Rumic Theater
House of Garbage
Japanese Title: Poi no uchi
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 1992 February

Summary: In The House of Garbage the Hirookas realize that someone seems to think that the garbage collection site is right in front of their house. On the way to work one day, Mr. Hirooka's boss shows him an odd postcard. When he asks what Mr. Hirooka thinks of it, he tells him he likes it a lot (just to kiss butt actually). The next day more trash is left in front of the Hirooka home, but the odd thing is that the trash all contains very bizarre tribal items. The Hirookas find out where the trash is coming from, and carry it back to the family. Ritsuko is about to angrily tell off the family, when Mr. Hirooka realizes it's his boss.

The Boss is delighted that Hirooka brought the trash back. His wife had been trying to get rid of all the various oddities he had collected while he travelled. Once he learns that the Hirookas live right in front of the "trash collection site" he asks them to hold any garbage his wife throws out so he can come and reclaim it at the end of the day. Now the Hirookas have to decide if they want to tell the boss and risk upsetting him, or just collect his trash and pray for a promotion?