Rumic Theater
To Grandmother's House We Go
Japanese Title: O-baba-san to issho
Originally Published In: Big Comic Spirits 1985 August

Summary: When Nozomi's close friend Noriko passes away her boyfriend Susumu convinces her to check into Noriko's 500 million yen inheritance. Susumi tells her that she owes it to herself since she had been taking care of the sickly Noriko for years and even had to pay for her cremation. Nozomi decides to go along with Susumi disguised as Noriko and her lawyer.

Upon arriving, they realize they aren't the only ones claiming to be Noriko in order to gain the inheritance. In order to claim the money, she must prove that she is in fact Noriko. The sadistic family finally believes that Nozomi is Noriko and plans to kill her to prevent giving the money away. Noriko's grandmother had been the only family member that cared for her, and her spirit helped convince them that Nozomi was Noriko. Grandmother saves the day again when the family attempts to set fire to an old storage house with Nozomi and Susumu in it.