showing off his stomach. When she asks why he's showing some boys his belly, he tells her that he was showing them a scar from getting his appendix removed. Suzuko tells Shuhei that she'll walk him home, and on the way a large gas explosion occurs in front of them. When Suzuko awakens she realizes she is on a battlefield littered with dead bodies. Some vagrants see Suzuko and attempt to rape her until they are stopped by a young warrior named Shukumaru. Shukumaru takes her back to his village where she sees him give a bell to a young girl named Suzu.

When Shukumaru tells Suzuko that she needs to change into some new clothes, she comes across Shuhei's shirt. Suzuko realizes that she must have accidently brought him with her when she travelled through time and attempts to find him, but can not.

Suzuko soon realizes that she is in fact the little girl in the village named Suzu, and that she was born in Shukumaru's time. After saving Shukumaru from a falling log that was set on fire, she realizes that fire allows her to travel through time. Now in present day, she takes Shukumaru home to clean his wounds and notices he has a scar at the same place Shuhei had his appendix scar. Suzuko realizes that Shukumaru must have been seperated from her in mid-time switch earlier and that he had been raised in the past all along. Shukumaru tells her how much he's enjoyed his life, so Suzuko doesn't feel guilty about what happened. Suzuko and Shukumaru use the same gas explosion that sent them back the first time to travel back to Shukumaru's time and live happily. If you're a fan of Takahashi's Inuyasha manga, then you'll certainly enjoy this one.