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Happy Talk
Japanese Title: Happi * toku
Originally Published In: Big Comic Spirits 1984 August

Summary: Hinako recently discovered that her mother, Minako, whom was long thought to be dead is acutally alive and working in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. Unable to afford the cost it would take to travel to Tokyo, Hinako asks her classmates to help her reunite with her mother, and they generously donate money to her cause. The most charitable student is Obi, who offers Hinako the largest amount of all the students and asks if she would need someone to help her around Tokyo. Hinako kindly refuses his offer, and heads off, not realizing that Obi is following.

Obi sees Hinako on the arm of Mr. Hamamatsu and believes that she lied so she could go visit her "boyfriend" in Tokyo. After confronting them Hinako explains that Mr. Hamamatsu is a private detective she hired to help her find her mother. Late that night, Obi tells Mr. Hamamatsu how he feels Hinako always felt the void of not growing up with her real parents and how important finding Minako is to her.

The Shinjuku district of Tokyo is notorious for it's "Love Hotels" a place where couples can go to have sex. Minako is believed to be working at one such hotel, The Dream Party. After much searching, "Minako" is finally found, and winds up not being Hinako's mother, but a friend of her parents who has taken to cross-dressing and working there. Hinako is crushed by this realization, but in the end comes to realize how important the family she has are.