Rumic Theater
Extra-Large Size Happiness
Japanese Title: L saizu no shiawase (kofuku)
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 1990 January

Summary: Hanako and Ryuiichi recently decided to purchase a new house. The house is quite nice, and the price is very good, so Ryuiichi's mother has decided to loan them the money in order to pay for it, and then move in with them. Hanako and Ryuiichi are quite thankful that they'll soon be moving into a large home and out of their crowded apartment. All goes well until Ryuiichi's mother arrives with a large headed gremlin in tow.

Unfortunately for Hanako, she's the only one who can see it. The gremlin pesters and harrasses Hanako, but it seems that whenever Hanako tries to do something back it looks like she's yelling at her mother-in-law. Ryuiichi's mother begins to reconsider loaning them the money, which would prevent them from getting the new house.

After many outbursts and fits, Hanako draws a picture of the gremlin to show her husband. Ryuiichi remembers seeing a similar drawing when he was a child, and states that what she is seeing is a special kind of creature that brings happiness to whomever lives in a house with it. Eventually the gremlin causes car-accidents and many other problems to prevent the family from moving to the new house. Luckily for them, the gremlin had been trying to warn them that the reason the house was so inexpensive was that it's located in an area prone to mudslides.