Rumic Theater
Sleep and Forget
Japanese Title: Wasurete nemure
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday Zokan 1984 #1 December 1983

Summary: One day while out on a walk, Haruka Kamishiro comes across a young man she had seen at school named Ryohei Fuse. Ryohei seems a bit distant, and not one for small talk. Before sending her on her way, Ryohei instructs Haruka not to take the left fork in the road. Unfortunately Haruka's dog runs down the path, and she has no choice but to follow.

Both Haruka and her dog pass out, and later her dog gives birth to a demon pup. While Haruka was unconscious she has a dream of being someone else many years ago. She lived with an old woman that opposed her relationship with a young man who wanted her to run away with him. After a few days, Haruka realizes that the dream is from a previous life, and that Ryohei is the present day incarnation of the man she keeps seeing. She also realizes that the dog demon is the evil woman that opposed her relationship and killed Ryohei in his previous life. Ryohei believes that Haruka's previous incarnation was responsible for his death after he destroyed the old woman, but in actuallity, the old woman used Wakanae's (Haruka's previous incarnation) dog against him.

By the end of the story, Haruka and Ryohei have a final face down with the old woman/dog-demon and must summon the spirits of their dogs to finish the battle.